Brazil: Discover The Most Beautiful Beaches PLUS Secret Spots In Guarujá


When you think about Brazil what probably comes to your mind is a mix of football, carnival and, of course, beaches! And if you take a while on the beach aspect you will for sure be led to think about Rio de Janeiro or any other paradise place in the Northeast of the country. Which is fair enough. Brasil is full of amazing places if your plan is to go back from your vacations with a super new south american suntan. What you probably still don’t know (and I’m going to be your guardian angel travel tips now) is that São Paulo – another well known brazilian region – also has a gorgeous coast to visit! Just 90km away from the megacity, Guarujá has the most beautiful beaches on the coast and some secret hot spots you could only hear from someone who has lived there. So here I am! Let’s go to the check list:  
  1. Enseada Beach (Praia da Enseada)

  The most popular beach in Guarujá, Enseada is full of restaurants and stalls where you can enjoy delicious seafood and “caipirinha” (brazilian drink!) while you appreciate a paradisiacal view of the sea and small islands with your feet on soft and clean sand. Also, is a good spot for water activities like surf, stand up, jet ski or even windsurf!   Plus: In Enseada you can also visit the biggest Aquarium of South America: AcquaMundo (for the bravest ones, is still possible to feed sharks usually in the afternoon). PraiaEnseadaGuaruja  

1.1 Eden’s Beach (Praia do Éden)

The beach of Eden in Guaruja offers a small haven of tranquility and lush look of the Atlantic forest. It is commonly considered one of the nicest beaches in the region. The great point here is the way we take to get there, and believe me, this is so far as amazing as you will feel when you will be sitting on your sun lounger and enjoying the sea!  I say that cause you may take a short trail through a large steep staircase on the hillside and you get there after 10 minutes full of atlantic forest! The beach is at Sorocotuba Hill, between Enseada and Pernambuco Beach. Once there, the view is wonderful! A small little strip of sand touches greenish and clear waters of Eden. The beach has a simple structure provided with just one stall which gives to the place the real aspect of a secluded beach, great for those who like calmer and less popular beaches. PraiaDoEden  
  1. Pitangueiras Beach (Praia de Pitangueiras)

Located in the center of the Island, between Enseada and Astúrias beaches, Pitangueiras is usually very well attended by youth people. Surrounded by Shopping Mall, craft fairs, large buildings and small shops it’s a nice spot for walks and even during the evenings for nightlife. Plus all the daily bustle, Pitangueiras also receive fame for the beautiful beach very busy and enlivened by events specially during the summer. It is a nice spot for those looking for celebration! Praia Pitangueiras  

2.1 Maluf’s Hill (Morro do Maluf)

It is in the end of Pitangueiras Beach that we can find a secret spot in Guaruja: Morro do Maluf. A huge mountain where you can go to the top and have a beautiful view of the Island and even develop activities as hang gliding, mountaineering and trail. Morro do Maluf  
  1. Tombo Beach (Praia do Tombo)

If you like the quietest beaches, be away from overcrowding, the Tombo beach in Guaruja is just perfect for you. She is beautiful like any other one, surrounded by cliffs and a blue ocean. However, it is famous for hosting the annual championships of Surf. The beach audience are composed mainly by athletes and not sunbathers as in other Guaruja beaches, as Enseada, for example. There is a beach where the waves are choppy this is Tombo in Guaruja and that is why it is highly popular between surfers and it's there that happens the high surf championships in the city as we said, the radical beach sports. Another interesting point about this beach is that it has a high concern about the environment in this spot. Because of that Tombo has a lot of labels attesting its commitment in managing its water, coastal and inland environments with respect to the environment and the local nature. You can check more infos about this labels on: tombo  

3.1 Andradas Fort (Forte dos Andradas)

Installed on Monduba Hill, Andradas Fort is a complex war on the coast facing the sea, Monduba Bueno beach, a large area of Atlantic. Important element of Guarujá’s History, It was built to defend the entrance area of the Bay of Santos in 1943. They are tunnels, chambers and lifts totally embedded rock. The place is open to visit since 1994 and the public is accompanied by a tour guide. To reach the fort, there is a paved and well-maintained road. Fort   Final tips! As I said, Guarujá is just one hour away from the megacity São Paulo and you can get there by bus from Jabaquara Station (Around $10 one-way ticket) or by private vans with personal services that leaves you on your hotel for the same price! Usually the company that offers this service has employers waiting for you on the exit of the subway in Jabaquara. And talking about hospitality, the secret of a perfect trip is nothing else than a good night sleep after a day full of adventure, for sure. On this aspect Guarujá has a lot of options: Hostel, Inn or Hotel, the best option depends on your budget but I like to suggest the chain Costas Maris Hotel and Inn  because of the good price for nice accomodation, location but mainly for the great costumer service they are known to provide to their guests as we can notice by TripAdvisor and it social medias. Well, that's it! Guarujá has the most amazing beaches you could have ever seen in Baixada Santista (São Paulo) and is just waiting for your visit! Check it out more about this place on this video: I have lived in Guarujá since 2006 and I had the chance to visit all this spots so if you want any other tip from here, just let me know! I’m also totally interested in hear from you about your last trip! 🙂


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