Brasov, the heart of Romania

January 1, 1970

by Daria-istoc

Brasov is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived in, due to its mountain view, 4 seasons that never stop to amaze you, its culture and traditions. Situated in the center of Romania, Brasov’s people have their own habits. I would like to write about a few of the things I had noticed and think you should know if you’re planning on coming to visit, about people, and a brief update on the things that are happening in Brasov right now, in the form of a travel guide.

You should always have an umbrella with you

One of the things you should know is that sometimes Brasov feels like London. You never know when the rain will start, especially in the Spring and Autumn: the weather changes from warm, sunny weather, second into the pouring rain, in just a second. Having 4 seasons, you get to experiment a fairytale winter and a warm summer, and you can get engaged in the specific activities that you can do during those seasons, like going to ski in Poiana Brasov or climbing the nearby mountains, during summer.


Most of the people living in Brasov are open minded. English speakers, always willing to help you, as a tourist, to find your destination, hotel, or the place you would like to visit. Brasov isn’t a big city, finding your attractions will be a piece of cake for you. But there is a downside regarding people. If you plan to move here, you will see that most of them don’t really go out or do sports and another kind of activities. They get stuck in their routine sometimes, being too lazy to socialize or do activities of any kind.


Regarding this essential aspect, Brasov has some ways you can choose from, to go from a place to another with:


There are different lines for the public transport. You can get a bus ticket from the main bus stations, which usually costs 4 RON (around 1 EURO) or you can get a transport card, which costs more, depending on the option you choose to get. If you stay for a short period of time, I recommend you buying the simple ticket, due to the fact that it’s available on any line, for 50 minutes from the moment you scan it. Also, there are days when the bus is overcrowded with people and you can’t breathe, and due to this conditions, the people get angry, but usually it is a good way to travel with. Also, the buses come quite often.


In Brasov, the taxi is cheap compared to other places in Romania. I have noticed some things about the taxis while living here: they usually don’t give you change. For example, if the ride costs 14.15 RON they expect you to give them 15 RON. One tip would be to call a cab using Clever Taxi. It is a simple to use app. You just need to set your location and call a cab. Also, you can see the name of the driver, and other details about the company/car he drives, plus his location and the estimated arrival time.

Rent a car/Drive your own car:

In Brasov, there are many roundabouts at this time, willing to streamline the traffic. The roads usually get crowded in the morning and in the afternoon, around 4-5 PM, the hours the people usually take their kids to school or they go to work. I recommend you download an app called “WAYS”, that will give you information about the traffic and any accidents that might have happened on the road, at a certain time.


Recently, Uber was introduced in Brasov. You can use Uber to find the perfect driver for you. Also, the nice thing about Uber is that you can get many free rides, from different promotional codes and promotions Uber has.

Bikes/Skate Boards:

Brasov is starting to improve its bike riding and skateboarding lanes and parks. It is the right choice if it’s one of our many sunny days.

Events and Culture

Brasov is taking baby steps regarding its cultural development. They are starting to organize different festivals, many running marathons, theater plays, concerts etc. I believe this is a good aspect of how the things are evolving around here. People learn to socialize, go out of their homes to see art, to promote it and they learn to appreciate the beauty of it. I am quite proud of how the things are moving. So if you come to visit, you can choose to go to the cinema, to a concert, to a theater play, to opera, to marathons, street festivals, etc. Also, if you love sports, Brasov has some amazing tennis fields, swimming pools, activity centers, and great places for skiing, depending on the season. You can join fitness clubs, play basketballs, football, or whatever you wish to.

Restaurant, coffee shops, and accommodation

In Brasov, you can find thematic restaurants, from the well known McDonalds to fancy restaurants with painted ceilings. You can eat at Kebab houses, Indian or Italian restaurants, etc. Regarding the coffee shops, Brasov has started to have a great variety of coffee shops, tea houses, and bars. In some of the theme, sometimes there are events, parties or concerts of any kinds. You can try out the Bounty Cafe, great Americano, and other delicious cocktails, together with your friends, in hidden places or on the main street’s terraces, Republicii Street. The accommodation here starts from hostels, accommodation from Airbnb, hotels or you could rent your own place, if you’re planning to stay longer. The rent isn’t very high in Brasov, it depends on how new the building is, there it is situated and the facilities that are included in the price, for example, the parking spots.

This spot in Romania has its magic, its own medieval atmosphere as you walk down its streets. Being surrounded by mountain, you can create a life in this stunning place, drink your everyday coffee in one of the many choices of cafes from Brasov, or just photograph its buildings through your lenses. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you add it to your traveling list, along with other incredibly beautiful places in Romania, like Cluj-Napoca, Bran, where the Dracula Castle is, Timisoara and Sighisoara.


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