Brasov: The Crown that Rules the Land

January 1, 1970

by Iulia Zabrautanu

To see the Crown that rules the land and understand why the city is privileged you have to climb to its heights.

Kronstadt or the “Crown City” as its appellation, Brasov serves as the heart of Romania, by it’s central location within the country.

When you type Brasov in the Google search bar you will discover the main landmarks that define the city. Which is ok. Walking the streets of the old city, weather you are a curious tourist who landed in Brasov for the weekend or whether you are the backpacker passionate about discovering more than what the main streets offer, you will discover the medieval architecture weaving in with the modern structures of our time. But have you ever wondered what the city looks like from above?

Let me show you:

I decided upon 5 main observing points from where you can find the magic of the city. They vary in beauty and discovery depending on the time of the day and the season. You decide which is the best. I described them in order of my personal favorite.

  1. The Warthe Promenade

A short walk behind the old city walls, passing the White Tower, leads you to a small “balcony” which reveals part of the old city. I consider this as my favorite as it can be whatever your imagination needs it to be: a “1st kiss” venue, a library, a “moment in time” place or simply a “perfect shot” moment. Regardless of the moment of the day or the season, this place resonates with the heart. If you are happy the city celebrates with you, if you are sad it can either cry together with you or try to cheer you up; and if you are in need of an escape from the rumbling city streets it offers serenity and a tune that calms the soul down.

Promenada Warthe


  2. The Tâmpa Mountain Observatory

There are 2 ways of reaching the Observatory, either by taking the Cable Car (2.5 min ride) or by engaging in a short trek to the top. If you are passionate about photography this the perfect location for you. The observatory is a very old construction that allows tourist to have an overall view of the city. Whether it’s the old or the new city you can literally see everything. Al the major landmarks of Brasov can be viewed from here.

Tampa 1                   Tampa3

3. The Road to Poiana Brasov – Belvedere

This place you won’t find advertised anywhere. I checked. This is basically a parking lot along the road build to lead to the Poiana Brasov skiing resort. But there is a parking lot along this road that reveals the inner beauty of the old city. If you visit this place during the day you will see the Tampa Mountain and the place, I told you about before.

This place exists on the maps but has never been pinned as you need a car to reach there. This is unspoken folk. This is a true place of wonder, as it holds tales of sorrow, love, desire and spite. This place has been a witness to the town’s most romantic love stories, unique wedding proposals and heartless break-ups.

Find time to visit this place before sunset. So that you find yourself there to see how the city transforms from day to night. Notice how a vail of shadow takes over and as soon as the darkness installs the city lights up in a flash and the eye can get the impression of a flaming volcano which bleeds lava on its main arteries.  And the city burns. Prepare. Take advantage of the time spend there to relax. Bring a bottle of wine if you will. The city will toast with you. A camera is a must. But I don’t expect less from you.




               4. Brasov’s Citadel

Located at the border between the old and the new city it stands as a high point of observation. Designed in the old times as a fortress it was utilized in times of war. Nowadays it’s a museum and a highly respected restaurant. It can be visited during the day at any given time, but closed down during the night time. The unique thing about this spot is that it’s build, like any other fortress on high ground and it offers a 360 degrees’ view of the city. On one side of the citadel you can yet again get a glimpse of the old city, only to walk around and view how the new city unfolds at its feet.


cetate 2                    cetate 1               cetate 3

          5. Brasov’s Old Counsel House

Located in the Main Square, the Old Counsel House serves as a museum which can be visited as per its schedule. It’s one of the main attractions of the city but not many know (no tourists actually) that upon request, during the summer season, you can be escorted to the balcony situated at the base of the tower. This offers a unique 360 degree’ view to the Main Square. It can be a unique experience for those of you passionate about history and architecture.



To wrap it up, I would like to introduce you to an iconic video that turned many people visiting Romania, to Brasov.

I give the  credit to Danny Paun, the author of this video.












Iulia Zabrautanu

By Iulia Zabrautanu

Born, raised and currently living still here (by address) I find this city rooted deep in my heart. I work to travel or travel to work... whichever works best. I am a crew member, which gets paid to travel (as I see it). The worlds cruise lines offer, for me, the best opportunity to travel, meet and befriend individuals from different ethnicities and learn about the cultures of the world. On a daily basis, I meet and work with at least 10 different people that belong to various countries of the world, more or less similar to mine. What drives me to come back, contract after contract, is that we are all unique but share the same values.


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