Brasov – Probably the best city in the world!

Probably you are wondering why I called Brasov the best city in the world. Because, in my opinion, it might actually be the best city in the whole world. I am delighted to be born and have the opportunity to grow up in such a nice city from Romania. Brasov is one of the most popular cities in Romania. It is mostly famous for one of the attractions nearby, The Dracula’s Castle, but this isn’t by far the best Brasov can offer to its tourists. Brasov is a medieval city and dates back from the 13th century.  It’s one of the oldest city in Romania, and it is located in the middle of the country.

What to visit in Brasov

The Black Church

The most famous attraction in Brasov is the Black Church. It’s a gothic-style church, the most representative one for Romania, and it is very impressive because of its appearance and also of its story. The Black church was built in the 14th century and it’s the largest one from the South-Eastern Europe. It was used to be described as the biggest church from Constantinople (currently Istanbul) to Vienna. In 1689 a big fire affected the church. As a result, the stone walls became darker. The walls of the church were covered in smoke and the stone became darker, that’s why its current name is ‘The Black Church’. Besides being famous for the story, the church also is famous for its pipe organ. It hosts one of the biggest pipe organs in Europe. Also, it has the largest collection of oriental carpets, besides the Topkapî museum from Istanbul.

Rope Street

The Rope Street is one of the narrowest streets in Europe. It is said that there are only two streets narrower: Spreuerhofstraße, in Germany, and Parliament Street, in England. The street is located in the central part of Brasov, near Ecaterina Gate. The street is about 80 meters long and its width varies between 1.11m and 1.35m. The street was originally built to allow firemen easy access to the two streets which are linked by the corridor: Cerbului Street and Poarta Scheii Street. The Rope Street is one of the most visited attractions in Brasov, as walking on the street is quite impressive.

The Black and White Towers

The two towers are located on a hill, in the northern part of the old city. The towers were built in the 15th century, and they were used as observation towers and they were also part of the old city fortifications. Besides the historical importance the towers have, they also offer stunning views of Brasov. From the White Tower, the Black Church can be seen, and the Black Tower offers a beautiful landscape of the Sfatului Square, the main square in Brasov.

The citadel hill

The citadel hill houses a small citadel of old Brasov. It dates back from the 14th century and it was one of the fortification points from the citadel. Even if it is located outside of the actual citadel (the historical center of the town), it was an important fortification point, because of its position, on the hill nearby. The citadel also served as a prison, starting with the 18th century and until mid 20th century. Nowadays, the citadel it is only a touristic point.

Outdoor activities

Being surrounded by mountains, the city offer also a ski resort during the winter, and great opportunities for hiking Poiana Brasov is the nearby ski  resort. It is 12 km away from the city. It has ski slopes for all levels: from beginners to advanced. You can also take ski or snowboard lessons if you are new to winter sports. During  summer, the tourists can hike on Tampa, the mountain located in the middle of Brasov. The road to the top takes 1 hour tops, and it’s accessible for everybody.  And of course, the view from the mountain is stunning, as it offers a panoramic view of the city . For the ones who want to have a longer hike, Postavaru Peak can be reached from Poiana Brasov, or even from Brasov (hiking on Tampa and then continue to Postavaru Peak).

Where to eat in Brasov

And of course, after visiting all the impressive medieval touristic attractions  and wandering around,  everybody looks for a place to eat a good meal. I can recommend several restaurants, all of them offering different cuisines: traditional Romanian food, international, , Italian food. You can find all of the restaurants below on Trip Advisor as well.


Sergiana is definitely the best choice when it comes to traditional Romanian food. They have a very vast menu from where you can choose a lot of great dishes. I can recommend the beef soup, the cabbage rolls, polenta with cheese and the list can go on. Besides the wonderful taste, a plus for the restaurant is that their meat dishes are made from their own products. Also, the waiters are all dressed in traditional Romanian clothes. So eating here will be an amazing traditional Romanian  experience.

Bella Musica

The restaurant offers  great value when it comes to Romanian and international food.  The menu here is very vast, and the food is great.The service is good, and the atmosphere is nice & cozy.

Keller steak house

The restaurant is specialized in steak and grill. It is perfect for a nice dinner, where you can serve a great steak and have some good wine. The restaurant is definitely a good choice for meat lovers.

Nearby attractions

Besides all the attractions the city can offer, Brasov also has a great advantage due to  its position. Being located in the middle of the country, it is closed to other impressive touristic attractions.

Bran Castle

Bran Castle, better known as Dracula’s Castle is by far the most popular attraction in Romania, mostly because of its legend. Bran Castle is linked to one of the princes of Romanian, Vlad Tepes. The prince was also known as Dracula, because of his way to torture his enemies: he was impaling them.  Dracula names come from the devil, as “dracul” is the Romanian word for “the devil”. Bran Castle is located 40 minutes drive from Brasov, in the village called Bran.

Peles Castle

Not as well known as Bran castle, Peles is, in my opinion, more amazing and impressive than Dracula’s home. The Castle used to be a summer residence for the Royal family. It was built during the 19th century, in a swiss chalet architecture style. As the Peles was mostly used for official ceremonies and guests, near the main castle, there is the residence the family used for actual living, called Pelisor. Pelisor castle offers to its tourists the amazing opportunity to view the rooms as they were back when the royal family was living there. Peles Castle is located in Sinaia, at about 1-hour drive from Brasov, on the road towards Bucharest.

Rasnov Citadel

The citadel, a medieval one, dates back from the 13th century, and its scope was to help the defense of the Transylvanian villages. The citadel has been restored recently and the tourists can visit both the citadel and also the feudal arts museum. It is located in the small town of Rasnov, about a 30 minutes drive from Brasov, on the road towards Dracula’s Castle.

Cantacuzino Castle

The castle is not as well known, but it’s worth visiting as well. It is located in Busteni, a small town on the road towards Bucharest, about a 45 minutes drive from Brasov. Besides visiting all the attractions in and around Brasov, wondering its streets can make for an amazing experience. The cobbled-stone streets, old building, the fresh air and the nice atmosphere makes Brasov one of the best cities where you can spend a few days relaxing, walking, and having a great time!

Mihaela Cocean

I am a Romanian girl, passionate about cooking, baking and traveling. I like everything related to traveling, from searching for best places to go depending on the period of the year, to finding the best deals.