Boracay Island, Philippines: I left my heart in Boracay

January 1, 1970

by Miles Micosa



January 2016, my family decided to celebrate my mother’s birthday in one of the most beautiful and amazing islands in the Philippines, in Boracay Island at Malay, Aklan. It was my third time to visit the island and my first time to visit it with my whole family. My first time was with my grandmother, last May 2011 and we stayed there for a week. My second was with my cousin, last May 2012 (who happens to move and live there on 2010) I stayed there for almost a month. And my third, of course last January 2016, with my whole family and we stayed there for 4 days. If you were to ask me if I will go back, well, you don’t need to because I will definitely grab any chance to go back there. No matter how many times I visit Boracay, it gives me and will always give me the feeling of being in love with life. It’s like visiting my heart’s comfort zone and an escape to all the depressing stuffs.

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By Land:

If you want a cheaper and longer trip you can buy tickets at 2GO travels, Manila – Boracay via Batangas Port. It will take about 9 to 10 hours of travel. I suggest you to buy and reserve tickets atleast 2 weeks to 1 month earlier before your trip because you don’t want to miss out on your preferred schedule of travel.


But if the tickets were sold out, don’t worry because there is another option. It’s cheaper and longer trip. It will take about more or less 15 hours of travel. You will need to ride a bus trip to Batangas Port, then purchase ticket for RoRo ride to Calapan . When you arrive at Calapan you will ride a bus trip to Roxas Port, then purchase ticket for RoRo trip to Caticlan. In Caticlan you will transfer to a Boracay boat. And there you go, you will arrive at Boracay Island.

By Plane:

If you have a budget and want a cheaper flight, I suggest you to look and search for travel package offers. Nowadays, there’s a lot Facebook travel pages. You can also have a cheaper flight in some airlines if you book at least a month earlier. And/or grab their promos in trip to Boracay. Almost every month they offer cheap flights.


There are two airports to get to the island. You can choose between Kalibo International Airport and Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, also known as Caticlan Airport. If you choose Kalibo International Airport, you still have a 2-hour van ride to get to Caticlan and a boat ride to the island. And if you choose the Caticlan Airport, you will only need a 10 to 15-minute boat ride to get to the island.

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I’m lucky to have my cousins who lived in Boracay Island that accommodates me every time I go there. A place to stay is never a problem to me because of you guys! Thanks a lot! <3


I suggest you to take travel packages to have no hassle in accommodations. But if you want to book on your own, these are some hotels that won’t cost much: MNL Beach Hostel Boracay, Boracay Backpacker, Amihan Backpackers Boracay, Chill Out Hostel Boracay, My Hostel Boracay, and many more. I haven’t tried any of these hotels but as far as I know they were good/okay for budget travellers.

walk trip


To be honest on my first visit in the island, I’ve no idea what to do. I just kind of wanted to be away from the city for a while and I was given the chance. Since then I’ve known the enjoyable things to do.

Walk trip.  If you’re planning to stay long then maybe you could give a shot at walking around the beach from station 1 to station 3 on your first day. The perfect time will be around 6 to 9 in the morning or at around 4 to 6 in the afternoon. If you love sunset then choose the latter one. Aside from being a good workout of the day, for me it is the best way to appreciate the beach and unwind.

Outdoor recreations. Since Boracay’s one of the main tourist attractions in the Philippines, there’s a lot of activities to choose from – such as Banana boat ride, Fly fish boat ride, Fly boarding, Cliff jumping (ranging in height from 3 meters to 13 meters), Jet skiing, Helmet diving and many more.

You better watch your budget because you might won’t get enough.

Island hopping. Another way to appreciate the island, even more. You’ll have stops and you can eat and enjoy different foods from different beaches. Also, you can go snorkeling.

Bar hopping. Night life in Boracay is exceptional. 10PM is the time to be out and it is the time where bars start to get crowded. You can enjoy partying and drinking all night till sunrise, in almost all of the bars at stations 1 and 2. You can also enjoy drinking while listening to good music, some bars have live bands. And of course, it’s fun to drink while watching fire dancers play with flames.




For those who wants a peaceful vacation in Boracay the best time to visit is when school year started. Around June to September, or January to March. It is based from my experience. But always remember to check the weather update first because nobody wants to visit a beach on a rainy season, right?


On the other hand, for those who wants to mingle and meet amazing people while on the island the best time to visit is every vacations and holidays. Around end of March to May, and October to December.


If you’re a summer lover and a traveller, I highly and strongly recommend you to pay a visit at the beautiful island of Boracay in the Philippines. Every second of your time and every penny you’ll spend there is worth it!

Miles Micosa

By Miles Micosa

Wanderer. Photographer. Vlogger. Travel Blogger. Miles Micosa is from the Philippines. She has a huge heart in adventures and in expeditions.


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