Boracay: Full of Adventure

January 1, 1970

by Jess Pimentel

Our Boracay Adventure

When you are a beach-lover and want to explore the beautiful beaches in the Philippines, Boracay will always be one of the destinations that you will want to tick off your bucket list.

Hello Boracay!

Hello Boracay!

How we get there?

Last December, my boyfriend and I finally got the chance to do this. His birthday was approaching and also, we felt we needed to reward ourselves with a much-needed vacation.  We booked our 4-day, 3-night vacation via a travel agency to make our trip hassle-free since based on my research, after landing in Kalibo, there were several transfers before you can actually reach Boracay. The thing about booking a trip 2 weeks before your actual flight is that it can really be expensive, so planning and booking months ahead will always be a good idea.

Our flight was scheduled at 2PM, but it got delayed for more almost 3 hours, but we did not let this dampen our excitement. When we reached Kalibo, it was almost dark, so it was a good thing that our transfers were pre-arranged. We were immediately able to spot the booth of the one in-charge of our transfers. We boarded a mini-bus which was very comfortable with good air-conditioning. It was really dark when we left Kalibo. I would have loved to do some sight-seeing, but since I cannot see anything when I looked out the window, I decided to sleep and woke up when the bus stopped over at a gas station. Moments later, we finally reached Caticlan and I was delighted to see some actors and actresses from one of the big TV networks waiting at the port area. Together, we boarded the ferry boat. The trip was around 15 minutes. When we went off the ferry boat, a van took us to our hotel, which was a beach-front accommodation on station 2.

Yay, finally we have reached Boracay and I immediately noted the fine sand. I tried to squint to have a look at the sea, but it was really dark. I can only hear the soft splash of sea water on the beach and this got me really excited for tomorrow.


So , this is how we enjoyed our stay in Bora

Since it was almost 10 PM, we were really hungry, so we immediately ate at the first restaurant that we saw. I saw that Boracay does, indeed, have a bustling night life, but we were really tired so we decided to go straight back to our hotel. On our way to the hotel, a man approached us and offered island-hopping for the following day. After some negotiations, we decided to rent the entire boat to ourselves, so we can stay or leave an island as we please. Then later, a lady approached us asking if we want to have massages, we agreed. She, along with one of her companions, came with us to our hotel. After an hour of full-body massage, we paid them P500/hr, said our thanks, set our alarm for 6 AM and slept.

After a good night’s rest and cleaning ourselves up, we excitedly went outside and we were really amazed at the powdery-white sand, but I was a bit dismayed to see that the water had lots of soft, hair-like, green seaweeds. We lay down on lounge chairs to just enjoy the morning along the beach. Later, our breakfast was served and I felt I was really on vacation-mode having breakfast facing the sea.

Later, we changed to our swimming outfits and the boatman arrived. We made our way to Station 3, where the boat was docked. Apparently, all sea activities happen at this station. We boarded the boat, where a younger boatman was busy pulling ropes. Our first stop was near Manny Pacquaio’s residence.

We did a bit of picture-taking, then headed to Puka Beach. I was really amazed by the beauty of the place. We practically had the entire beach to ourselves. The place was all-natural, with no man-made creations in sight. Then we noticed that the waves suddenly turned bigger and bigger which made me really happy. I love big waves. My boyfriend and I played with the waves like kids. Other tourists have now started arriving in their boats. We were later informed by the older boatman that due to the big waves it would be unsafe to go to the other 2 islands. This made me sad, but he told us that we can have lunch at a restaurant that can only be reached via boat. This got me a bit excited. We rode the boat to the other side of Boracay, way beyond Station 3, then joined the other docked boats. There, nestled among trees, was the restaurant. We asked the boatmen to come with us, but they politely refused, so we made our way up a few steps to the restaurant. A lady holding a tray full of freshly caught fishes and lobsters, approached us and told us apart from what she is holding, they also had squid. We chose one medium-sized lobster to be cooked sweet-and-sour style and a squid to be grilled. While waiting, we ordered fruit shakes. The food came and we ate. After a bit of rest, we boarded the boat and went snorkeling, then went back to Station 3. We thanked the boatmen and walked back to our hotel. I hoped to have visited more islands, but it was fine since it was for our safety. Besides, I really had fun in Puka Beach and enjoyed the experience at the restaurant.

A day well spent!

A day well spent!

Along the way, we came across another local who offered helmet diving. This got me really excited. After making payments, we went onboard a speedboat which brought us to a platform. One of the crew gave instructions about the do’s and don’ts, as well as, hand signals. We then started with the helmet diving. It was really fun. A man in diving gear accompanied us from the moment we submerged ourselves in the water until we reached the sea floor. He gave us bread which we fed to the fishes, and to my delight, the moment I scattered the crumbs, a lot of colorful fishes surrounded us. The fishes were on an eating frenzy and it was really fun watching them. I tried catching them, but they were very good at avoiding my hands. Moments later, the man in diving gear, signaled for us to hold hands, which was really corny, but we did it anyway. He gestured for us to walk so we walked around for a bit checking the nearby corals, after all, helmet diving is also called reef-walking. The fishes did not follow us since we no longer had food. All throughout the underwater experience, they took a video and some photos. After 15 minutes or so, we decided to ascend. On board the platform, the crew asked us how it was. They were really very friendly. Later, they handed us a CD which contains the video and the photos. The cover of the CD even had a photo of us which I thought was amusing.

They brought us back to the beach via the speedboat and the moment we stepped off, we were offered parasailing which we gladly accepted. It was a bit expensive, but these water activities were some of the reasons we came to Boracay. A small speedboat brought us to a bigger speedboat which held the stuff needed for the parasailing. After the instructions, they strapped us to a big parachute that will bring us several feet up in the air. I felt a bit anxious, but excited at the same time. So up and up we went, and the feeling was surreal. I really loved it. I was laughing and squealing all the way up. Then we reached the highest point possible, and enjoyed the view around. I looked at the ocean hoping to catch a glimpse of a big sea creature, a whale, perhaps, but saw none. Later, to my dismay, I felt dizzy. Even as an adult, I still suffer from motion sickness and did not know that being suspended in the air will make me nauseous, so we signaled to be brought down. I felt really disappointed with myself because I know that my boyfriend would have loved to stay longer. He told me it was fine. He doesn’t have any choice, does he? So down we went. Despite being dizzy, I loved the feeling of landing on the speedboat and managed to let out a gleeful squeal. Upon reaching the beach, I had to rest for a bit because I felt that everything was spinning around me. I made a mental note to take Bonamine if I will undertake water activities in the future.

Amazing sunset in Boracay.

Amazing sunset in Boracay.


We made our way to our hotel where we washed ourselves up and took a rest. When I felt better, we went outside to catch a glimpse of the sunset, but unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy so were not able to catch the famous Boracay sunset. We then set out to look for a place to eat and ended up in a seafood buffet restaurant. After dinner, we went to D’ Mall and bought some stuff. After which we had a stroll and came across fire dancers. I was really amazed by their talent. We would have wanted to check out Boracay’s night life, but we were really tired from all the day’s activities so we decided to go back to our hotel and called it a night.

The following morning, after having breakfast, we decided to walk all the way to Station 1 to check Willy’s rock. It was a long walk but I enjoyed it. I noticed that the sand in Station 1 was finer than those of Station 2 and 3. We bought fruit shake and water along the way since it was really hot. I also bought a wide-brimmed hat since I really got sunburned from the activities from the previous day. It was nice to see Willy’s rock. There was a grotto on top so I climbed up to say thanks to Mama Mary for the trip. We, then went for a swim near Willy’s rock since there were fewer seaweeds in the area. Later, we went to D’ Mall for lunch and checked out the shops. 

We spent the entire afternoon just strolling and relaxing in lounge chairs. At around 4 PM, we washed ourselves up and I hoped and prayed that we will see the all-famous Boracay sunset, and thankfully this time, we did not get disappointed. We witnessed the sun set and my boyfriend was able to record a video of the sun disappearing in the horizon. I was really awed by all the colors and the sheer beauty and had to stop myself from clapping my hands when the sun disappeared. It was like watching a show with a grand finale. It was really beautiful.

Later, we had a candle-lit, beach-front dinner at our hotel with a live band playing in the background. We enjoyed the rest of the night by taking a stroll and watching live performances and fire dancers along the beach. We stayed up late and when we got really sleepy, headed back to our hotel.

This is not a goodbye.

The next morning, I sadly said my farewell to Boracay. I don’t know why, but I really felt sad that I had to leave. I left with a heavy heart and I promised to come back.

It was a very wonderful experience. We were glad that we were able to visit Boracay, one of the most beautiful beaches, not only in the Philippines but in the world. So we’ve ticked Boracay off our bucket list, but recently we decided to un-tick it. Yes, we have booked on-sale flights for my birthday next year. This time, we will be bringing our son along. Till then, Boracay!




Jess Pimentel

By Jess Pimentel

I love the beach, the nature, adventure and travelling. They said your passion is the only thing that will make you happy. It is the great escape to a stressful city life. Philippines has a lot to offer and I have travelled to many places here in our own land. I'm looking forward to visit more places. I have been in Singapore , Hong Kong, Malaysia and hopefully in Europe soon. I would like to share all these experiences with you.


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