Birdland Beach Club: Must See Eco-Friendly Resort in Bolinao

February 23, 2019

by Kristine Faye Paneda

Bolinao, Pangasinan is a small town in the Philippines on the coast of the West Philippine Sea. It is home to beautiful beach resorts, a number of caves and falls, and a perfect place to see giant clams among other ocean creatures.

With all these beautiful tourist spots in Bolinao, one beach club captured my heart – partly because I stayed there for almost three months as a private nurse but mostly because of its marvelous, serene and humble eco-friendly theme! It is a great place for both nature and animal lovers!

Why Birdland Beach Club is a perfect getaway

Birdland Beach Club is a resort located on Long Beach, Access Road, Barangay Arnedo, Bolinao, Pangasinan. It is a two-hectare property owned by Mr. Michael Parayno and Ms. Joanna Ledesma. The people – owner and staff – there are very hardworking and dedicated. They are so hospitable and friendly.

The resort stands up to its eco-friendly theme because they have animals around, vegetation, solar panels for their energy, windmill for their water, nipa huts of various sizes and a lot of water activities. It provides you with a unique experience and exclusivity.

It is 5-10 minutes away from the town proper or ‘bayan’ where you can find the Bolinao town hall, the marketplace and under small businesses, bus terminals. It is also where St. James The Great Parish, a 400-year old church is located. For people who cannot tolerate too much heat, it is ideal to go to the bayan early morning before 9 am and late afternoon after 3 pm because it’s cooler than the rest of the day.

How to get to Birdland Beach Club

I traveled to Bolinao, Pangasinan from Baguio City with a friend. We took Partas, a bus company that has trips to Bolinao at 7 am and 3 pm only. The bus terminal is located in Governor Pack Road and the fare is Php 342 ($6-7) as of writing. The trip is 6 hours long and it is nonstop.

From the Bus Terminal in Bolinao, a tricycle ride to Birdland costs Php50 ($1). I recommend getting the yellow tricycle that is designated to Barangay Arnedo because it’s cheaper at Php30.

We were greeted by their staff and they offered help with our luggage. They do so to everyone.

**If you are from Manila, there are other bus companies that go to Bolinao. These are Victory Liner, Five Star Bus, and Dagupan Bus Co. The travel time is also for six hours.

What to expect in Birdland

Interior of the Resort

I understood the minute I saw the place why it is called Birdland – birdhouses are all over the property! They are there not only for design but also as home to birds that come and go.

The resort has its own bar and restaurant – The Blue Mikey, named after their toddler Mikey. It’s a wonderful place to eat and chill. They serve fresh and nutritious food. They get some of the ingredients in their own backyard! They have different kinds of plants from cactus, herbs, vegetables, and trees. My favorite is their Sampaloc tree in the parking lot. They have hammocks and sitting cushions on the patio. They play Jazz music. The restrooms are spacious and it has a great view! If it gets too hot, they have large fans to soothe the guests. The restaurant also sells Simone’s Original Snacks which are dried fruits and vegetables.

They also have a natural sea-water pool that is treated so it’s not as salty as the ocean. It is located in the middle of the resort where it is surrounded by the bolifugaos and just a few meters from the restaurant.

The accommodation in Birdland greatly varies according to your style. They have tipis, regular nipa huts, by-the-beach nipas called postus, bolifugaos which are 3, 4, and 5-story nipa huts with hammocks area, dining area, and sleeping area. They also have air-conditioned cabanas. I praise them for their concept of the bolifugaos because I ever have seen towering nipa huts before.

Towering Nipa Hut

Adorable creatures

As an eco-friendly resort, pets are very much welcomed. It’s amazing how they manage to have a variety of animals. They have a horse named Beauty; they have their adorable dogs, Strong, Cady, Coby, Tigger, and Trouble who lazily take their time at the restaurant until their swim on the ocean on the afternoon; they have cats roaming around as well; they have goats; chickens and a goose; they have two pigs; and of course, birds that enjoy their freedom to fly! Other than that, when you go to the ocean, it’s full of majestic creatures like sea urchins, clams, starfish, fishes, etc. I strongly encourage guests not to take these creatures home as souvenirs, especially the starfish. They belong to the ocean, and in the ocean, they should stay.

Other things to enjoy in Birdland

They have their bamboo jeepney and their bamboo tricycle.  They use it for guests who want to have a tour of the other destinations in Bolinao.

The resort offers water activities that include but is not limited to the use of the bamboo raft. It is definitely free for guests who can either have it on their own or they can ask one of the staff to row for them. Their land activities include Bolinao sightseeing; they have bikes for rent; they can teach you how to make a birdhouse and others.

The ocean is cool and calm. The water is too salty because of the seaweeds; you can see it on the shore. There were times that it was low tide and we took that opportunity to explore. We saw fishermen as early as 3 am for their living. The resort has life jackets to use. Utmost care should always be observed when going into the ocean because some might step on sea urchins accidentally.

What I love most about the experience are the astonishing sunsets! Sometimes it’s orange or red, sometimes it’s pink or purple. It’s just humbling how gorgeous nature can be.

Beautiful Sunset


Just like any of the islands in the Philippines, Bolinao has so much to offer when it comes to natural treasures. If you are a traveler who is looking for a peaceful, private place to stay, and you definitely love nature, then you wouldn’t want to miss the wholesome experience in Birdland. It’s a guaranteed travel destination, a one-of-a-kind vacation. My stay there was superb. I’m very grateful that I was able to be in an environment that is so one with nature.

Kristine Faye Paneda

By Kristine Faye Paneda

Kaye Paneda is a freelance writer. She graduated from Saint Louis University with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. She became an ICU nurse prior to pursuing her passion for writing that began in high school. She started Angel's Pad at with a focus on personal growth. She aspires to show compassion and inspire others through her writing. She is the eldest among 4 siblings and they grew up in the comfort of their home in Baguio City. She rarely goes out to explore until she met her partner, Klinton who took her on a 3-week vacation. She quit her job for love and travel; because why not? That's when her journey started. For her, traveling is a must-have opportunity to grow.


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