Bhayander - The upcoming suburb in Mumbai, Maharashtra

January 1, 1970

by Neha-Ashani

Railway Station Hoarding

Railway Station Board at Bhayander station

Bhayander is a suburb of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a north suburb and growing rapidly. I am a resident of this place and it’s amazing to know how fast this place is growing and at a rapid pace!

Bhayander, this railway station comes after three station from Borivali. You can refer to the map below in case you are travelling by train. Also, you can download the application M Indicator on your Android or iPhone to understand metro, railway, bus travel.

When I first moved in here, there were barely any residents in my building and I would actually be scared to walk till the nearest shop from my place since my street was completely deserted after dark. We had to drive down till the nearest market or mall to buy anything or hail a rickshaw till the nearest McDonald to enjoy a burger which is at least 10 miles away.

Today we have the below facilities and amenities within walking distance. There are new town planning activities being practised every day to replace the old structures and the government is doing all it can to make this small suburb of Mumbai beautiful, planned and spacious.

Here is a glimpse of this small county:-

1.Well Planned County

This is a well planned and architecturally appealing suburb with uncluttered roads, wide and spacious houses with a combination of really good public transport system. There is a bus stop at every 2 miles and auto rickshaw stands situated at major places of interest. For example, you can reach your desired destination anyone within this county for maximum Rs.12/- on sharing basis and if not there are busses available at every point to travel in even less.

Apart from this the roads are wide and quiet with good helpful people making it ideal for the family man. There are tonnes of medical shops, ATMs, pathology labs, hospitals gardens, bike repair shops and even tattoo artists all within walking distance.


2. McDonald’s Branch on 150 Feet Road

Mcdonald's Outlet

McDonald’s Outlet at bhayander on the entire ground floor.

This is one of the most famous hang out for everybody in this place. It is spread across 2500 square feet with sitting capacity of more than 200 to 250 guests approximately at one time. They also have facility for parking just outside the restaurant. The staff at McDonald’s is very friendly and service is quick too.

If you are someone who feels cold easily then they also have a non air conditioned section in the restaurant. For convenience of their customers they have a take away counter just outside the entrance.


3. Gym, Bank and Eateries

Gym and bank

Gym and bank on one of the main streets in Bhayander west

The government has made sure to keep its inhabitants happy and healthy by providing the best to its residents of this county. In the above image you can view that there is a gym, bank and domino’s pizza. This is just one example of the great services and facilities present here.

There are other banks as well like Union bank, HDFC, ICICI, Indian Bank, Bank of Baroda as well. You can visit eateries like shagun, navrang, green avenue, sadanand and Aqua fine and fine for some lip smacking food.

Enjoy your special occasions with patisseries like Monginis, Hangouts, Bake n Brew, Ribbons and Balloons, Ovenpick and Le Gateau.

4.Maxus Mall

Maxus Mall - Bhayander

Maxus Mall, Bhayander

Revel in the huge discounts at Maxus mall at Bhayander west  and make your family happy by getting them awesome gifts from Reliance Digital, Max, Snehanjali or spoil them bad by shopping from the basement one ground floor outlet of Big Bazaar. This place is an intrinsic part of the socio-cultural landscape for its inhabitants.

Maxus mall has everything that you would need. It also has a Multi-screen movie theatre with economical rates. The best feature about the theatre is that it has recliner chairs for its viewers!


5. Latest Brands

Big Brand Stores

Big Brand Stores at bhayander in a posh area in bhayander

This place has it all !

It may be a small suburb as compared to the other western suburbs of Mumbai but its definitely loaded with everything. It has all the latest brands like Spykar, Woodland, Bata, Croma, Dmart, Reid & Taylor, Jockey, Blue Dart, Maruti Couriers, Trackon, etc. the list is simply endless.

Bhayander, is spread across at least 50 to 60 miles but imagine having all these facilities within a short walking distance of your home, now how convenient is that!

I have lived here myself for 4 years and I am in awe at the rapid construction and the speed this place has picked up. Even though its small it has everything. I rarely need to beyond Bhayander to fulfil my needs.

6. Bustling Market Place

Bhayander Market

Bhayander Market with wide roads.

The majority population of Bhayander is business class families. Majority castes residing here are Muslim, Catholic, North Indians, Marwadi and Gujurati. Since the major population is business class, the market place is filled with them. All these castes are very fond of fashion and food, hence, the market place is always in a hustle and bustle with activity. Wide roads, big shops, boutiques, salons etc are mostly run by locals.

This is one of the most hot destinations for investors and home buyers as well due to the less real estate rates for shops and flats due to its location.

My opinion About Bhayander, Mumbai, Maharashtra

As I mentioned earlier in my blog I have lived here for the four years now and I have been coming here since I was a child as my grand parents resided here, so I have seen this place transform into the beautiful destination it is today.

I must agree, the government has done a splendid job on the development of this county and it has not only resulted in better town planning but it has helped the residents of this place to place Bhayander on the map as one of the most sought after places in Mumbai at the moment.

Investors are buying entire floors and people are flocking in to buy their homes here from all over the city because of the amazing job that the government bodies have done.

I would strongly suggest to visit this place if you have never been here.


By Neha-Ashani

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated Content Writer with over 8 years of experience in content writing, editing and proofreading with high-quality content. Writing for the digital space is my passion and learning new things in my hobby. I am a fun loving, energetic and determined girl with hands-on experience in Content Marketing, Social Media, Online Marketing and Content Management Systems. I also manage website development and design project end to end completely and along with a team as well as independently.


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