Best Things To Do In Natal, Brazil

Natal is one of the finest cities in Brazil and there are many things you can do in Natal. Tourist attractions abound here including works of nature for you to experience. It is a suitable place to spend a few days or spend your holidays with your loved ones. Here you will see beautiful things and engage in interesting diverse activities. The best things you can do in Natal are:

Tour the Newton Navarro Bridge

This bridge is a kind of something to see and pass through. The bridge is beautiful and connects to the sea for navigation. You will cross a river at Catamaran and get an awesome view of this bridge. Driving a buggy will enable you see more of the bridge. The view consists of surrounding beaches, sand dunes, lagoons and palm trees. This bridge is a spectacular engineering project that tops the Pontengi River. It is one of the largest you can find in Brazil.

You may drive through it as you head for Natal when you come from an airport there which is the Natal International Airport. The view of the surrounding beaches and the ocean is amazing. Take photos of the bridge through its huge twin pillars. The width of this structure is 72 feet while the length is 5840 feet. Look upwards towards the bridge when there is light coming from the lanes on the sides and pause in the middle. Take photographs from there and get that magnificent view.

You may cross the bridge to get to the Redinha Beach. As you go north, you may take part in a kind of sports using Arabian camels. However drivers who have authorisation from the tourist board are available.

Visit the largest cashew tree in the world

This cashew tree is among the most famous things that Natal is known for. Every country have a particular landmark for identifying it like a unique occurrence, a work of nature or synthetic artifact.  Tourists come to China for their Great Wall, United Kingdom for their Big Ben, Australia for their Great Reef and Natal for their largest cashew tree. This is not just a cashew tree but rather the largest in the planet. The Cashew Tree of Pirangi is within Pirangi do Norte which is a district within the province of Rio Grande do Norte.

You can get to the tree through the Pirangi Beach which is a popular beach in Natal. This huge cashew tree made the Guinness Book of Records as the largest on the planet. The crown of the cashew covers  8000 square metres.  This cashew tree is 500 metres in circumference  and covers an area of land that 70 cashew trees will cover. It is a difficult thing to find the major trunk of the tree among the others. Luis Inacio a fisherman planted this tree in 1888. The tree has many branches.

Explore the Natal Dunes

The dunes in Natal is among the most attractive landscapes you can find in Brazil. Tourism have made this place a playground with an industry that focuses on entertaining tourists. The buggy rides of this dune do not only move visitors but they pause at certain places.

Lagoons, camels, swimming and sand boards are available for tourist activities. This is among the most beautiful landscapes and is a favorite destination for tourists. It is a place of adventure and leisure. There are structures made up of thatched roofs to protect people from the sun and pulley system above the dunes for pulling up sleds. High tech facilities are available here to take photographs.

There is a transport system that moves through the dunes, dropping passengers to the lagoon. The person sits on top of the board and drops the people riding. Boats pick up the tourists after which a sled pulls them up . There are refinements like sleds for climbing dunes, diving towards the end and taking photographs. Some sports here provide fun for tourists. The attendants are often on tickets. Tourists can ride camels here starting from 9am until the sun goes down. Touring the dune is possible for 14 hours.

Things to do in Natal

Other reasons to visit Natal

Natal has the cleanest air and climate. The weather in Natal is very stable and Natal is just 5 degrees away from the Equator. It has the best beaches in the world. Natal is known for beaches that attract both foreign and local tourists. Natal has affordable properties. The properties here are not as expensive as the ones in other Brazilian cities. This offers opportunity for investors. It is nearest to Europe and the US.

Flying to Europe or the US takes between six and half and eight hours here making it a destination for tourists.

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