Best Things To Do In Kasol

January 1, 1970

by Rucha Bhide

Everybody reading this has a different purpose but one thing which is common among all of us is the will to travel, to not be in the same place as we were a year ago, to live to the fullest, to make new friends, to gain new experiences, and most importantly to keep learning, always.

presuming, all of you are going to Kasol to do all of this, I’ll take you to this mysterious and magical land in Himachal Pradesh.

 Why Kasol?
Kasol, despite the small geographical area, is a very happening place. not even once in your trip, you’ll run out of things to do. Roam around in the town, and you’ll find a lot of places where you can find some ‘me time’ at the same time some the homely vibe. So here are some astounding things to do in Kasol.

1.explore the market


when you get down at Kasol bus stop, you’ll see a small lane on the right-hand side, that is the Kasol market. the market is always bustling. it is full of life, with a lot of colour, excitement and sparkle. the shops offer a variety of products, you’ll find clothes, jewellery, home decor items, paintings, bags, local craft and much more. even though the market has a lot to offer to shopaholics, you need to have some profound bargaining skills. not only shopping but you can get some amazing things like tattoos, piercing, hair threads etc.

2.Hike to Chalal

Chalal is a place away from all the buzz in the town, it offers you peace. Chalal one of my favourite places near Kasol. its a short trek from Kasol and should take around 40 minutes to reach the place. Chalal is famous for its cafes and the river view. on the way to Chalal, you can go down and sit by the river, looking at beautiful mountains surrounding Kasol. looking for good company? Chalal is the perfect place for you. I made most of my friends in Kasol on my way to Chalal.

3. A dip in the hot water springs of Manikaran.


Just before the Kasol bus stop, your bus will take a halt at Manikaran. Manikaran has a Gurudwara (Sikh temple) where you experience the authentic Indian spirituality. hot water bath in the spring is a whole different experience. surrounded by a captivating view, sitting in the spring feels no less luxurious than a jacuzzi. but as I mentioned before if you are among those travellers who want to have some peace and a break from the crowd, you should avoid going to Manikaran in the peak season(April to June).


4. eat delicious food

Kasol is very famous for its cafes. there are a ton of cafes in Kasol serving delicious food with perfect music and amazing view. Jim Morrison has great music with perfect ambience but for the food, I don’t have much to say. there’s German bakery, which serves breakfast lunch and dinner and tasty Russian salad. but if you are momo lover, there’s a stall in front of the German bakery, it serves amazing chicken momos. and if you are not a momo lover, should definitely try his momos, you might start loving it. you can try Israeli food at the sunshine cafe. it has everything from falafel to hummus. you can also find some mouth-watering desserts on the market. have delicious food at the rainbow cafe with some live music and an eminent ambience. Cafes in Kasol have a different aura at night, with hypnotising music and appetising food.

5. find serenity in tosh

what makes Kasol even more special is that it is surrounded by beautiful getaways. tosh is a small village near Kasol. rent a bike from Kasol, it adds so much to the thrill as the roads have so many surprises for you. tosh is in the midst of ice-capped, no, ice-covered mountains and forests. tosh makes you forget yourself and be in the moment. it is away from the commercial tourism yet, so you find actual peace there. go can also go to the nearby waterfall, you’ll find some good cafes on your way to the waterfall. you can find cheap accommodation with food and other amenities. as you start from Kasol, you can feel the gradual rise in the cold and gets really chilly in tosh. tosh is a one-day getaway, where you can rejuvenate yourself. other is the Kheerganga trek. the river flows at a very fast rate and the sound of it hitting the big rocks is something you want to store in your memory forever.

6. Waterfalls in Grahan

another scenic getaway is Grahan village. the trek to Grahan is itself very beautiful. while trekking to Grahan you never want to reach the destination and journey gives you everything. parvati river is never out of your sight always keeping it lively, energetic and musical for trekkers. grahan is a very small village in the middle of the forest with some beautiful waterfalls. you will also enjoy the flavour of the local culture and receive very sweet hospitability from the villagers. there’s something about the Grahan that instantly makes you feel at home, it oozes some cosy vibes for travellers.

how to reach: Kasol

if you board the Volvo bus from Delhi or Chandigarh you can get down at Bhuntar. You can also book a flight till Bhuntar. from Bhuntar you can either take the local bus or book a taxi. another option which you have is to rent a bike, I chose this as it adds to the adventure and thrill.

how to reach : Tosh

1. you can trek to tosh, this the most affordable option but also it is a bit tiresome. but it allows you to really enjoy the alluring view.

2. another option is to book a cab. this is very expensive if you are travelling alone. also, it doesn’t allow you to enjoy the view outside.

3. Rent a bike. this is also an expensive option but I must tell you that this option is worth your money. if you are an adventure seeker you should definitely rent a bike.

the best time to visit

summer is considered the best time to visit hill stations. it is the peak time of tourism. but you want to have some special time with yourself you should plan your trip in early winters when there is some snow but the weather is not too extreme. If you plan it in summer go in the month of May and if you are planning it in winter book your trip in September. (Winter is recommended only to those travellers who truly want the local flavour with ‘nature at its best’ feel ).




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