Best spot for Eiffel Tower

January 1, 1970

by Vivlin


Paris, France, is a fantastic city for many travelers. I heard a lot about the elegance and beauty of Paris, and I always wanted to visit here. This August 1 I finally made my dream come true to Paris. It’s very easy for travelers to look around here, because all most every famous tourist destinations are not far from each other, it’s very fast by metro, but also they’re in a walking distance. For me, I always like to walk to the place I want to visit, so at the same time I can explore the city more.

Ways to get to the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) is a must visit place in Paris, if you look at the metro map, it’s located in Metro No. 6 the Bir – Hakeim Station. There are two ways to get to the Tower, one is to get off at Bir – Hakeim, and follow the directions to get it, you’ll have to walk for about ten minutes but there are some street venders selling food, stores selling post cards and souvenirs, so you won’t get bored on the way there; and my host in Paris suggested me the other way to get the best view of Eiffel Tower is to get off at Trocadero station which is also in line 6 and it’s only two stations from Bir – Hakeim, and this was the way I got to the Eiffel Tower.


When getting off the metro, there are many exit leads to the street outside, but don’t worry about getting lost, usually there are directions for famous destination on the wall, so follow the directions then you won’t miss the place you want to visit. After I got out of Trocadero, I saw the stunning Eiffel Tower right in front of me! It was incredibly amazing. Trocadero station is on the hill, so basically you can enjoy seeing the Tower from the higher position, when I got out of Trocadero, I saw a big terrace and the Eiffel Tower, I walked further to the fence and stood there for a while to enjoy the whole view of the shining street and the Eiffel Tower. There were many people on the terrace but the place is big so it’s not crowded at all and I had my own space to enjoy. On the terrace, you’ll see a park right in front of you and a straight way directly leads to the Eiffel Tower, it’s about 10 to 15 minutes’ walk. I left the terrace slowly walked closer to the Eiffel Tower so I can be under it. I saw lots of people taking pictures, couples lying on a grass, friends chatting and having beers. I felt very relaxed and happy slowly walking on my way there.

Trocadero Park

At the park at Trocadero, there were some police for the security and also some black people selling souvenirs, I read some articles about them, saying that we should be careful about those seller because they may just tight a line on your wrist or give you something and ask for money. But I didn’t see any sellers in the park doing all these to travelers, some of them are just standing there waiting for buyers and some came and ask if you want to buy or not, remember if you don’t want it, just say no or refuse them directly, don’t let them got the chance to fraud you and ruin the beautiful moment.

Walking towards Eiffel Tower

My host told me, when the lights on the street is lightened up, that means the Eiffel Tower is lightened, too. I went out around ten, and arrived at Trocadero at ten thirty. The purpose of going out so late was to see the Eiffel Tower flashing its light at every hour for five minutes, for example, the lights of the Eiffel Tower will flash from ten to ten five, and then flash again at 11 to eleven five… etc. For me, the Tower is marvelous in the morning, but it’s much better to see it shine at night, the atmosphere is very different. I’m not sure if it needs to pay for really sit under the Tower, because when I was standing right next to the Tower, I saw the entrance to another side of the place, but I really don’t think that paying so much just to be under the Tower is necessary, the street is big enough for me to have a good view, and the Tower is huge, so even I didn’t enter to the place under the Tower, I was still standing right next to it.

Way back home

When I went home, I follow the directions to Bir – Hakeim, the first way I mentioned before, to have some snack and bought a post card, I want to thank him for giving me the advice so I could enjoy my time with Eiffel Tower.

Trocadero Park

Trocadero Park

Best Spot for Eiffel Tower

Best Spot for Eiffel Tower

Walking toward Eiffel Tower

Bridge and Streets to the Tower

Standing next to the Tower

Metro Map of Paris

Metro Map of Paris




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