Best Places To Visit In Nairobi Kenya; The Mamba Village Resort


Great and memorable experiences are everything we look forward to whenever it is time for the holidays. Planning is very vital when it comes to choosing a destination.  If you love nature like I do, Africa has the most exotic destinations to make any holiday dream come alive. In the heart of East Africa lies the Mamba Village, about 13 Kilometers from Kenya’s capital city; Nairobi. This is located in the leafy suburbs of Karen that creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy nature at its best. The serene environment is characterized by a wide range of attractions and activities to participate in. Additionally, it is located a few meters away from the Galleria Mall. This world-class shopping mall makes shopping convenient.

Reasons to Visit Mamba Village

The Leisure Park

Nature park Relaxation is the ultimate goal of any holiday. Covering about 10-Acres of exquisite land, The Mamba Village Leisure park makes the perfect outdoor spot. Still under creation, the Botanical garden is set to become the standard of conservation centers in East Africa and Africa at Large. The garden is set to have exotic trees and indigenous medicinal trees. Upon completion, the Mamba Village leisure park is set to consist of a water garden, a palm garden, an amphitheater, a Mini-Golf,  large open lawns, and a medicinal arboretum. It has over 90 species of medicinal plants already plant. All these make it the ideal place for outdoor functions such as funfairs, video shooting, graduation parties, garden wedding, live music concerts and more. In a simple line; The Mamba Village Leisure Park is a haven of peace.

The Ostrich Park

Ostrich Park The Ostrich is the world’s largest bird. It is also the heaviest bird, flightless and cannot run. At Mamba Village in Nairobi Kenya, you not only get to watch the Savannah ostrich but also get to interact with them in their natural environment. Additionally, you are allowed to get in a close range enough for you to feed them using your hands. The natural environment is extensive; making it ideal for you to have a great time.

Boat Ride on The Man-made Lake

boat ride Get an unforgettable tour around the man-made lake on a boat ride. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling mother nature in every perspective. The ambiance that the boat ride creates gives you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the stillness of nature. You can also choose or enjoy a meal at the Island buffet; a section of the Mamba Village Nairobi Resort’s main restaurant which overlooks the man-made lake.

The Crocodile Park

Crocodile Park

“Mamba” is a Swahili word which stands for crocodile in English. The Mamba Village is famous for being the primary home of crocodiles in Nairobi. The species of crocodiles found in Mamba Village in Nairobi Kenya is the Nile Crocodile. This is one of biggest species of crocodiles in Africa. The Nile crocodiles are also known as man-eaters because they can easily charge and devour the prey at will. For this reason, humans are advised to keep as far from them as possible. Their huge size and ability to camouflage render them very dangerous. Additionally, you get to learn of the different characteristics between adult crocodiles and juvenile crocodiles.  A conducive environment consisting of sand beds and greyish flanked rocks in a dense vegetative background is provided for the crocodiles.

Bird Watching

bird watching The Mamba Village in Nairobi Kenya has a beautiful trail to behold. With indigenous bird species, you will enjoy the best of what nature has to give. The trail consists ofappealing birds in attractive colors; making it so beautiful.

Conference facilities

Conference Planning for a conference in Nairobi? Head out to Mokoyeti Tended Camp located within Mamba Village. It is made up of an attractive fusion of tradition and modernity giving a tranquil environment. It has a capacity of up to 60 people. You can also opt to do this at the amazing Leisure garden.

Secluded Picnic site

Picnic Site Did you know that going for a picnic is healthy for you? The Mamba Village secluded picnic site gives you the opportunity to socialize, bond and to stay active. You also get to boost your moods, relieve stress and improve on communication skills. All these and more are attributed to the tranquility of the Mamba Village secluded picnic site. Enjoy a barbecue with family and friends at your own pleasure.

Luxurious Accommodation

Luxuxry You can check in at Mamba Village and stay there throughout your holiday. The accommodation services provided are simply luxurious. In fact, everything is designed to pamper you and enable you to enjoy every day of your visit. From the friendly staff, affordable rates to excellent services, your stay at Mamba Village will be unforgettable. Moreover, its proximity to the Galleria Mall makes it possible for you to explore the leafy suburbs of Nairobi, Kenya.

A playground for the kids

Playground for kids Playground for the kids The Mamba Village is one of the best places to hang out with the kids. The playground for the kids is equipped with all necessary equipment and toys to make any kid’s day out fulfilling. It is ideal for active play, fun, eating times and relaxation for the whole family.

Camel and Horse Rides

Another great way of enjoying your stay at the 10-Acre piece of land at Mamba Village is through camel and horse ride. Coming to Kenya will enable you to enjoy doing what you love most if not try out new things. The natural setting makes any horse or camel ride fulfilling. The camel and horse riding activities are ideal for the whole family.

Sumptuous meals and refreshments

Food and refreshments The good times are never complete without a delicious meal. There are wide ranges of restaurants and bandas at the Mamba Village. These are loaded with a vast range of special recipes, menus and refreshments to make every stay worthwhile. Additionally, they are prepared with high stands of nutritional value to promote healthy living. You may also be wondering if there is an entry fee. It guarantees you the lowest price. In addition to that, you can choose to visit Mamba Village Nairobi with a tourism and travel company, agency or alone. There are also amazing packages for you, your friends and family. With these affordable charges, you get to experience nature in a whole new perspective with everything from the Mamba Village Nairobi.

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