Best places to visit in Greece

January 1, 1970

by Divya Sharma

 Arriving at the Athens Airport

The second you arrive at the Athens airport, a chilled windy breeze will welcome you, refreshing you and making up for the long hours spent sitting in the airplane. Athens has a good transport system, there are buses available at every 25-30 minutes, the subway, trolleys or taxis are also available.(for more information click here) A lot of the monuments and museums are in Athens itself so everything will be walking distance away for you. One bedroom apartments are also available if you’re looking for something more homely, the prices may vary but are affordable. I hope this article proves to be a good travel guide for all the people visiting Greece for the first time.

Places of Interest in Athens

The Acropolis is walking distance from the Indian Embassy in Greece, it’s also visible from the Panathenaic Stadium which is one of the largest stadiums ever made entirely out of marble. The Acropolis is an ancient citadel that includes major temples of the Greeks, Parthenon being the most famous and beautiful. To reach Acropolis you can go through the National Park which is a delight to the eyes and soul, filled with greenery and water works. It’s also a shortcut and will save your energy and time. It’s behind the Greek Parliament Building and the famous Syntagma Square which is the best place to shop from in Athens.Once you cross the National Park, Museum of Acropolis will be the first building you see, it’s a huge and well-preserved museum that needs at least 4-5 hours. In front of the Museum, there’s a road full of cafes and restaurants to have lunch or dinner in. They serve all kinds of dishes both veg and non-veg. Though, veg dishes are only a few. Olympian Zeus columns are also a major attraction in Athens and need around an hour or two to be explored properly.


Panathenaic Stadium

Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus is a nice hike away and is best for romantic dinners. It has a magnificent view of the whole city. There are a lot of nice restaurants to dine in and a couple of good secluded spots with a great view of the Acropolis if one wants privacy. There’s also trolley system and a church up top that also has the view of the whole city. You would need a nice warm jacket when you go up there since its very windy and a hair tie is a must for people with long hair. There are a number of hotels and inns you might want to consider staying in since they will provide a breathtaking view of the city below.

View of Acropolis and Mount Lycabettus

Acropolis and Mount Lycabettus

Points of interest outside of Athens

Sounion- Temple of Poseidon

Sounion is around 70 kilometers south of Athens and takes about 2 hours to reach there. It is situated on a hill and has a great view of the ocean. There’s a cafe near the temple and that’s about it. It’s very calm there and serves as a great place to just sit and enjoy the view, the weather and time by yourself and/or with your loved ones. It’s perfect for a calm and rejuvenating few hours and it’s needless to mention that all the places in Greece are very photogenic and your pictures will come out looking ecstatic.

Sounion- Temple of Poseidon

Sounion- Temple of Poseidon

Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal is a canal that connects the Corinth Gulf with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea, it used by ships and boats to carry stuff across the sea. The best part of this canal is that Bungee Jumping is available there and you get to touch the water in the canal and see it a few inches away from your face. It’s called Zulu Bungy, you can check when they’re open and visit accordingly, they claim to give you the best Bungee Jumping experience but its for you to decide.

Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal

Zulu Bungy

Zulu Bungy


Delphi is an archaeological site that was the ancient sanctuary that acted as the seat of the oracles, the oracles that are famous for being the counselors and advisors of the Kings back then. If anyone remembers 300, there’s an elaborate scene related to the oracles with Gerard Butler seeking advice from them. There’s also a Museum right next to the archaeological site which also includes an open air theater overlooking a beautiful view of the mountains. It’s pleasant to sit down there and enjoy the fresh air. All monuments in Greece give a discount to students on their tickets so that’s a plus point for all the wanderlust young travelers.

Beaches in Greece

The Corfu Island or Santorini are very famous islands to enjoy the Aegean bright blue sea. The Corfu Island also has a beach that is only accessible through a hike or a boat, it’s super private and is a great place to snorkel. Santorini, on the other hand, is amazingly beautiful too. The houses are all painted in white with the roofs blue, shining in the bright sun with every house sporting a view of the beautiful sea. If you don’t have time to dedicate to a single island, you can always take a one-day cruise trip.(for more information click here). They usually cover three islands but if you want to spend time on one, it’s up to you since that’s also an option available. Rhodes island has a heroic history and is a great place to spend a few days in if you’re someone who wants a vacation to chill but also learn something about the history. There are a number of places where you can just go for a swim, they’re a bus ride away from Athens and serve the purpose just as well.

Corfu Island

Corfu Island

Life in General

The nightlife in Athens is not as loud as you’d expect it to be but the nightlife on the islands is pretty happening. I would suggest you visit an island for a taste of the nightlife. The food is undoubtedly delicious and the service is good at the restaurants. People, in general, are friendly and welcoming but maintain a healthy space between each other, this is great since it has all the perks and little or no cons at all. They have a variety of drinks and soft drinks that you would enjoy trying since they satisfy every mood and weather. There are ice drinks to cool off in the summer, warm drinks for the cold weather and let’s not forget the endless bakeries and sweet shops. A vacation in Greece would be a proper way to use your savings and spend some quality time with your loved ones or just wander off solo and make new friends and have an experience of a lifetime. The mountains and never ending nature in Greece will refresh you and fill you with positivity.




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