Best places to visit in Dubai on a budget.

January 24, 2019

by Arshiya Dogra

“There is a place for everyone in this beautiful city.”

First of all, I want to wish all you lovely people out there a very happy new year! I am writing this article today so as to help my fellow travelers who are planning to visit Dubai. Now, whether you’re planning a short trip or an extravagant one, there is one thing you all should know.

A lot of people would disagree and say that Dubai is a very expensive city, and I do agree on this. But, that doesn’t mean that the Wanderlust-ers who are planning a budget trip, cannot savor the taste of its offerings.

Here are a few places that you must visit while you’re in Dubai. The reason for this is very simple. Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and that implies that it’s tourist attractions are also growing at the moment. Hence, here is a compilation of all the “must visit” places just in case you get too confused about where to go, when and if on a budget.

The Mighty Burj Khalifa

At the Top, Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world(at the moment). So, while you’re in Dubai, make sure to ride the tallest and fastest elevator in the world to the 124-125th-floor deck of the building. You can enjoy the scenic views and the beautiful sunsets with one of the best skylines in the world.

Ideally, I would recommend to looking for a “fast track ticket” on Groupon’s website. You will avoid a major hassle of having to stand in a queue. And, if you’re lucky you might be able to find a ticket which includes, some free goodies and experiences, while you’re on the deck. However, if you do want to get the tickets on spot, you can just head over to the Dubai mall and get the tickets from the counter and enjoy the views.

More information here-

Dubai Fountains

Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountains

Next up is another sight to behold, known as the Dubai Fountains. The dancing fountains dance to the songs from various countries as the United Arab Emirates is one of the most forward and culturally diversified countries in the world. It is advisable to you cover this right after your visit from the Burj Khalifa as it’s right down the building. Preferably catch one of the evenings shows to experience one of its kind“dancing fountains”.

It is also safe to say that this place is one of my most favorite city spots to capture the true beauty of this city.

Oh! and also the shows are free to watch and open to the general public and tourists. Enjoy!

Miracle Gardens

Miracle Gardens, Dubai land, Dubai

Welcome to the largest projection of flowers in the world. Miracle Garden is a seasonal flower projection and hence is only open to the public and tourists in the winter time, aka, the beginning of  November to the end of March. If you genuinely enjoy the beauty of flowers and the scents that they carry, I would highly recommend visiting this place. Another tip, Miracle Garden is NOT situated in the heart of Dubai and hence, reaching there by  cab can be a little hefty on the pocket. So, all you need to do is hop onto a bus from the Mall of the Emirates metro station and voila. You can reach there for under AED 5 which would otherwise end up costing you at least AED 50  excluding the entry ticket. The butterfly garden is just around the corner from miracle garden, so while you’re in the area you might as well just explore that as well. It is home to one of the rarest butterflies in the world and is quite well maintained.

Be the butterfly that you need to be in the world and go explore this place as well.

Atlantis- the Palm Jumeirah

Okay, so everyone knows about this famous hotel which is situated at the extreme end of an extended man-made island in the shape of a palm leaf. Its beautiful and is a must visit. But, what if I told you that if you could experience one of the most beautiful skylines from the palm island? Surprised? Take note. All you need to do is go to the extreme end of the west crescent of the palm island. There is a boardwalk and you can experience the city lights like never before. One tip that I would like to offer you is that you need to visit the lost chambers aquarium. You can find cheaper tickets on Groupon.

Another tip, if you’re planning to stay at the Atlantis hotel, make sure to check with the hotel staff about the water park entry. It is free for hotel guests, including the aquarium.

Visit Hatta

Hatta Water Dam-Hajar Mountains, Hatta Oman,

If you’re planning to extend your trip and explore more around the city of Dubai in the country of United Arab Emirates, a highly recommended day trip would be to visit the Hatta Village,  specifically the Hatta water dam. It’s around an hour drive away from Dubai and is perfect for the weekend getaway. If you don’t want to rent a car and drive all the way, you may also find it easier to book a Hatta mountain safari and guaranteed you will have a thrilling experience of a lifetime. The best part about the safari is that the safari operator will pick you up from your hotel or a nearby pickup location. So, go right ahead and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Hajar mountains in the UAE. You can enjoy paddle boating and kayaking in the scenic Hajar mountains. Please make sure to carry a bottle of water while paddle boating. It tends to get quite hot while the sun is falling on your face.

Shoppers Paradise – Mall of the Emirates

The Dome, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

A lot of you would ask me why I don’t have Dubai Mall on the list? Because it’s just way to big for me to enjoy shopping. MOE on the hand is much smaller and comfortable to be in, than Dubai mall, especially on weekends. Try taking your car to the mall and you’re bound to get stuck for sure. Home to one of the best brands from across the world to one of the best cafes with exquisite gourmet menu’s, MOE has it all. You can shop to your heart’s content and never get tired of walking around the whole place. One of the best things about MOE is that is very well connected to all the tourist stops through its metro station as well as bus stop.

All you need to do is just hop on. If you have any queries regarding to what other places you can or should visit in the UAE, please feel free to write to me at [email protected] and I shall try my best to answer all of your queries as soon as I can.

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Arshiya Dogra

By Arshiya Dogra

I am travel, art and photography enthusiast.


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