Best places to go walking (actively) around Warsaw

February 7, 2019

by Mexico Warsaw

When in Poland, make sure you use the walking possibilities not only out of the capital city in the mountains or on the coastline. Also Warsaw offers irresistible walking places with lots of wild nature and differenciated scenery. Check out these suggestions to suit every walking taste.

North of Warsaw

Kampinos National Park

Located in the North of Warsaw, Kampinoski Park Narodowy, shorter: Kampinos, is the largest green area in and around Warsaw. It is about 50 km long from the East to the West (although its shape is more kidney-like than straight) and around 10 km from the North to the South. The winter is white and quiet here, the summer – buzzing with insects and lively. The spring smells of trees and the autumn makes the forest glow with all possible colours. Most of your walks will be accompanied by animals – deer and boar, this year I also managed to spot a boar here.

On most seasons you will be able to go walking here, you will find people riding bikes and, sometimes, horses, dog walkers and cross-country skiers. If you are looking for an active holiday, you may rent out skis in one of the companies, for example Biegówki w Kampinosie, for as little as 25 PLN (about 6 €) for 2 hours or a bike in some of the points on the outskirts of the forest. When going for a walk, remember to take some navigation device with you. The paths are rarely straight, the forest is thick and, especially during the winter time, it’s easy to lose your way even if you are an experienced walker.

If you are a history fan, check out the museum of Palmiry, a branch of Museum of Warsaw, commemorating mass executions during II World War.

Around Zalew Zegrzyński

If you are an active traveller or a sport fan, if you go fishing from time to time, you simply must try out the surroundings of Zalew Zegrzyński. Where the rivers Bug and Narew come together, the reservoir of Zegrze offers many possibilities. You can rent a boat here, a yacht, you can go windsurfing and wakeboarding as well as kitesurfing. If you are looking for a bit quieter place, check the Western part of Narew where you can still find empty beaches and places to go fishing or swimming. If on a microadventure, you might put up a tent here. Careful, sometimes cows can be seen on meadows nearby the river.

Zalew Zegrzyński

Pedalos near Zalew Zegrzyński

When you are walking around, go towards the West to the hydroelectric power station in Dębe. It is a great place to see the water levels on Zalew as well as river Narew. You will also spot the movement and business in Zalew and peaceful water in the river.

South of Warsaw


The huge areal closed by ul. Czecha and ul. Wesoła in the South-Eastern part of Warsaw can be walked easily with friends or a family. Many times you will see here wild animals (deer, boar, birds). The air is crystal-clean, enabling you to breathe deeply, and the forest offers many various paths – from mossy conifer to thick mixed forest. In here you will find also the area of strict protection where you mustn’t leave the path and dogs can only walk on leash. This part of the forest is left without human interference (meaning no ill trees are cut and transported away) and can be enjoyed naturally. The interesting part of this adventure is that, when you take this trip from different locations (ul. Czecha or ul. Korkowa or ul. Jagiellońska), you will see very different things.

Wesoła is also a great place to go sledging, ski-running and play hide and seek. It’s also not very far from the city centre and you might get here simply by bus.


A bit further to the North from Wesoła you will find forests of Sulejówek. These are especially full of delicious Polish mushroom as well as berries. Often they are full of quads – maybe because they are not easily controllable due to huge areas of land – and therefore a bit noisy. If you like uncomplicated paths, unlike in Kampinos, and sandy dunes, this might be a place to visit.

When visiting Sulejówek you should definitely make a short stop in Piłsudski’s villa. Being guided by members of his family, you will immerse in Polish history of the 20th Century. Also take some time to enjoy the surroundings of the villa – the hilly terrain, lots of old pine trees.


Zagórze is a very safe forest to go walking in as the way to the start may lead a couple of kilometres from the road to Warsaw. I highly recommend you to park the car next to the Zagórze Sanatorium or take a bus 722 or 730 to get here. From this place you will take any of the paths towards beautiful swamps, hills and coppices to feel like in the “Alice in Wonderland”. On your way you will also see hilarious empty houses, you will hear the dogs bark and rarely will you find other travellers. This is a great place to be alone – and to keep your thoughts to yourself. Be careful as the Sanatorium in the end of the world will give you a feeling of being abandoned in the forest.

Along the Vistula

One of the cutest Warsaw spots to walk and maybe have a stop or a picnic is Ciszyca and its surrounding villages of Zawady. Basically you will be walking through a reserve area and you will be able to see pheasant taking to flight or other animals. You may stop at one of the most beautiful beaches next to Warsaw. Be careful, as dunes might be moving, the beach is not here during all seasons and might disappear mostly in wet autumns and springs.

Ciszyca is a great place to enjoy with kids – you might want to build sandcastles here and on most occasions, when there is some old river bed to be seen, you might even wade in water. Also, when walking towards the South, a great natural adventure awaits you. You will see many animals and formations of land you want to show your kid live. Also for dog walkers this area offers many splendid possibilities.

Ciszyca Beach next to Warsaw

Ciszyca Beach

Other walking possibilities:

  • Kabacki Forest in Kabaty, the furthest district in the South
  • Chojnowski Park Krajobrazowy in the very South of Warsaw, near Wilanów
  • Masovia Landscape Park next to Otwock
  • Bolimów Landscape Park next to Żyrardów
Mexico Warsaw

By Mexico Warsaw

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