Best Places to Eat in Lviv, Ukraine

January 1, 1970

by Yuliia Poskrobok

Even if you are not a gastronomic tourist, you need something to eat whenever you visit another city. The choice of a place to eat is as much exciting and important as other aspects of a trip. Here is a list of the best places to eat in Lviv, Ukraine.

Coffee Shops

If you are fond of coffee and sweets, Lviv is a perfect place for you. The city is famous for its delicious coffee and a great variety of sweets and candies.

Coffee Mine

You can buy here books, coffee, coffee makers, and different souvenirs. Besides, you can find out how the coffee is mined. Of course, this is a restaurant’s joke but you have a great opportunity to wear a helmet and observe a dark mine. You can listen to the live music in the evenings.



Where: Rynok square, 10.
A cup of coffee’s price: less than US $2

The coffee shop “On the bamboo”

Besides ordinary tables inside, you can sit “on the bamboo” outside – on a low and wide window sill. If you get cold, you can ask for pillows and blankets. Here you will be offered 22 types of coffee drinks with various cooking methods.


Where: Rynok square, 29
A cup of coffee’s price: about US $1,5

Art-cafe “Apartment 35”

If you are a fan of jazz music, this café is a perfect place for you. Jazz concerts and jam sessions are held every Thursday. People can gather and discuss jazz music with each other or listen to rare books every Sunday.

Where: Armenian street, 35
A cup of coffee’s price: about US $1


Pubs are not places that all people want to visit but visiting Lviv pubs should be in your “must do” list. They are unique and unforgettable. Besides, you can meet there a lot of other tourists.

Iron Helmet (der Stahlhelm)

If you value unique interior and atmosphere, just visit Iron Helmet. You can sit outside, inside or even in the basement, which I recommend you the most. Menus are available in Ukrainian, Polish, and English. Great bands perform the best rock songs on Friday and Saturday evenings. You can also take an interesting photo in the role of accused one as I have.

Where: Teatralnaya street, 23
A glass of beer’s price: US $1,5-2

Gas Lamp

There are a lot of kerosene lamps (200 units to be exact) that decorate the café that is impossible to leave out attention. Lviv is the city where the kerosene and the kerosene lamp were invented in the first place. Moreover, the first kerosene appeared in the house where the museum-restaurant is now located. I recommend you to taste delicious tinctures with lemon, orange, grape or other fruits. If you are a fan of rock music, this is an additional reason to visit the restaurant.


Where: Armenian street, 20
A glass of beer’s price: US $1,5-2

“Pravda” (The Truth)

The Pravda Beer Theatre in Lviv combines a brewery, a beer museum, and a restaurant. The peculiarity of the Lviv Pravda Beer Theatre is that here you can not only enjoy delicious beer and dishes but also listen to it. An orchestra performs there every evening. By the way, you can also buy some bottles of beer and different souvenirs here.

Where: Rynok square, 32
A glass of beer’s price: US $2

Ukrainian cuisine

Many travelers visiting others countries want to taste national cuisine. If you are not an exception, you should visit one of those places.

Puzata Hata

Borsch, Vareniki, Salo… Have you heard of those things? No? Then do not waste your time and try it as soon as possible in Puzata Hata – a place where you can find the great variety of dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Here you can also meet many Ukrainian students who like spending their time in that restaurant. Puzata Hata offers over 300 dishes that reflect all aspects of Ukrainian cuisine. The concept of the restaurant is self-service.

Where: Sichovyh Striltsev street, 12 / Shevchenko prospect, 10
The average price of an order: US $1,5

Galician restaurant “Saddle”

Ukrainian traditional cuisine has always been famous for its original, delicious and unusual recipes for dishes. Did you taste the porridge baked with buckwheat or flasks with a bark? Is it possible that you tasted a bowl of liugin? Not even heard about this? Then you should definitely try because these are delicious authentic Hutsul cuisine prepared for you in the Galician restaurant “Saddle”.


Where: Rynok square, 17
The average price of an order: US $2-3

Cafe “Home restaurant”

If you want to taste Ukrainian food but are too tired to go to a restaurant, café “Home restaurant” is a perfect choice for you. You can order anything you want at any time, even at night. The delivery costs US $2.

Where: Shevchenko prospect, 11
The average price of an order: US $3

Unusual Lviv restaurants

When you are abroad, you definitely want to taste something new and visit some unusual places. Here are top 2 unusual places to visit in Lviv, Ukraine.


Although there are no signs for this restaurant, you will find a popular place with a mile-long queue waiting to enter it. Get ready to say “Glory to Ukraine” (Slava Ukraine), “To the Heroes of Glory!” (Heroyam slava) at the entrance. It is a secret password. You will be offered a free 100 g of a drink that contains alcohol. Ladies, do not be afraid, it is not very strong. All dishes are served in steel bowls. The exit from “Krivyka” is a separate story. You get into the museum and you can observe the real machine gun on the roof. In addition, you take some interesting photos like I did.


Where: Rynok square, 14

The most expensive restaurant in Galicia “Masons”

This is the most expensive restaurant in Ukraine if you are not aware of a special discount that reduces your dinner’s price by 90%. You need to have a card “Lokal” that can be easily received in many Lviv restaurants. Nevertheless, there is another option. If you are a tourist and do not speak Ukrainian, you may learn some Ukrainian song and get a discount.
There are no signs of the restaurant. Knocking at the door, you come across Mr. Peter, dressed in a homemade dressing gown, who explains that “This is not a restaurant!” And it’s true, you get into an ordinary cluttered apartment with worn out rugs. But if you come a little further, a picture will completely change. You will observe half-darkness, illuminated by the flickering of candles, gilded frames, secret Masonic signs, triangles with an all-seeing eye, images of great Masons…and of course, a bar counter and tables.


Where: Rynok square, 14

Lviv is not only about fascinating restaurants. If you visit Lviv, you will observe great architecture, you will get acquainted with Ukrainian culture, you will visit different festivals that are held in Lviv almost every week, and you will face a lot of other interesting things. Lviv is open to the world – Lviv is open to you!

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