Best Places near Kasol You Must Explore

Do you still remember those landscape drawings that you used to make when you were little? Curvaceous snow clad mountains, a flowing river, the sun shining and the trees all around? Visit Kasol in India and you will witness your art turning into reality, with the perfect blooming colors! The picturesque villages in Kullu, stretched along river Parvati have seen the sudden surge of backpackers and explorers looking for a relaxing getaway in North India in the past five years. If you are a planning a trip to the Parvati Valley, you must have already included Kasol in your list. Isn’t it? Though Kasol is a year-round destination, it is the most preferred destination during the summer months of May and June. But if you are willing to stay away from all the chaos and just settle in tranquillity and peace, then you must explore the places near Kasol.
  • Distance from Delhi to Kasol: 517 Km
  • Airport near Kasol: Bhuntar, 31 Km away from Kasol
Here is the list of places that you must visit in Kullu:

Tosh: The Last Hippie Village in Parvati Valley

When you feel like escaping to the mountains and find some peace amidst breath-taking views and pleasant weather, Himachal Pradesh has a lot to offer and serves as a perfect getaway. Tosh is a quaint village situated at a height of 7874 feet above sea level (2400m) and is one of the best places near Kasol.

How to reach Tosh-valley of nirvana:

Take a bus from New Delhi to Manikaran which leaves at 16:55 PM and reaches Manikaran around 8 in the morning. To book HIMGAURAV – Click here. From Manikaran take a local bus to Barshaini and from there you can trek all the way to Tosh, which is around 4 km. You can take a taxi or choose to trek. It’s an easy walk and it will be all worth it! The picturesque beauty of the mountains will make you stop and glare at every step. Wet your visual senses in the bubbles of pristine nature as you take on the Tosh valley trek, a trail that will take you across the periphery of the mighty Himalayas. Tosh takes you away from your mundane life and makes you witness the true beauty of a village. You will get to see the cannabis plantations, lush of green trees and snow-capped mountains.
  • Distance from Delhi: 537 km.
  • Distance from Kasol: 22 km

Places to Stay in Tosh:

There are some amazing places in Tosh that will add flavors to your trip! Café Pinki Didi (Café 360°- the last resort) is one of my favorite, Pink Floyd Café, Shiva Mountain, Jackie Place, Hotel Blue Diamond, Ashwin’s, Olive Garden, Mountain Goat Café are some other cool options to stay. From here you can head to a small trek to Kutla, where you’ll witness a few waterfalls on the way that will take your breath away. All you will want to do is stop and glare!

The Last Cafe: Pinki Didi Cafe, Tosh

If you love to unwind in the lap of nature, then this is the place for you! Tosh is widely known as the marijuana hub of North India which makes it a highly preferred destination for city stoners. Yes, here you get one of the best marijuana in the world. Spend a lazy evening gazing at the majestic Himalayas and yes, do not miss the stunning sunset and sunrise! You will love it! On your way to Tosh (if you choose to trek), keep your camera handy because you will find a myriad of places where you would want to stop and capture the picturesque beauty of nature. Every place seems to be brimming with perfection. And, if you have an interest in photography, this place is a blessing to you!

Chalal: An Enchanting Village

Chalal is a small village that has a lot to offer! If you’re a nature seeker, you must explore the inordinate beauty of this classic village.  Located at an altitude of around 5366 feet above sea-level, this tiny village Chalal is known for its awe-inspiring scenic beauty and for trance and psychedelic parties. Be ready to lose the ties with the mundane world and connect with natural beauty.

How to Reach Chalal:

After reaching Kasol, you can rest a little and take this 30minutes walk to this quaint village. You won’t regret, trust me! You can only reach Chalal by foot after crossing the suspended bridge over the free-flowing Parvati River. It’s a heaven for nature photographers! On your way to Chalal, you will find some amazing places where you would want to sit and ponder over the pretty landscapes. Regain your senses while losing the contact with chaos!
  • Distance from Delhi: 537 km.
  • Distance from Kasol: 1.5 km

Places to Stay in Chalal:

Being a highly preferred backpacker destination, you will find many hotels, resorts, homestays and camps around Chalal. Antarbhava, Maya Cafe Guest House, the Moksha hotel, and Freedom Cafe are some decent places to stay. If you are willing to stay in camps then, Jimmy Himalayan Camps can be a go-to option. The prices vary between INR 400 to INR 1000, depending on the place and the time of the visit. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals and indulge yourself in their culture to know more and learn more!

Best time to visit:

April to mid-June and from September to November

Pulga: Brimming with Ethereal Viewpoints

Designed with utmost perfection, the ethereal beauty of this small green village will make you want to stay there forever! Surrounded by apple orchards and old pine trees, you will feel all safe in the lap of nature. The village is blessed with immense greenery and astounding natural beauty. With the welcoming locals, you can have interesting conversations and know more about their culture and ethics. Don’t forget to visit the “Fairy Forest: an abode of peace and greenery”. This place is not to miss for a backpacker who is in search of some peace and tranquility.

How to Reach Pulga:

Take a local bus from Kasol to Barshaini, the last point where the buses stop. This easy trek takes you amidst pine trees and snow-capped mountains. When you start your hike to Pulga, you will have to cross to two foot over bridges. It’s an hour trek from Barshaini to Pulga.
  • Distance from Kasol to Barshaini: 16Km
  • Distance from Barshaini to Pulga: 3Km

Places to Stay in Pulga:

I suggest you stay with the locals, have some long conversations over a cup of chai. You will love it! Indulge in their culture and live like a local. If you’re willing to stay in a guesthouse then there are various options for that too. Peace resort is one the most famous place to stay in Pulga which is surrounded by lush green trees and exquisite White mountains. All these quaint little villages will make you lose contact with drudgery and will allow you to settle the prolonging chaos that you have been trying to escape from and spend some time in the lap of nature, make every moment count while stepping into the ethereal beauty of nature. Escape, Travel and Learn!

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