Best Places for Pet-lovers to Chill in Davao City

February 3, 2019

by Maita Rue

Here are the best places to have fun in the sun for Pet-lovers on the sunny side of Davao City. The writer’s hometown is not a spot known for pet-lovers but there are places and activities in the south of the Philippines to chill and have a worry-free vacation.


The Big House, A Heritage Home

When you arrive in Davao City, hotels are the first things you consider. With the influx of tourists, you’ll need to book ahead of time. The Big House is an ancestral home turned into a boutique bed and breakfast. After booking your chosen room, make sure to inform the hotel that you will be bringing a little friend with you. Pet-lovers who bring their pets are asked to sign a Pet Agreement and there may be a minimal pet deposit. Take care of your pet and make sure they don’t ruin the antiques. The antique furniture collection in the sixty-plus-year-old home is one of its crowning features. Best to bring a kennel. If your pet dog or cat are trained, they can stay in the bed with you. Early morning walks? There is a garden they can roam around in.

If you are staying in a home or another hotel, not to worry. The Big House is open to dining customers from seven in the morning up to nine in the evening. There are three dining areas to choose from: the garden with it’s arching floras, the tented patio, and the air-conditioned lanai. All three dining areas allow pets. Please bring your own pet bowls. Request the staff to give Spot water or a portion of your food. Occasionally, there are pet-centered events in the garden and patio. You can look in their social media channels to see the event schedules.

Talicud: Linden Beach Resort and Dadatan Getaway

Island getaway? The Philippines is an archipelago and one island welcomes dogs more than most. Off the coast of Davao City is the little-known island of Talicud. It is named so because it means “at the back.” This little island is experiencing a wave of new developments. Two budget-friendly resorts allow you to bring your furry companions with you.

The Linden Beach Resort faces Samal Island. You can take the public boat which leaves from Santa Ana Pier and asks them to drop you in the Linden Beach’s private docs. This beach resort was once an artist’s home. It is up for rent per room or the entire place for functions. Food and drinks are included in their package. Make sure to bring your own dog food for there isn’t a pet store on the island that carries food for dogs and cats. Your dogs will gain many new friends for many of the island’s stray dogs come over to see if the kitchen has leftovers. Cats may be confined within the rooms if they are not up to socializing. However, you can wave over fishermen early in the morning to bring you a fresh catch. Your kitty will surely enjoy the fresh fish.

Thinking of swimming or go off on an adventure? Dadatan Getaway is a more rustic tune than Linden. Dadatan faces Davao Gulf. It is closer to Davao. However, the public boat will only bring you to the market or public docs. You’ll have to take a motorbike for hire to reach Dadatan Getaway. When you reach the little hideaway, you get a sprawling land with huts. If you are up to it, you can request for a tent and camp out looking at the stars. Your pooches will certainly love to explore the area. They can even snorkel with you for in front of this beachfront is the famed Coral Gardens. You may ask to borrow the caretaker’s boat or hire a small lancha to reach the underwater sights. Be warned of the strong currents. Even if your pooches are wearing floaters, it is best to have them on a secured leash. Watch out for sea urchins and nosy fishes.


Purr Box Café Supplies and Accessories

Bringing your cats with you? Purr Box has its own cats and might not let you bring your own cats up to their cattery, however, you can stay downstairs in their café area and chill. There are also cat supplies you can purchase like food, litter, and accessories. Once you can extricate yourself from your pet, head upstairs to their cattery and meet seventeen lovely kitties who will greet and play with you. The clowder of cats includes breeds ranging from Maine Coon, Munchkins, Persians, Sphinx, Puspin (Philippine Cat) and more.

If you are a dog lover, not to worry. These cats will convert you. They will steal your heart by just being themselves. These cats vie for attention but don’t feed them. There is a strict schedule for feeding time. Come around dinner to see it. They are well-kept and very clean. Be gentle with them and don’t forget to tip the staff.

SM Ecoland and Lanang

All SM malls have a pet policy. Bringing pets are allowed as long as they have leash and bag or stroller. Strong along one of their two malls. Make sure to practice Petiquette and clean up after your dog or cat. Be warned, some restaurants and stores might not allow your pets to come inside their establishments. Stick to the common area and dine in the outside area or in the food court. Don’t forget your doggy bowls. Each SM mall organizes pet events once a year. Just search their Facebook page for the schedule.


Philippine Eagle Foundation

The Philippine Eagle Foundation is a place to learn the importance of a healthy ecology. If one loves all forms of life, this is the place to go. See the eagles who are recovering from human harm or those eagles breeding to recoup the population. Eagles are apex predators and an indication of a healthy forest. There are also other animals. Birds of prey dominate the grounds and some of the eagles and hawks are loose in the grounds. There are also some deer, pigs, monkeys, snakes, and crocodiles.

It’s not someplace you can really take your pets to but you can bring them to the large picnic area that surrounds the grounds. The extensive park is ideal for Pet-lovers and their pooches to run around and have a leisurely picnic. There are also many souvenir shops around.

If you are searching for more places to bring your pets, it is always best to ask the establishments. The people of Davao are very friendly and they are understanding especially towards service animals. Contact them ahead of time via phone and/or their social media channels first. Lastly, have fun with your pets. Davao City is always on the side of sunny and rarely gets typhoons so your vacations have more sun than the northern side of the Philippines.


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