Best parks and rooftops in Madrid

December 28, 2018

by Milagros Sullcahuaman

If you are a person who loves summer you might think Barcelona is the best option in Spain but Madrid has also amazing activities to do and the best part at all is that many of them are for free. As a person who has lived in Madrid for 1 year, I can summarize my experience as wonderful and irreplaceable.

So maybe you already visited places as Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol or you are a bit tired of shopping around Fuancarral street but here you have some activities that you can enjoy during your stay in Madrid because those long days are always memorable as long as you find how to enjoy them.


Retiro Park

I can say is the most famous and loved one in Madrid, concurred by Spanish people and foreigners, there is always an excuse to go there.
It is so big that even though on weekends when everyone is there, you will always find a quiet place where to read a book, or do picnic but maybe you prefer eating a nice ice cream and walk around enjoying street performances in the park and walking through “El Palacio de Cristal” (the crystal palace). Also, a nice activity is rowing boats on the lake which price is affordable or riding bikes which can be rented in the park but cheaper are the apps such as Mobike.

Madrid Rio

A large park where most people go there for riding bikes, skating or running because there is a long straight road that is about 7 kilometers.
But not just for those activities, you can just enjoy it as any other park, it has a beautiful futurism style bridge called “Puente de Arganzuela”.

Oeste Park

Located next to the neighborhood “Ciudad Universitaria”
This is my favorite park because it never gets too crowded, feels like a forest inside the city, the small river inside the park makes it unique and perfect for Sunday morning running but there is a cable car that goes above the park until “Casa de Campo” (this activity is also really cheap).

Templo de Debob

It is a Must if you stay in Madrid just for few days, you just can´t avoid falling in love with the scenery from this place and even better if you enjoy the view of the sunset through this ancient Egyptian temple. what I like about this place is there are always people playing nice music around so it is perfect for a picnic with friends to see the sunset.

If you will stay a long time and you love nature as much as I do you should visit those parks, where I recommend activities for each one, for example:
Picnic with friends at Retiro park or Templo de Debob
See the sunset at Templo de Debob or “Las Siete tetas”
Riding bikes at Retiro park, Madrid Rio, Parque Juan Carlos I
Running at Retiro park or Parque del Oeste, Parque Juan Carlos I


It is amazing spending time with friends in the afternoon at the top of a building where you can have the view of the beautiful Madrid but we have to bear in mind that it is not cheap at all and sometimes a bit expensive, it depends on the location

You can not leave Madrid if you haven’t been to “Circulo de las bellas artes”, this place is top! just look it up and you will find out why
It has an entrance ticket price around 6 euros, is located near “Banco de España” Station

Cibeles Rooftop

You pay a ticket at the entrance but then the quantity you already paid can be used as payment for drinks!
High prices but an amazing view! it worth it


Near to Tribunal Station, auto service for food and drinks, what is special of this place is how beautiful it is the decoration, but the view cannot be compared with the first ones.

Santa Ana Rooftop

I haven’t been to, but I will visit it as soon as I come back, for now, I recommend what I heard for many people enjoyed this place.
Also, Moncloa Terraza Sky was on my list of places left to visit even though it was not as famous.

Swimming pool

There is a well known one next to Lagos station which is really close by metro.

As far as I know, there were more than 2 pools divided by sizes, anyway many people go there to spend hours sunbathing and is often seen women in topless so feel free to enjoy the sun as much as you want.


This is out of Madrid but Toledo is a Medieval city just 1 hour far from Madrid by bus. You should arrive in the morning in order to walk around the city.

How much does the bus cost?
If you have the metro card the bus is free otherwise you need to pay around 7 euros per person (which still being cheap)
What can I do there?
Enjoy the gastronomy!  Mazapan that are delicious but also a fun and nice attraction is the Adventure sports as  Ziplining which price is around 20 euros, and you also get your digital pictures.

So if you are in Madrid and you have an extra day you must visit Toledo during the summer


For me Madrid is a safe city, I mean I  walked alone back home at the middle of the night after parties many times without any problems on my way, but also I heard from some other people that they got stolen (not in an aggressive way) while they were in crowded places such as Callao, Sol or inside the metro or station, situation where they didn’t find their phone or wallet inside their bag or pockets.
Maybe because I am too careful with my belongings I didn´t have this problem in Europe at all but we all must be aware that pickpockets are everywhere so in order to make a trip as nice as possible I recommend you hide those things where they can not be seen or taken easily.

Milagros Sullcahuaman

By Milagros Sullcahuaman

Hey! I am a Peruvian fashion designer who is crazy in love with life, and I found out traveling is the best way to enjoy it


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