Best beaches around Perth

Let's go to the beach ! Ok… But where ?

Perth is a beautiful city in Western Australia, with many tourist places, parks but also beaches if you don't mind to take the train or the bus. I'm a really beach addict and for that, I spent most of my spare time discovering beaches around Perth. Here are my favorite ones.

Scarborough Beach :

IMG_1876 Scarborough beach is one of the most popular beach in Perth Northern West suburb. It's a nice place with heaps of cafes bars and restaurants. You can easily grab a take away and go down the beach to relax. There's also a Coles and some surf shops like Rip Curl if you want to do some shopping! Another good point for this beach, if you're surfer or body border, the regular swell offer you some fun (yeah!) Go and book a lesson with the lovely staff of Scarborough Beach Surf School. Also good for wind-surfers and kite-surfers, the wind is often coming by afternoon time. There're plenty of accommodation if you want to stay for a night. How to get there : catch the bus 990 at Roe St Bus Station and stop at the end (Scarborough Beach). The fare is approximatively 40min

Trigg Beach : 

Capture d’écran 2016-11-17 à 20.02.14 Definitely my favourite one. Unknown, far from the noise and really beautiful. This peaceful place is located at the west of Perth. It's hard to get there because there is no bus or train station very close, but there's is a car park if you get a car or you can walk from the closest bus stop or from Scarborough if you like walking. There's only a park, Clarko Reserve, with BBQ's (of course) where you can chill under a tree if it's too hot down the beach. The water is really crystal clear and you can swim between some rocks when the ocean is calm. It's a really good place for snorkeling and definitely for enjoying a sunset (with a glass of wine). Just beware, there is nothing around so take the food and drinks you'll need to stay a whole day. Just the Kaillis Trigg Beach Restaurant if you want a fancy seafood meal. As Trigg Beach is just up north from Scarborough, there's a surf school where you can learn how to surf all the year. How to get there : at Perth train station, catch Train Joondalup Line, Perth Underground Station Platform 1 and stop at Stirling Station Platform 2. Then catch the bus 423 at Stirling Station. Stop at Arnott St After Karrinyup Rd. Then walk on Karrinyup Rd until the end of the road. The fare is approximatively 45min (yes if you want to discover this beach, you have to really want it!) You can also take the bus 990 from Roe St Station, stop at Scarborough and walk up north until you find the paradise!

City Beach :

IMG_1686 City Beach is a Perth Western suburb. Not my favorite beach but still a beautiful one. City Beach is far from everything like Trigg Beach. There's only one (but nice!) place where you can eat and drink in a colorful open-air cafe. the Kiosk Floreat Beach. Good atmosphere and good food and good people, this cafe is the good point of City Beach. Note that you can watch heaps of wonderful birds chilling on trees around the kiosk. The beach is popular at summer time with lots of backpackers and families. Please note that there isn't accommodation atCity Beach and you may have to go around Scarborough Beach. How to get there : catch the bus 81 or 82 at Roe St Bus Station and stop at the end (City Beach). It's around 35min fare.

Cottesloe Beach : 

IMG_1613 Cottesloe Beach is a beautiful beach in Perth Western suburb, with few bars and restaurants up the road. A park goes along the beach which is quiet nice when it's too windy on the beach. The water is crystal clear and you can sometimes have fun with your body board in the beach break. If you want to stay longer than a day, you can sleep at the Ocean Beach Backpacker. Cottesloe Beach is really popular for its relaxed lifestyle, and by summer time, it gets that busy it's even hard to find a place to put your towel. Come early though! How to get there : at Perth train station catch Train Fremantle Line, Perth Station Platform 7 and stop at Cottesloe Station Platform 2. Then walk 10min in Forrest St until the beach. The fare is approximatively 40min.

South Beach Fremantle :

IMG_1875 Fremantle is an hippie town full of cafes and bars, in South West Perth area. There're five beaches around Fremantle but all too close to the Harbour to be a good one for me. I introduce you South Beach Fremantle though. Clear and turquoise water, white sand and often good music from Wilson park just behind. The beach is separated in two sections. The northern part of the beach is a Doggy Beach. If you prefer being without dogs, you can choose the Southern part. This section is the perfect place to have a BBQ in the park before a swim or paddle session. By summer time, you can stay longer and enjoy a beach party or a concert in a bar. The only disappointing thing (I reckon) is all those ships crossing the ocean to head to Fremantle Harbour. How to get there : at Perth Train Station catch Train Fremantle Line, Perth Station Platform 7 and stop at the end (Fremantle). Walk through the town on Marine Terrace and at the park, the beach will be on your right. It takes approximatively 50min.   This selection is obviously not complete (it would be too long to describe all them) but at least you have an idea about what you can find around Perth and what you're looking for. Note that you can (no, you definitely have to!) watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean from all of those beaches. You can now explore those beaches and tell me what's your favorite one! Claire

Claire Bibab

Hi guys ! I’m Claire, 25 yo, French, and currently in New Zealand with a working holiday visa! I have a Master’s Degree in Communications and worked for 2 years in Paris as a Communication and Event Assistant Manager. I really enjoyed my student life in Paris but one thing was missing… English! Indeed, after my studies, I travelled to Australia with an amazing guy named Arthur and started our new life! We’ve been travelling a whole year around this beautiful country, starting in Perth, heading to Darwin in a 4WD and finishing with a road trip along the east coast. Back in France, something else was missing… travelling! That’s the most wonderful thing people can do. Discovering different cultures, different ways of life… that’s how your learn about life. I’m now working in a Cafe close to Auckland and plan to travel around NZ during my days off and after the summer season. I’d be really keen to write some words about my travelling life for you guys. Thanks for the opportunity ! Claire