Best Activities for Adventurous Digital Nomads in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the top places to go to in Europe. It offers the best adventures, wanders, some of the coolest sport events and it has all that digital nomads dream of. Forget Berlin or Barcelona, if you are an adventurous wanderer or a digital nomad, sLOVEnia should be on top of your list.

Why Visit Slovenia?

Top reasons why you should not just pass this country by are its wonderful and picturesque nature, cheaper prices, accessible hotels, apartments and camps with great facilities and wifi, beautiful Alpine peaks, multiple centres of outdoor adventures and last but not least it is less touristy than many of its competitors like Austria, France or Switzerland. Slovenia is simply the country that offers all of it without compromises.

Almost every city in Slovenia is a digital nomad’s paradise as it offers great accommodation for reasonable prices, especially if you plan to stay longer. Having a wifi goes without saying. The country is always vibrant with tons of adventures, events, extreme sports and activities both in summer and in winter, which will not drain your pockets unlike Austria, France or Switzerland nor repell you with the crowds or tourists.

Top Activities and Musts in Bled

City of Bled

The city of Bled is an absolute must if you are in Slovenia. The city itself lies by a big lake and is surrounded by the Alpine peaks.

Apart from wandering around the town itself which has beautiful architecture, you should also visit the Bled Castle, which is just a few minutes walk from the lake. The water in the lake is very clean and see through. The local club is home to one of the world’s best rowing teams, so it is very recommendable that you should dive in for a swim, try some rowing yourself or lend a paddleboat and check out the little island in the middle of the lake. If you have more time to spare check out the Iglica Falls or the nearby Vintgar Gorge, both easily accessible from the town.

Bled offers many possibilities for accommodation, countless hotels and small family places but also a very nice camp situated right by the lake with its own beach on the opposite site of the city. The facilities are usually on a very good level, you can find wifi everywhere. The camp has prices around 20 EUR per night, reflecting its 5 stars rating.

Note that in the peak season throughout June to August it may be a bit more crowded.

Planica Ski Jump Offers Events for Skiers, Runners and Bikers

Valley of 7 Lakes

If you are among the freaks and lovers of sports, skiing, biking and running you should also visit the Planica Ski Jump which is located close to the borders with Italy and Austria, North West of the country near the towns Rate?e and Kranjska Gora.

If you are in Slovenia in winter, you can check out some dates for competitions and watch the show. In summer, Red Bull often organises here one of the races of its extreme series which consists of running up some of the steepest ski jumps, Red Bull 400 Planica. It goes without saying that participating in such a race is an experience that goes beyond an ordinary race, but even mere watching of the event is a great spectacle.

For the more hippie and fun oriented digital nomads, have a look at Red Bull Goni Pony which takes place in May in Kransjka Gora. The event itself consists of a bunch of people dressed in their most hippie like clothes and riding the oldest and most vintage bicycles they could find trying to cycle up to Vrši? Pass, the holy grail of Slovenian bikers.

Both Rate?e and Kranjska Gora offer several options for accommodations, most of the places will offer wifi.


Take a Dip in Bohinj and Climb Triglav

Lake Bohinj

Bohinj lake and its surroundings are one of my favourite places in Slovenia. The lake is smaller and colder than the one in Bled although it is only about 30 km away from it. The lake is surrounded by mountains and feels like a big bowl with only a few small villages around.

Bohinj is also one of the popular starting points for a hike to the highest mountain of Slovenia, Triglav. Most mountain guides will recommend you a two day trip o from Bohinj with booking in advance a night in one of the mountain chalets near Triglav. From my personal experience, it is possible to do it in one day, but only if you are very fit. It took me about 14-15 hours of combined fast hiking and running down. If you are really adventurous you can also start early in the morning or do some parts at night, but I would recommend that only if you have prior experience with hiking and mountaineering.

The Route to Triglav

There are two main routes from Bohinj, the more beautiful and popular one goes through the valley of 7 Triglav Lakes and starts in Ukanc. The shorter one starts at the other side of the lake in Stara Fužina and goes through a very beautiful valley called Mostnica Korita. You will meet hardly any people in the valley and it offers some very beautiful and interesting naturally shaped rocks from the water, a very famous one is for example the Elephant. You can of course also combine the two routes and choose one of them for the route up and the second for the route down, the total distance depending on your detours and routes will be about 40 – 50 km!

Make sure you don’t miss the biggest waterfall in Slovenia which is just about 2 km walk from the lake, the Savica Waterfall.

On top of Triglav

The lake itself offers amazing cooling down after a tiring adventure. As in Bled, you can rent here a paddleboat, a canoe or go on a boat trip. The lake itself is about 5 km long, so you can easily paddle around the whole lake if you have a whole day.

Aside from many local “pension” and smaller hotels or apartments, there is also a camp just by the beach in Ukanc called Zlatorog. The rates are around 15 EUR per night and you will find wifi and electricity and a small bar there.

If you plan a more day hike in the mountains, book the chalet in advance, the prices are usually around 20-40 EUR per night. Wildcamping is forbidden and fined!


Center of Adventures, Bovec

Kayaking on So?a

Bovec is a small town in the Triglav National Park which can easily be labelled as the center of adventure and extreme sports of all kinds. If you love all kinds of Alpine sports, Bovec is an ideal place for you to spend several months as a digital nomad and never get bored. Even with all it has to offer it still remains affordable for most digital nomads.

The town is very popular namely for rafting, canoeing or kayaking tours on the wild river So?a. For less danger and more fun you can also try canyoning which is basically a lot of sliding and playing in the nearby canyons. There are tons of agencies in the town so choose carefully, they differ in how professional their staff and equipment are, in prices and in which groups they take on – from the beginners to the very experienced ones. It is worthwhile to take your time and visit more of them before you decide. The trip itself is usually around 4-5 hours on the river, if you take a course for beginners it can take more.

Prices vary and can typically be between 30-50 EUR.

Most of those agencies will also offer you to rent a mountain bike and try some of the mountain bike single trails which are ideal both for beginners and for experienced riders. For some more extreme fun you can also take a paragliding course which is very popular in Slovenia.

In winter the town is a lively center of winter sports both for traditional skiers and for free riders and fans of ski touring.


Jitka Richterova

A hyperactive enthusiast and formerly overambitious student who found solice in solo travelling, vegetarianism and mountain sports of all kinds. Currently finishing a degree in masters of Applied Economics in the fairytaly center of Alps, Innsbruck and working as an editor for a running magazine