Batong Malunhaw Beach Alegria Cebu: The GREEN Rock Of the South

January 1, 1970

by Kirstine



Amidst the vastness of the City of Cebu lies a small town known as the town of Cheers. The place where I grew up and fabricated my dreams. And I’m proud to be a local of the said place. A town named Alegria.  Alegria is a 4th municipal income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. Which will take you 3-4 hours of land trip from Cebu City. You would never envision that behind a very small town, plenty of tourist fascinations are found in this place. One of that is the Bato Malunhaw Beach Resort which is supported and run by the Municipality of Alegria. I’ve seen some pictures of beach resorts in the Thailand and I was amazed that it really looks like the Bato Malunhaw Beach Resort. It is truly a world class Resort!



If you are just planning to have a sneak peek on the resort while riding on bus, well, unfortunately you cannot see the place since the resort is n ot located on the road side. You still have to downhill in the streets of Poblacion Madridejos, Alegria Cebu, Philippines. For first timers who is not familiar with it, better ask for help with the locals there. Or if you are on a bus, just tell the conductor that you have to be dropped at the Bato Malunhaw Beach Resorts since they are already accustomed with the streets and places there.

You will be much delighted with the scenic view of the resort. The surrounding will somehow have a blue themed color during a not so hot season while during summer, it the color becomes yellowish. You will definitely love the ambiance and heart-warming smiles of the people in there. Plenty of people will pass by the place especially during Sundays since the resort is situated just near beside the Saint Joseph Parish Church. So if you want to visit the church before leaving the resort, then you may do so.


If you want to stay overnight, then you may available the rooms for your accommodation with the rates as followed:

Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort Room Rates:

  1. Standard Room- 800 per night good for 2 persons
  2. Family Room- 1,500 per night good for 4 persons
  3. Duplex Room- 1,800 per night good for 4 persons

Extra person- 200 pesos


Note that they don’t have restaurants there, so you really have to bring your own foods.  Or cook it in the resort. They have grills there in which you can use if you want to. The facilities there are just usual facilities that a resort have but it is already good enough for your stay there. The staffs there are also very accommodating which you won’t feel that you are in other place. The resort has also its own swimming pool. So you can enjoy to bathe in the cool waters of the pool. If don’t want pool waters, then you have an option to go to the sea just in front of the resort.


You may notice some white balls floating in the middle of the ocean. That’s because the sea of Madridejos is a marine  sanctuary. So beyond that point up to the shore. No one is allowed no catch any fishes in there or else if you got caught, then you’ll be stuck in the police station. You can also find sea walls in near the seashore where you can go there and have a walk – soul searching it is! The cold wind that touches your skin will tell you that you are really in the province. Far from the polluted and toxic air in the City. There, you don’t have to worry about the air that you breathe because it is truly 100% clean, unless there is someone who farts beside you. Just Joking! The Scenic view of the ocean soothes and relaxes your mind from all you worries and stress in life. It seems like you are in a deep sleep having a very upright dream that you wish not to wake from your sleep.


Batong Malunhaw has the some basic facilities for any occasions which may be celebrated in the the resort.

Swimming pool 

Bato Malunhaw Beach Resort has one pool only which is for both children and adult since the water is not deep enough. But there some areas of pool which is already deep. So kids should go swimming under the supervision of adults just for safety purposes.

Snokeling Area

Since the beach is itself has some parts which is a marine sanctuary. It is really an ideal place for snorkeling. The Resort doesn’t have equipment for snorkeling so better bring your own provisions.


The resort also has a function hall which is perfect for teambuilding and other group activities. They have karaoke machines which you can rent if you would like to sing with your friends or family during your stay at the resort. They also accepts holding of celebrations there such as birthdays, weddings, reunions and other more. So if you want to have a beach motif of the celebrations in your life, then you may book for a reservation.


If you want to have other side trips on the place, well, you are on the right track because other than Bato Malunhaw Beach Resort, there are a lot of tourist attraction in the town. One of that is the Kawasan Falls which is located at Matutinao, Badian Cebu, Canyoneering in Barangay Compostela, Cambais Falls in Barangay Valencia, Salay Cave, Cancalanog Mountain Resort, Sanxi Beach Resort  and many more.

So what are you waiting for?

List down all the places in your itinerary and engage yourself in an adventure that you will definitely change your life forever. But just a friendly reminder, moderation is the key. In every step that you take, you should be careful enough at take precautionary measures to avoid untoward incidents so that your stay will be enjoyable, happy and safe.



By Kirstine

Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends. -Maya Angelou


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