Bangkok: Day Tour with the Tigers

On this particular trip, I had accompanied my husband while on his work trip, therefore, we did not have plenty of time to do many activities. I am not usually confident about getting out and about on my own in a foreign country though, in addition, I was pregnant at the time and relaxing in the hotel felt like a better option. The only activities I undertook were either within the hotel or during the day tour with my husband.

Where to Stay

Being a work trip, we did not have much of a say on where to stay while in Bangkok but I do not have any complaints whatsoever. We were staying at the Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel, which is a 4-star hotel. We were staying in one of their suites, the furnishing was calm providing comfort. The Golden Tulip has a variety of restaurants to choose from when it came to dining, there was a spa where you can have a well-deserved massage and amazing views which we enjoyed from the Sky Lounge. The Sky Lounge brings out a very classy feel with its decor, they had a band playing every time we were there, the staff were very friendly and fast, the food and drinks were amazing not forgetting in large portions. As I had mentioned earlier, the views from the Sky Lounge are to die for especially at night.

Golden Tulip

Our Food at Sky Lounge

Cocktails at Sky Lounge

Floating Market

We only had a day to undertake activities in Bangkok, we decided to do the Floating Market and Tiger World. The floating market was interesting with so much to see while on the boat ride, you can also buy souvenirs- the tour guide makes stops to give you time to shop- while on the trip. When paying for the boat ride, try and negotiate you could be lucky like we were, we wanted a short trip since we did not have a lot of time.

Floating Market

Tiger World Thailand

Finally, we were off to our most exciting part of the day tour, Tiger World Thailand. For some reason, I was not anxious at all that I would be in contact with a real Tiger. By the time we arrived, there was so much rain but we were still determined to see the Tigers. Because of the rain, we were not able to hang out with the largest tiger -since that normally happens outdoors on the grass. We were ok with the next ‘smaller’ size which to our surprise was so big. The staff is well trained on how to handle them, you could see by how the Tiger responded to them. At this particular point, I was slightly worried when I saw it walk into the room but my curiosity gave me the courage to touch it and even feed it with milk provided by the staff.

Up close with the Tiger

There are many other activities you can do in Bangkok, we had a time constraint but we were glad to have done the Tiger tour.  


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