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February 3, 2019


In a country like India, with its extremities of temperature ranging from very hot summers and cold winters, I am grateful to be living in that part of the country and in a  city that enjoys salubrious weather throughout the year –  Bangalore in South India. Initially, when I first moved here, years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by rains lashing the city perpetually every evening, this phenomenon though has waned now with the effects of global warming and urbanization. For tourists coming to India, Bangalore or the `garden city’   is a must-visit destination.

Owing to its mild, tropical climate, Bangalore is endowed with immense greenery. The huge verdant parks like Lalbagh gardens and Cubbon Park are testimonies, and are few of the top places to see!  As also the numerous lush gardens, which are an oasis of fresh air, dotting every neighborhood.

Bangalore has changed substantially over the years, constantly evolving,  growing into a cosmopolitan center. Also known as the `Silicone Valley’ of India,  due to it being the software hub of the country.  Over the past decade, as I have witnessed, from being a quaint and peaceful paradise to a glitzy metropolis.…with people from all over the world visiting for work or for leisure!

Best Parks in Bangalore

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

One of the top places to see in  Bangalore are the glorious Lalbagh Botanical gardens.  Having the most precious legacy – founded in the eighteenth century by the Mughal rulers Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan,  they were the gardens of the royalty! The park is quite well maintained, blooming,  with an array of colorful, aromatic flora and fauna.

Highly recommended is the guided tour of the sprawling premises, that takes tourists around in an electric buggy car. The high points of this tour are that you get to know about some of the most exotic and unique collection of plants, trees, and flowers in the park.  This tour halts at vantage points, like the Crystal Palace and the serene lake, allowing people to disembark, click pictures and revel in the verdant atmosphere.

Cubbon Park

Spread over 120 hectares,  the emerald green cover of the immaculate Cubbon Park is where the city breathes literally.  Rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul by soaking in its invigorating  aura…..take a stroll or merely lounge for a while on the well-manicured lawns; it’s a good idea to have a picnic here!  Surrounding the park are the restored neo-classical, grand structures of the High Court and State Central Library.

Bannerghatta National Park (Wildlife Sanctuary)

Experience the fascinating world of wildlife at the zoo. Tucked away in South Bangalore, close to the Bannerghatta forest, this place is worth a visit, especially for wildlife enthusiasts and children. Apart from the myriad species of animals and birds, the sanctuary has some other splendid attractions.

• Tiger safari – this is an enthralling encounter and a must do, as the enclosed jeep takes tourists inside the forest for spotting the majestic and rare white tiger.
• Elephant ride – equally thrilling is the elephant ride within the precincts of the sanctuary. My kids thoroughly enjoyed the experience of perching themselves on these gentle beings, their faces gleaming with joy and awe.
• Butterfly Park – not to be missed and like the cherry on the cake is another surprise at the zoo – a multi-hued butterfly park.

Top Places To See

Vidhan Soudha

The magnificent structure of the State Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Soudha)  is an iconic landmark of Bangalore and one of the top places to see! Made of granite, with intricate stone carving work, the exquisite building and the surrounding lawns look all the more resplendent, glowing like a jewel,  on weekend evenings and public holidays when it is floodlit.

 Bangalore Palace

To go back in time – into an era of royalty (Maharaja), come to the Bangalore Palace which is one of the top things to see in Bangalore. Located in Vasanth Nagar,  it was built in 1876 and belongs to the Wadiyar Royal family of Mysore, Karnataka. The rich wooden inlaid interiors and the towers of the Palace are inspired by Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture.

Mahatma Gandhi Marg (M.G. Road)

Tap into the vibe of Bangalore by exploring the city in the night.  M.G. Road, Brigade Road and the neighboring Church Street are the upmarket areas in the heart of Bangalore. You can feel the pulse of the vibrant metro here. There are pubs, discotheques, restaurants, shops, gaming areas, galore, for an exciting, unforgettable experience!

Best Place To Shop In Bangalore

Phoenix, Orion And UB Mall

Out of the numerous malls that have mushroomed in the city I would certainly vouch for the posh  Phoenix Mall in Whitefield and Orion in Malleswaram. They’ve got everything that you are looking for – be it window shopping or purchasing from the plethora of top brands, having a bite,  gaming, movies or merely having a great time,  your spirits would surely be uplifted here!  If you are searching for an out of the world, luxurious shopping experience, head to the opulent UB mall. Not only is the ambiance and décor of the mall stupendous, but all international brands, e.g., Prada, Gucci, YSL are also available here.

Cauvery Emporium

Travelers with a penchant for local, ethnic stuff would be delighted to visit  `Cauvery’ – a chain of  State government owned Emporiums, having branches on Mahatma Gandhi road and Jayanagar.  Karnataka is famous for sandalwood, there is a whole range of exquisite handicraft products like carved statues, figurines; artifacts made of fragrant, pure sandalwood; perfumes, jewelry and a lot more. `Cauvery’ showcases the rich culture and heritage of Karnataka.

Where To Eat

Taste Of  The Local Cuisine

To get a taste of authentic south Indian cuisine, it is ideal to step into the legendary  ` Mavalli Tiffin Room’  or MTR on Lalbagh Road. Though interiors may not be very impressive, it gives the feel of an era gone by and scores high on cleanliness and hygiene.  Relish the steaming idli, dosa, sambhar, chutney or opt for the sumptuous meal! And not be missed is the piping hot filter coffee, a specialty of this region! Except for Monday, the restaurant is open on all other days.

North  Indian Food

North Indian food buffs have plenty of options. Check out the tastefully decorated `Jamavar’ restaurant at the swanky five-star hotel, Leela Palace, on Old Airport Road. Gorge on their lip-smacking curries, assorted Indian bread, tandoori starters, and end with some delicious dessert.



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Ratna..very nice blog. there are many things abt bangalore list goes on, on like how bengaluru got its name..and some of unique historic basavngudi temples..and 4 bangalore towers all 4 directions ,iconic since times Bangalore founder Kemepegowda...nice attempt..abt bangalore history keep up blogging

Rajni Agrawal

February 8, 2019

Hi! ratna ,
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