Bali: The Blend Of All Worlds

People all over the world aim to explore different countries every while, even if the world is full of fascinating places that nobody will be able to visit all in such a short life. Thankfully the universe is full of beautiful destinations to stop by and enjoy the best of holidays anytime throughout the year according to every person's free time. One of the best of these destinations is Bali, the beautiful island of Indonesia which is known as the dream place for a honeymoon, but what not everyone knows is that Bali's reputation isn't only about honeymoons, Bali has got all sources of joy present in any other sought after destinations in other regions around the world, which surely makes Bali must be your next stop.

A Magnificent Nature

One of Bali's main assets is the wide variety of natural attractions, it has the loveliest beaches, huge areas of charming green forests, enormous mountains, and a lot more.


The Unique View To begin with, the beach of Kuta is considered one of the best in Asia, surfers cut long distances to go and enjoy the optimum surfing conditions along this five-kilometer long beach located on the south-western coast of the island. Nobody would ever get bored or tired of spending the whole day by this lovely beach, and of course, all services such as restaurants and supermarkets are a few minutes away from any spot on the beach. Other than surfing, different generations spend some time of their day cycling by the beautiful beach of Kuta enjoying the relieving weather and the best of views.Briefly, Kuta should be your first place to visit as soon as you arrive in Bali.


Best of Seminyak Apparently, Kuta is a perfect place for friends to enjoy their time together, but as for couples, I would rather recommend the Seminyak beach, a deserted beach perfectly made for lovers where they can enjoy some romantic days in one of the fancy restaurants where they should try appetizing traditional Indonesian food. And at night, the atmosphere becomes livelier as they would be able to witness the entertaining nights of Bali that never end.


The beautiful green forests Apart from the beaches and its luxuries, credit should also go to the amazing wildlife of Bali present mostly in Ubud which is referred to as the heart of Bali. What makes Ubud stands out is its astonishing wildlife found in The Ubud Monkey Forest for example, where you will be able to have the closest look at the lives of monkeys, one of the most delightful creatures  I have personally ever seen. Other than the lives of monkeys, you would be really amazed to take a ride through the cool mountains out there in Ubud, and The Tegallalang Rice Terraces which not only are they wide areas in Ubud that are used mainly for growing rice, but they also attract tourists to witness these alluring green spots between the enormous mountains which truly cure all sorts of depression. This tempting wildlife present in Ubud attracts tourists from all over the world to stop by this excellent place. You do not need to be a wildlife lover to be impressed by this place because as soon as you experience such a life, you would be willing to spend a part of every year there and I have no doubts that you will become a wildlife lover.

The Amazing Nightlife

Bali is known worldwide either as a charming place to spend your honeymoon in if you are engaged or as an island rich with sightseeing attractions if you were traveling with your friends. But nobody ever puts Bali into consideration when it comes to thinking about a place to enjoy memorable nights. When I visited Bali, I arrived there around midnight according to their local time, I was expecting silent streets, I was expecting citizens and tourists to be sleeping getting ready for another interesting day. Surprisingly, it turned out to be that the island of Bali literally never sleeps, the streets were crowded as if it is a rush hour in the middle of the week, the bars and nightclubs were full of teenagers from different cultures trying to create bonds overseas. Parents and children forgot about their bedtime just to enjoy the marvelous nights of the city, even the elderly forgot about their age and refused to miss the opportunity of witnessing a great nightlife. It seemed like there are entertainment programs for all ages all night, any day of the week. In other words, if you weren't wearing a watch, you could hardly feel when will the sun rise as a result of the festive atmosphere that never stops. For teenagers, they should not be surprised that Bali has a collection of the biggest and top-rated nightclubs and bars in Asia. Sky Garden is a great example for the amazing nightlife for the teenagers in Bali, it is a massive nightclub with a rooftop lounge to watch the sunrise after they are done with partying, an extremely fabulous view awaits you up there you wouldn't want to miss. So for party specialists, if you think you have entered the craziest nightclubs in whatever country you have been to before, Sky Garden -unlike any other nightclub- will lift your soul to a totally new level you wouldn't even think it occurred, and believe me, you will leave this place in the best possible state of mind.

The Perfect Place For Honeymoons

Probably this would be the easiest part to talk about since Bali is widely known as a dream for any newly married couple to spend their honeymoon, and certainly Bali did not gain such prominence by chance. Everyone went to Bali before getting engaged would absolutely put it into consideration when thoughts come to where to spend the honeymoon, that is perfectly normal because of all the romantic places present in Bali that make it the ideal place for all couples to go. Unfortunately, I won't be able to convey the full image since I didn't have the privilege of witnessing such an experience, but I can strongly imagine why it has got such a great reputation for this type of holidays.

The Lembongan Magic

The Magic of Lembongan   Bali has got some minor islands that match every couple's desires to spend an unforgettable honeymoon, for example, The Lembongan Island is a secluded island away from Bali's center, it is the quietest place I have ever seen, a real dream for any couple. You would feel like there is nobody else on the island which makes the most of the romantic atmospheres possible. In the morning a couple would enjoy their breakfast alone in a wonderfully romantic restaurant that seemingly is created only for them. Afterward, they have the chance to spend the entire day by the magnificent beaches of this island, where they will enjoy every single minute because of the ideal weather, and the rare views. Then, when the sun sets, they will go through the adventure of spending the whole night privately on a cloistered island, it might seem a bit creepy but honestly, it is more of like owning the island for the night. I would happily go back there one day with my wife.

What Else To Do In Bali?

Bali is full of other activities which make it hard for a normal human being to leave this lovely place in the foreseeable future. Apart from surfing and the nightlife activities, you would assuredly love to go scuba diving to discover the best aquatic animals in the world. Bali has also got the best waterpark in Asia, The Waterbom Bali Waterpark. With a list of challenging games inside, it is a place where anyone would get out of feeling ten years younger. Another activity that nobody wants to miss is the elephant riding, this animal that makes the most miserable man on earth the happiest by just feeling its skin, it would really be the ride of your life. Bali is full of other activities that may need days to talk about, but the best part is getting surprised by the variety of activities that can be practiced there, so just make sure you stay there for a long period of time to give yourself the chance to discover more and more activities every day.

Moderate Climate Conditions All Year

Maybe after reading the discussed issues above, the only obstacle that a person may think he would face is that his trip may be ruined by the sudden change in weather conditions; how bad the weather may get? How would the rainiest days be? All these and other questions would naturally cross anyone's mind, but there is really nothing to worry about concerning the weather, mornings are always perfect, nights are never cold, and from the morning until sunset the burning sun would leave you no choice but to stay in the ocean all day long. Even at its worst cases when it heavily rains, you would happily spend the day in your swimsuit and will never feel a single bit of cold. The weather in Bali is as crazy as its people, but would never prevent you from having an immense trip. In my opinion, the most impressive feeling throughout my holiday in Bali was making friends from all over the world; different cultures, different religions, and different genders, a real blend of all worlds unified by the beauty of this island. I strongly advise whoever visits Bali to make the maximum number of friends possible from different continents, they would by far make your journey the most exciting you will ever witness.      

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