Bali Diary: Explore Island on a Budget

For the last decades, Bali Island has become one of the most desirable places to visit for anyone who wishes to dive in peculiar Asian culture of an island full of myths and secrets. Bali as a part of Indonesia has its unique and charming atmosphere, which is different from other Southeastern neighboring countries, and it has something to offer for every traveling soul. Thanks to numerous traveling agencies and social marketing, Bali gained that aura of luxurious-only travel place where you should visit with a decent amount of money in your pocket. However, it's not always true. In reality, Bali has to offer as many options as there are various types of travelers. Here you can find some tips which will help you to save some cash and plan your budget trip.

Planning your trip.

Traveling on a budget is not always as bad as it may sound. On the contrary, it may open you new opportunities to explore local's life more closely and indulge in their culture. Before heading to Bali on a budget you should remember three things. First, don't have high expectations about anything since luxurious hotels with chic restaurants will not be on your bucket list. Second, be prepared to communicate with local citizens a LOT and adjust to their mentality and cultural sense.  And last but not least, be a respectful and responsible traveler. Now, let's get more specific about managing your budget. It's better to skip flight ticket prices because it may vary up and down depending on a departure point but you should definitely visit Skyscanner platform and some Asian low-coster airline websites such as AirAsia and EastarJet where they usually have great value deals.  Next, coming to accommodation issue it's always a good idea to visit or Airbnb platforms where you can find some decent rooms at local guesthouses for less than 10$ per night for two adult guests and usually, breakfast is included in that price. It all may vary based on a location of the guesthouse, property's facilities and time of the season, but in general, you always can find good offers after extensive research.

I'm in Bali, what's next?

If you eventually managed to arrive in Bali, my sincere CONGRATULATIONS! Your long-awaited journey is about to start.


So which transport is the cheapest and the most convenient? Public transportation here is inconsistent and almost non-existing. Best option to move around the island is to rent a scooter. It may sound frightening at first, but after you get one it's not so overwhelming as it may appear. However, it's better to note that the traffic is crazy here, so you should quickly adjust to local driving manner. Medium sized motorbike or scooter will cost you around 5$ to 10$ per day based on the condition and the model of a vehicle. So, if you are traveling with someone it's wiser to rent one scooter for two and split the cost. Renting a scooter has lots of benefits which include but not limited to saving your pocket money, reaching to almost every must-visit spots and experiencing fun ride across the village roads, while enjoying mesmerizing nature views and feeling a cool breeze in your hair.


After figuring out which transport you are going to use during your stay in Bali, we can move to the local restaurants and warungs where you can fuel up yourself. If you are keen to explore the most of the local culture and food, you definitely should visit warungs. Warungs are small to medium-sized local cafeterias where you can taste various meals of Balinese cuisine for as less as 5$ per meal including beverage. Those places operate as some kind of buffets where you can choose and combine several meals on your plate and enjoy everything at once.  And in a case, if you miss pizza, burgers and fried chicken you can always find food courts of a world's fast-food giants with burgers for 1$. But for full dive in local Balinese spirit walk around and visit several warung and coffee places, where you will find authentic food for a reasonable price.

Places to visit.

Perks of visiting Bali on your own include the fact that you don't have to adjust to someone's schedule and follow the crowd. Instead, you can choose from a variety of activities that are offered throughout the Bali island. Here I will list TOP 5 Value Deal attractions and places you should visit.
Uluwatu Temple.
Uluwatu_bingin_balangan_bali_travel_photos_wokshots-8813 Uluwatu Temple is located in South Kuta region and is known as one of the six major temples and Balinese spiritual pillars. There you can observe how wild waves of Indian ocean break into rocky coast and gigantic walls of the temple. The best time to visit there is early morning to catch a sunrise or evening time to watch spectacular view of a sunset. In the territory of the temple, you will see natural parks with wild monkeys in their natural habitat, Hindu monks, and Balinese Kecak dance ( Fire dance ) performers. Entrance fee is around  3$ per person and additional 9$ if you wish to enjoy dance performance.
Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park.
thumb_sub1_Garuda_Wisnu_Kencana_Bali Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) cultural park's entrance fee is around 9$ per adult, and the cost of the ticket includes not only sightseeing of the park, but also visiting numerous dance and music performances during your visit in GWK cultural park.
Kuta Beach.
1280px-Sunset_in_Kuta Kuta beach is one of the favorite spots for surfers both professional and beginners. And there is no entrance fee! Kuta beach is also a popular place to watch the sunset as coast becomes like a mirror in the evening.
Padang Padang Beach.
padang Here you come fans of “Eat.Pray.Love” movie with Julia Roberts in the main cast. This is the beach where the movie was filmed. It's hidden down in the tropical woods and protected by monkeys. The moderate waves and white and sandy coast make this beach perfect spot for a chill day. And the entrance fee is only 80¢.
Tegalalang Rice Terrace.
tegalalang Even though there are millions of rice terraces around Bali, this place will make your trip unforgettable. Stunning view of calming green rice terraces in the morning will set your day in the right flow. It's better to visit early morning when there are no crowds of tourists and noisy cafe owners who try to sell you various beverages. By the way, there is no entrance fee as well!

Final countdown.

Hope you find this article informative and helpful for planning your budget trip to Bali. It's even more important if I could motivate you to explore this magic land full of unforgettable places and attractions. Terima Kasih for reading!      


I’m an engineering student in South Korea who loves to travel and share peace with everyone around. An ultimate goal of my life is to find “my place”. So, if you have ideas where should I go next, don’t hesitate to contact me.