Bali : A small paradise.

January 1, 1970

by Mathias André

[single_map_place] Bali, Indonesia [/single_map_place]

Selamat datang ! Welcome !

Very different from Java island and filled with spellbinding things. But first, if like us, you have the “happiness” to arrive by the ferry that connects Ketapang to Gilimanuk, you will meet soon the difference. Looking for the bus terminal to get to your favorite city ? Forget it. We have tested to find it but everybody known it’s totally corrupt. You will meet drunk balinese who want to drop you for a fortune. But don’t worry, you will find some taximens just after the exit. If they ask for 500,000 base, go down far until around 150.000Rp (We had 120,000 but with some risks and ending with the visit of the police to avoid being hit by a drunk)




Public transport exist but are useless, simply because they do not develop it. We recommend to use scooter or private drivers. If you choose the private driver, here is an exemple if you want to go from north to south : count 600.000Rp, you can often share to 4. This is the best price you can get. They do not haggle it. For the scooter, count 50,000 / day.


The big difference from the rest of Indonesia : no more food for 15.000Rp (€ 1). Here, it will count 30-50000 until 100k to see some dishes .. Say welcome to tourism ! Unless if you go to small truck food, of course.



Pemuteran, dive, beach & hotel :

The dream of diving. Here, everyone comes here for that and if you prefer to snorkel, no worry. A day on Menjagan Island and you will meet the paradise ! We recommend the Dive Concept Pemuteran owned by lovely french poeple to get there. Count 500,000 / person (snorkeling, food on the island, transportation, everything is included).

About the hotel, we recommend a special one ! For € 37 / night, the Arjuna homestay will give you a first glimpse of happiness in Bali. Let’s go yourself, here, everything is fine.



Ubud :

Looking for nature? You are in the right place. In the town of Ubud, you can enjoy a walk in the rice fields, beautiful views and plenty of activities including rafting!

To get there, it’s simple. Either you take the public transport Kura-Kura, all new, they transport tourists around southern and central Bali. Count 80,000 / person. Want to be faster from 300k from Seminyak, a private driver will take you there with pleasure with some beautiful stop on the road.

The center of Ubud is located on Jalan Raya Ubud, the monkey street is a good reference point to check for a hotel. We have taken a villa on Jalan Campuhan, near the center. A magic place with a stunning view. About food, may be the most important thing in your travel if you’re like me : You can eat for all prices, but we strongly advise to look for one or two small BBQ restaurants.They grill your meat perfectly. We have tried the Kuri’s restaurant. Perfect stop ! If you prefer something different, try one of these veggie restaurants with a view of the hills ? There are on Jalan Campuhan road. Question activities, you’ll have plenty of choice!


Shimha Shambala


Shimha Shambala

Rafting :

THE thing to do. For approx. 20 € / pers, we will meet you at your home then go down to the White Water located a few hours from Ubud. It is better to go in the morning, the water level is higher! On site you will be amazed by the view, rather than by the rafting remains quite soft, but great! You go down the hill between coconut trees and rice fields. A little paradise in the sun …



Monkey Forest :


We have no time to wast. The Monkey Forest is a sanctuary where monkeys have liked to take refuge. This forest is open into the wild, you will encounter these small primates strolling quietly between streets and trees. 30.000Rp fee to go there (And yes, it has become tourism but the magic is still there, no stress).

So 2-3 Tricks: Take no value case or put them in a sealed bag. Monkeys easily bite them. Do not become paranoid, they will not sting your iPhone if you are holding but may be your pants ahah. Then buy bananas in advance if you don’t want to pay extra dollar once there, observe how to keep bananas in hand and … Enjoy !



Bukit Peninsula :

The Bukit Peninsula is a mix between friendly temples and beaches. Everything for everyone …
So we decided to rent a scooter (50.000Rp / day) from Seminyak to conquer the West Bukit (unfortunately we had no time to go to Nusa Dua)

Jimbaran :

Between the Four Seasons has its own street name and Le Meridien, you will find yourself on a perfect white beach that quietly mixing with semie-clear water. Clearly we come to relax and unwind away from the bustle of Seminyak and Kuta.


Padang Padang beach :

The world is small. This is a summary of Padang, a tiny beach with transparent water dug in the rocks around you. Take a small alley populated with monkeys and you’re there. At the appointment, people from around the world. Forget the calm and serenity here. You will need to be patient to find a place in high saison. Why we have stayed there ? Because we are all there to enjoy the beautiful view while others eat a burger around one or two Bintang between two surfs sessions. It’s paradise for some, unbearable crowd for others. If you are looking for quiet, don’t go. But don’t regret .. Haha



Padang Padang beach


Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple :

This borderland temple is interesting for the grand and sweeping views from the cliffs on the Ocean, monkeys living there quietly and you will appreciate the sunset. However expect to see inside a temple, you simply can not go there.


View from Pura Luhur Temple

On the return, you will surely take the road Nusa Dua then take the left road to join the “Jalan Raya Uluwatu” road. If you cross a small shop of this style in the road (see photo below below). Stop and savor it for a little treat. These small “Martabak” have to be eat.



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