Balaton in the summer…always a perfect choice

Balaton at the summer…always a perfect choice

Balaton, the lake in the in the west-north part of the Hungary, also well known as Hungarian sea, surprises us during the last days of this August 2016. We decided to travel with my husband Jair for a prolonged weekend and after a few times thinking about choosing this destination, we booked the pension. Honestly, we were curious about the biggest freshwater lake in the Europe, since we already talked about the idea with our friends many times. Most of the time, the same rule apply for the travelling…the company and the mood count the most:)

Balaton at the summer

We were approaching the Balaton through the highway, by seeing the lake for the first time through the car window, I realize, that spending two and half hour in car was worthy. The first view on the Lake was breath taking, the color was so turquoise and made you feel like, your somewhere at the Mediterranean sea. Our final destination within the Balaton lake, was the north shore, called Balatonfüred.
The view at the Balaton lake, which has 5,174m2 of fresh water.

The view at the Balaton lake, which has 5,174m2 of fresh water.

When I opened the door from the car, first what I realized, how neat look the environment there. Beside the fresh air, the landscape is flat, but mostly cover by a lot of trees and grass. The weather was back then quite hot and sunny, exactly how I love it .We accommodate at the pension, which name is Zsuzsa and headed straight to see the lake. We felt so excited just to jump and swim in there. Our partner on the road, while we are travelling, is our chihuahua, Charlie, that has almost 6 years. He couldn’t miss his first walk over there with us, so we changed to our swim baths and put shorts and T-shirts on us. The Balaton and the places around the shore, I believe, are so magical, that will get you anyway and you will fall in love with it quickly.Our trip started at the typical csarda, where we ordered halaszle, soup made out of the fish meat, in this case, cod fish and the second plate was the fish dish for two persons.

Wine festival Balatonfüred  Borhetek

Oh, if I forgot to mentioned, Hungary and Balaton aswell of course, is the wine region with the great scented wines and the food starting from the fishes to meat, are just delicious. While eating in csarda our food, we were having the view straight for the lake, while seeing the sunset. It was very romantic and relaxing. Just a perfect get away, when you just want to escape the work and catch the last sun rays of a year. Once we finished our dishes, the water of the Balaton lake got colder, so we reconsider to leave swimming for the next day. We enjoyed the walking at the shore a lot, especially at the Tagore promenade. They were having the wine festival there, called Balatonfüred  Borhetek, which means Balatonfüred Wine weeks, which is happening every year, the last week of the August.We enjoyed their typical cheese, sausages and the wine and the atmosphere was just amazing, the mix of the food, wine, cozy lights and we were lucky enough to hear aswell their typical folklore music full of singing and accordion. The first evening at the Balaton welcomed us in a very friendly atmosphere and we were falling asleep with the smiles on our faces.

Beaches at the Balaton

The next day, right after the breakfast, our first aim was to try the water of the Balaton, where I was so eager to do so. Worthy to mention is, that you will pay the entrance fee for whole day, to get to the beach of Balaton and its 500 HUF for adult, which is almost 2eur. Let me tell you, the water had a very comfortable temperature to swimm, around 25 degrees and the lake, while entering is, is a very flat. The ones, that we try, is called Eszterhazy beach and has a lot of space to take a sunbath aswell. The feeling was just priceless and since I am swimmer lover, I was able to enjoy the swimming for next 50 minutes. The feeling, while water touched my body, was a touch of a silk, literally.

Tihany monastery

After such a beautiful day, we decided to enjoy a little of the architecture of the Balaton and as my husband advised us, we headed to the Tihany, beautiful village at the north of the Balaton lake. The scenario of this beautiful village made us feel, that we enter the medieval place, where the eternal present of the lavender relaxed us for the rest of the day. Read more about the Tihany monastery By getting to the top of the village, we found a lot of the souvenir shop, mostly with the theme of lavender, where I could not skip the opportunity to do little shopping:) One of my favorite stop there, is to get latte macchiato and the cherry cake.
Delicate smell of the lavender in coffee and the cake

Delicate smell of the lavender in coffee and the cake

For the lovers of the spirits, there are few fruit delicate spirits, called palinka, where I prefer the one, made from the sour cherry. On the top of the hill of the village, is the Tihany Abbey, which is Benedictine monastery, established by the king Andrew I of Hungary at 1055. It was very beautiful and meaningful time, spent among the walls of the monastery, to get to know more about the ancestors of this country.

Delicate food of the Balaton

On the way back from the Tihany, we visited the restaurant at the shore of the Balaton, that was the crème de la crème of the stay, when it comes to the food. The restaurant is called Nem Kacsa. The taste of the food was amazing and very tender, all the ingredients were really fresh. The owner of the restaurant offer us a small wine degustation for free, that accompanied every course of our dinner. As a soup, I had a cold apricot soup, served with the walnut ice cream and roasted slices of the almonds, which were just melting at my tongue and my husband had a creamy mushroom soup. Main curse was the cat fish steak with the fresh salad, where the taste was unforgettable and for my husband it was fried fish balls with the mayonnaise salad, aswell very light. As a dessert, we had a chocolate cake with the prune sauce on the top, where the taste was very strong, because of the dark chocolate. It was a unique culinary experience,  which we strongly recommend to visit, while you are traveling there or passing through. To get to know more about the Nem kacsa restaurant Our trip was about to end and we could not had a better supper as we had, honestly, the hospitality of the owner and the fresh delicate cuisine of the Balaton got us completely. To enjoy the last night, we chose the club under the open sky to dance, which is opened only on Saturdays.

The way back

We were full of the emotions and new experiences, while driving from Balaton back home. We were sure, that we want to explore more of this beautiful place, that had a very welcoming atmosphere, nice people and food…you just read about it above:) We are already planning our trip back, but in the autumn to explore the Balatonfüred during the different weather. I am still smiling, while I am writing the last words of this article and looking forward to go back!  


I am Zuzana Perez Zafkova and love to travel with my husband, Jair Perez. We are getting to know the world together almost 4 years. Travelling bring me the adrenaline to explore the new countries and cultures and aswell piece to my mind and soul, by getting to know more about the world and thus about myself:)