Baja California has it all

January 1, 1970

by Keit-zdanova

Baja California has it all


Forget everything you’ve heard of Baja California and let me tell you why you should include it in your travel plans.

For it proximity to the United States is a state with a cultural mix you will not find anywhere in Mexico or even the world, there are people everywhere who came just passing and fell in love and stayed.


In recent years, Baja California has become addicted to food, but not to any food, I mean good food.

In Tijuana is dominated by food trucks. These cars decided to take the big step and stop being a typical Mexican car to become a gastronomic delight, led by professional chefs, with handmade ingredients and home made products, outstanding quality, taste and image, they pay attention to details, being such a competitive city was not expected less, you can find from ramen that makes you feel like you’re in Japan to a craft hotdogs, with secret sauces and homemade bread that you can taste in any other place, or how about a brownie pizza for dessert?, yes this is a thing in Tijuana.

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And if we’re talking about irresistible things, I need to mention that Tijuana is the largest producer of craft beer in Mexico, with great handcraft beers that compete with the best beers in the world.

Young entrepreneurs decided to change the beer market and began to produce their own beer and wow they did it really good. Tijuana has beers that are loved by everyone, from an IPA to Stout. Craft beer became very important in Mexico a few years ago, and Tijuana decided to enter this market with innovative ideas and quality products. The beer produced in Tijuana is known throughout all México and soon will be imported to the world. RateBeer says the best beers are in Baja California, and Tijuana has the number one, it’s made by Insurgente Brew, which was started by two brothers in 2010, with the mission of bringing different beers to a old market.

In this city there are many places where you can go to enjoy a good handcraft beer, and you cant taste not only beer from Tijuana, but of all Mexico.

Tijuana’s nightlife is no playing, is even shown in several films as a place where anything can happen. With hundreds of bars and with a fairly large young population, it is something that you don’t want to miss, you can find quite some quiet bars with live music or night clubs with the best music to dance until your body can no longer, it’s up to you.




Ensenada is only an hour from Tijuana and one hour and a half from San Diego, California.

Trust me this time pass flying with an impressive road that show the sea the whole time. It is a quiet town with that characteristic touch of Mexico, without the madness of excessive tourism but with the benefits of a city created for tourism.

Ensenada is the city, where you can watch the boats and enjoy local seafood in the street and also get in love of their beautiful streets full of culture.

Ensenada also has El Valle de Guadalupe, where you can enjoy the best of food and wine in México.

Because of its proximity to the sea, a typical food it’s the seafood, in Mexico we take very seriously seafood, and more Ensenada, you will find lobster, cocktails, seafood pizzas, everything. Ensenada has some of the best restaurants in the world. El Valle de Guadalupe has nothing to asks Napa Valley, is a great place to enjoy a Sunday with the family or couple getaway. With several vineyards tours and tasting for low prices, some also offer cheeses from the region to accompany your wine. Ensenada some years ago became a tourist destination, where weddings are held, concerts, parties, etc. Landscapes taken from a movie and sunsets that make you feel tranquility.



But Baja California it’s not only food and drink, there is also the beach and Rosarito knows about beach. This town has beautiful hotels by the sea. For a long time it was an important point of the famous Spring Break, but now it changed party nights and alcohol for calm sunsets and elegance, with new luxury hotels and with the tranquility of a small town and the pleasures of a beach that says hello each morning.

But do not think that relaxation means boredom, Rosarito still retains its sparkle and a trap you you in the best way, because it is one of the best places to surf in Mexico, so if you want to learn or practice to master the waves, Rosarito is the place. You can take surfing lessons, there are many hotels that have the service or even local teachers can be find on the beach, probably cheaper than the hotel. The water is quite cold but with a wetsuit everything it’s fine.

The nightlife still has a lot to offer, but is only 30 minutes from Tijuana, so you might want to go to enjoy the nightlife of this city and leave Rosarito as a place of rest and relaxation.



Tecate is one of the magical towns of Mexico, it could be considered almost a village, with a rustic touch. It is a small place with amazing places to eat and enjoy, is known for its home made bread, which is one of the best in Mexico.

If you’re a fan of beer you might want to visit the giant plant of the famous beer “Tecate” a one-hour tour, in which you will know the history of beer and how produced and distributed, best of all is that at the end of the tour you get complimentary beer and you can enjoy it in they garden.

A special place that make you feel like you’re in another time, life here is calmer, less touristy but very enjoyable.



Mexicali is the capital of the state, with a fairly different weather from the other cities, with famous restaurants and a vibrant nightlife, you could say that is the twin city of Tijuana with a similar development and similar environment, but with obvious differences that make it unique. Here you can enjoy a more similar life as in all the north of Mexico.




By Keit-zdanova

At the age of 5 I took my first plane alone, from that moment there is not a single day that I don't wake up and think about all the places I'll know. I do not dream, I set goals and those goals have date and place. I'm addicted, addicted to learn, to live, it's something I can't control and to be honest i don't want to. If someone asks me what do you want in life? My answer is always "be happy" and happy is synonymous of travel.


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