Back and forth Western australia Part One

From south to north WA

Perth view  King's park

Perth, isolated big city

How Perth's city took my heart

Perth is the lonely big city of one of the largest states in the world: the great Western Australia! When you fly over, surroundings seems so empty… And yet, it stay a very popular place with amazing things to do and to see. The sun is not shy in there and you can enjoy it most of time during the year. We've all heard about New York's central Park but did you know Perth has one of the biggest inner city parks as well?  It is totally the place to go when you come in there. As public transportation is very easy , simply find your way until King's Park and admire the peaceful view, walk around you will see plenty of limo bringing brides and husbands who wants some stunning pictures of their special day. King's Park own a huge reputation by its spectacular Botanic Garden, heaven for a unique native flora as a protected bushland. You can easily spend a whole afternoon in that park, laying in the grass, enjoying a small breeze on your face and explore that huge park that seems infinite.   London Court As a young city, Perth is an harmonious mix of buildings, green areas and britannic architecture such as the popular London Court that you will find in the heart of the Perth Central Business District. We can see there several famous clock's replicas as The Big Ben and The Great Clock of Rouen in France! The London Court is also very know for shopping, you'll find everything you want to bring home as memories. The best way to get out of the city center and enjoy South Perth is the ferry! Few minutes cruising on the beautiful Swan River and you can admire the city from far. If you are lucky, you could meet the superbs black Swan on the riverbanks. The city offers as well many beautiful beaches, the famous Scarborough beach is a delightful paradise for surfers, kitesurfers and swimmers. And even if you don't really enjoy waters activities, no one could resist its soft and white sand, bars and restaurants all along the coast. Simple tips, in case of pic-nic be careful with the many seagulls awaiting desperatly  an occasion to steel your food! And remember it is never a good option to feed wild animals, if you care about them!    

From Perth to Exmouth

Even though I totally enjoyed Perth, the reason I choose Western Australia for a road trip is the wildness of the country. The best way I found to explore it has been to buy a car with a big box, put a matress and all my stuff behind. It was the beginning of a great adventure. From Perth there is two roads to north. One along the coast, the other one through the desert , but if you choose one you cannot decide to join the other during the trip… I took the coastal one ! You need to take Brand Highway to leave the city. First there's still many cars on the road with you, but little by little, you're all by yourself. Sometimes you cross some huge trucks that provides food, water or gaz to isolated places. The coast is not far but it's a trip through the desert. If the car is not equiped with aircon it's a big issue.

Dongarra the fishermen village

My first stop for the night was in a small fishing village named Dongarra. I asked fisherman where I could be allowed to park and camp for the night and they adviced me to keep driving in the north for 15 minutes and to take the Seven Miles Beach Road (wich is actually seven miles long). It just a small road that stop just in front of the ocean, and nothing else, nothing around but a wood table! Perfect for a first wild camping night! Dongarra  

Looking for fruit-picking in Carnarvon

After a peacefull night it's time take the wheel again, many kangaroos, cows and emu can be seen on the road as well as small red sand tornados. Green trees disapears completly because of the warm temperature and the sun. At 620 miles from Perth, I park the car in Carnarvon for few days, looking for some fruit-picking job as there is a lot of mangos and bananas plantations. Western Australia as a lot of very long jetty, here in Carnarvon I walk every evenings on the One Mile Jetty  to catch amazings sunsets, then I come back in the Caravan Park where I spend the night, enjoying a swimming pool and facilities. In the morning it is really sweet to wake up with the sounds of perrots all around. They can be from differents sizes, differents colors and most of them are able to perfectly imitate any whistles they hear! 2014-02-20 14.59.53  

Discover Paradise in Coral Bay

After 5 days , without any jobs as it's not the good season I keep driving to the north and find a paradise called Coral Bay, it is the smaller of villages but so much mind blowing! Turquoise lagoon, white sand and sweet life! In the water until my knees plenty of fishes and small rays swimms around me, underwater quiet turtles and colorful corals makes me feel like in some of my dreams! Coral Bay  DSCF1109 Exmouth Coral Bay takes place at the entry of the Cape Range National Park where the most known city is Exmouth. Here drinking water is extremly rare and precious! Showers are salty processed water, same when you brush your teeth! In the camping site, facilities are shared with small grey kangaroos and emus and the ocean's surface is full of turtles.  It is a great place to enjoy wild life. This place is under protection wich offers to see a big diversity of fauna and flora. I spent the major part of my days freediving in lagoons, prettiest ones being Lakeside, Turquoise bay and Oyster stacks! I've never seen that much marine life that close from the beach! In the sand multiple turtles nets promises you a wonderful show when juveniles gets out of their eggs to join the big ocean.


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