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The Travelista Awards 2019: Best Hotels in South Korea.

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Best Places to Visit in South Korea.

If you are planning a visit to South Korea any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Daejeon: The little Seoul

Daejeon. When you are asked to mention a few Korean cities, probably this one doesn’t ring a bell. And makes sense. Daejeon is a small city in the central region of South Korea, located 50min [...]

The Four Seasons of Seoul

Every year for the past five years living in Seoul, we have lived through four seasons, the summer, fall, winter, and spring.  Like a wheel of nature cycling through the four corners of the [...]

36 Hours in Seoul

Seoul has an undeniable energy.  You can feel its ebb and flow instantly on arrival.  It’s the kind of place that leads you down a seemingly normal, dank alley and just when you think you’re [...]

Korea: visting the demilitarized zone

A little history Before and during world war two. Korea was colonized by Japan for 35 years. After the war was finally over so was the Japenese rule over Korea. The country was left with no [...]

South Korea : Cats and Green Tea

South Korea: Cats and Green Tea When you think about South Korea, what comes to mind? For most people it’s the notoriously pungent kimchi, or it could be the new wave of Kpop music that has hit [...]