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Exploring El Nido's Lagoons

Palawan Boat Ride while on Tour We all know how much of a paradise the Philippines is, there’s no question on how beautiful the country is once you step outside of the bustling city of Metro [...]

Mt. Loboc: Conquering Heights in Iloilo

Life in Iloilo More than just a small province The Philippines is a country full of beautiful natural treasures such as beaches and mountains. Exploring the country known as the Pearl 0f the [...]

Exploring Bohol in 3 Days

When you want to spend your summer at a less crowded place but still get stunning views and unusual adventures, head up to the province of Bohol located in the Central Visayas region of the [...]

6 Places for a Peaceful Sojourn in Cebu

There are pros and cons living in a tourist hub – obviously. Pro, you have a quick weekend getaway at your disposal. Con, expect an overwhelming crowd. While lively tourist seemed appealing on [...]

Alluring Tour A: El Nido, Philippines

Do you love geography? I hope it’s a yes because I will be introducing you to one of the Philippines most sought-after tourist destination.  If you aced your geography class, and if hopefully, [...]

Siquijor: A paradise feared

If you’re from the Philippines, you would have definitely heard of the hearsay about Siquijor. How this province is the land of the witches, having their magic spells onto people. How it’s easily [...]

Top 3 Places to Go for Japanese Cuisine

In the Philippines, the language of love is pretty obvious, it’s feeding people. If you travel to the Philippines and you make friends, the main form of bonding is through eating; whether [...]

La Union: a place to surf and turf

Coming behind Siargao and Baler, La Union is undoubtedly among the go-to destination for surfers in the Philippines. Most people take La Union as a pass-through to other destinations in the [...]

5 Interesting Places to go in Masbate

Masbate has been gaining popularity locally and internationally because of the Rodeo Festival held every April. Aside from this annual event, there are other interesting places to go to explore [...]

Flying Solo in Albay

Several issues can arise when you are a female traveling alone in an unfamiliar place. The probability of getting mugged or falling ill can spark the worst horror stories on the road. However, it [...]

Panguil River Eco Park Adventure

We all know how work can really be stressful. For some, it means less family bonding, less night out with friends or even less time for themselves. Some people spend most of their time in their [...]

The Not So Populated Places in Boracay

When tourists plan their summer vacation at a well-known Philippine paradise, Boracay, they always get the usual places that most people go to. Why? Every travel agency has most of the rates they [...]

Jomalig Island: Paradise in the North

The unspoiled beach of Jomalig Island hidden in the northeast part of Quezon Province will give you one of the many reasons why you should visit the Philippines. A lot of beaches with extremely [...]

Campuestohan Highland Resort Adventure

Why Campuestohan Highland Resort When Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod, Philippines was featured on TV as a place to go, I promised myself that one day I will be going there as I was so [...]

The Baguio Weekend Escapade

Philippines, Baguio City. The summer capital of the country. What a good way to spend my special day but of course to get a weekend chill to the one I love most: the city of Pines, Baguio City. [...]


Escaping from the agony of stress? Soul Searching? Hiking? Camping? Capturing the beauty of nature? Finding a perfect place for summer? Bucari could be a great place for you (located in Leon, [...]

Perfect Hideaways in Baguio City

DISCOVER YOUR HIDING PLACE Tourists flock over Philippines’ summer capital at any season of the year because of its cool temperature and superb scenery. Every day is a busy day in the city [...]

Downtown: The Heart of Davao City

The heart of Davao city has become one of the most occupied and well-visited by Davaoenos which is the downtown area. This is where San Pedro Cathedral, Davao City Hall and a lot of bargain [...]

Top Places for Runners in Davao City

Top Places for Runners in Davao City As a lot of people are aiming to get fit these days, running became more popular. It’s one of the easiest way to be healthy and get fit without spending too [...]

Puting Krus in Cardona, Rizal

In a glimpse, one wouldn’t think that a small town like Cardona, Rizal in the Philippines would have something hidden somewhere in the mountains. But a hint would unfold soon as we approach it, a [...]

Becoming a Local in Cebu City

Cebu City, One of Paradises in the Philippines Beaches are very famous in the Philippines. Most of the tourists look for the leisure there and enjoying the water sport. I agree! What’s more [...]

Eastern Samar Adventure

Are you ready to go on another adventure? Ever wondered what it feels like to go to a place barely flocked by tourists? I haven’t really thought about this question before until I got to [...]

Driving up to Tagaytay

Holiday Drive to Tagaytay   On a normal day, you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your time being stuck in traffic if you live in Manila, Philippines. Luckily, it was a holiday and [...]

Traversing Mount Purgatory

Exploring the Cordilleran Mountains The Philippines, as small of a country as it is, has 7000 plus mountainous islands, so giving the exact number of mountains in it is quite a hardship. We [...]

Iloilo – The City of Love

  Smack right in the middle of the tropical Philippine Islands is a quaint and at the same time progressive city called Iloilo. Considered the heart of the Philippines because of its [...]

Jomalig, Quezon: The Island Less Taken

When it comes to beaches and island hopping, I firmly believe Philippines is still the best destination. Although different islands in the country are slowly becoming known, there are still more [...]

Corregidor Island: So Small Yet So Big

It Finally Happened Corregidor Island in Cavite is one of the places I have been wanting to visit since Grade School (I know, that was over 10 years ago!). Well, the long wait is over and thanks [...]

Coron Palawan on a Budget

Coron, Palawan, Philippines. When you are in the Philippines, Coron is one of the places you must see. It boasts on its island-hopping experience offers, stretches of white sand beaches, [...]

GUADALUPE CEBU : A Getaway in the City

GUADALUPE Cebu , A Getaway in the City   Getaways have always been perceived as places far away from the city. Understandably, this is to get away from the heavy traffic in the streets, pollution [...]


If you also wonder about how the creations in the world just give you peace, calmness and stillness but still couldn’t find the right answers, then just stop.. you don’t need to. Just feel it, [...]

Weekend Getaway: Sanbox at Alviera

When my friend Maya informed me that she will be taking a vacation from her work in Malaysia and will be going home in the Philippines for the Holidays last year and wanted to meet, I asked her [...]

Cebu: A Life in a Perfect Island

  Cebu I grew up in this widely known Island in Cebu where almost everything are easy to reach. Malls, Parks, Beaches, Native Restaurants, Hidden and Famous Destinations and so on. I [...]

Your Get-Away Island: El Nido, Palawan

Are you tired and stressed and just want to get away? El Nido, Palawan is the place to be. The Flight Our flight was from Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Thanks heavens, there were no delays [...]

Biliran : Eastern Visayas

Biliran, an unspoiled paradise in the Philippines! Biliran used to be a sub-province of Leyte before it became an independent province in 1992. The province is indeed reach with natural resources [...]

5 Things to Do in Davao

The Philippines is an archipelago in the southeastern part of the world. It is divided into three major sections: Luzon, which is in the northern part; Visayas, which is in the center; and [...]

Siquijor: Isla del Fuego

April 2016 Honestly, I never thought I could make it to this trip. It was the worst time of the 1st quarter of 2016, Audit period. I was managing a restaurant and my leave request was not yet [...]


You might think that traveling in a city would be very expensive. Yes, that might be true considering the transportation, food, entrance fees, etc. However, if you are in Manila, there are [...]


You might think that traveling in a city would be very expensive. Yes, that might be true considering the transportation, food, entrance fees, etc. However, if you are in Manila, there are [...]

Mactan Shrine Lapu Lapu City, Cebu

Mactan Shrine, Lapu Lapu City Cebu Mactan Island is an island of Cebu in Philippines. It is located a few kilometers off the coast of Cebu and is connected to the mainland with the Mactan Mandaue [...]

Quick Layover at Kuala Lumpur

It was just hours before the flight when we decided to go to Kuala Lumpur. Well, it was not much of a choice. To backtrack a little, let me tell you our missing-the-plane story. Goodbye Manila [...]

South Cebu Adventure, Philippines

Here’s my 3 days and 2 nights adventure in Cebu City, Philippines last July 2-4, 2016. We booked a roundtrip airfare ticket through Air Asia, the ticket costs PHP 2,300.00 because we booked [...]

Vigan: Tracing Back Philippine History

Vigan, Philippines  It was a seven to eight hours drive from Manila, Philippines. It became a famous tourist destination for many travelers as it was recently awarded as one of the seven wonder [...]

Baguio: A Trip to The Mountains

Baguio: A Trip To The Mountains   Something about the place: Located at the mountainous region of the Cordillera, Baguio City is a famous tourist spot here in the Philippines because of its [...]

Palawan, Philippines: Living in Paradise

When traveling to the Philippines, one of my recommended places to visit would be Coron, Palawan. According to Wander Wisdom, Coron is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Philippines. [...]

Iloilo City: The Philippines

Iloilo City is and always will be home. It has the vibe of a laid back town that can get up and party when needed, or if it wants to. Turn of the century buildings and graceful Spanish mansions [...]

Boracay: Full of Adventure

Our Boracay Adventure When you are a beach-lover and want to explore the beautiful beaches in the Philippines, Boracay will always be one of the destinations that you will want to tick off your [...]

Home of Travel: Cebu, Philippines

Cebu City is a big metropolis, and the population is a mix of people from different regions and even from other countries. Life here is busier compared to Bacolod, but Cebu opens to a lot of [...]

Calauit Safari Park: An animal lover

Calauit Safari Park: An Animal Lover’s Paradise Giraffes. I’ve always loved giraffes and needless to say, it is my favorite animal. I’ve heard of this ‘safari’ in [...]

Cebu, Philippines: Queen of the South

CEBU, THE QUEEN I think it is only fitting and proper to crown her with such praise. She has been very generous when it comes to nature’s grace yet never being left behind when it comes to [...]

Tiangge: Cultural Philippine Bazaar

Shopping is part of traveling. When visiting places, one would always find things he would want to take back home. Unless you happen to be an egoistically snobbish shopper who loves buying [...]

Iloilo: The Beauty of Gigantes Islands

DISCOVER THE BEAUTY OF GIGANTES ISLAND It was just an invitation from a friend when I decided to book a plane ticket to Iloilo, an island in the Visayas Region of the Philippines. I received the [...]

Wow Bolinao: An overnight getaway

Up at the northern part of the Philippines, there is a perfect overnight getaway for those adventure junkie who don’t want to take some leave off their work. Yes, you read that right. [...]

El Nido: An Adventure to Remember

Regarded as one of the best islands in the world, Palawan, Philippines has so much to offer. With its breathtaking scenery, you’ll definitely come back for more. There are numerous flights [...]

Island Escapade: Camiguin

Imagine blue skies, white shores, a gently breeze, and the sound of waves crashing on the shoreline that lulls you to sleep… simply put, paradise! Just a boat ride away from my city, [...]

Bojo River Cruisin

It’s always a good idea to visit eco-tourism parks because it teaches you so many things. It teaches you how the environment can be used as a source of income without having to destroy it. [...]

Ilocos: The Historical Wonder

Ilocos: The Historical Wonder 3D/2N Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte are provinces in the Philippines that are rich in cultural, historical and breathtaking sites. Sand dunes, rock formations, [...]

Boracay : The Island that never sleeps

Boracay, Philippines: The top five (5) bars, lounges with live music and clubs The White beach Boracay is not only famous for it’s drop dead gorgeous sun, breathtaking view of  the friendly [...]

Cuyo Island: A Trip To Remember

Palawan is known for its beautiful islands and wide range of marine diversity which is the reason why locals and foreigners love to go there and experience this wonderful place. From the crystal [...]

Philippines: A Solo Travel to Sagada

SAGADA, MOUNTAIN PROVINCE, PHILIPPINES Sagada is one of the municipalities of Mountain Province located in the northern part of the Philippines. It is best known as the top destinations for [...]

Amazing Cebu

My family and I moved to Bulacan roughly 9 years ago. We are true blooded Cebuanos. We find the life here laid back and provincial at first then it became busy. It now really feels very similar [...]

A Day in Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island, Philippines One of the famous islands right now making rounds on Philippine social media is Kalanggaman Island of Palompon, Leyte, Philippines. I myself knew about this island [...]

A Little Glimpse to the City of Cebu

City Tour before going back to my hometown Cebu City, one of the most visited cities in the country located in Visayas Region. I love how modernize the city from the infrastructure that speaks [...]

Six hours in Bohol

“What would a group of six girls do if they have less than 10 hours in the city but have nowhere to go to because they’ve potentially seen it all?” This was the question my friends and I asked [...]

Canibad, “The Secret Paradise”

Davao City, Philippines – February 2016 Being a very busy person, my time is very limited and so tight. Whenever I need to enjoy and relax, travelling with my friends is the one thing that [...]

Manila: A Culture of Chaos

Manila, where to begin? First off I have admit there was some apprehension with Manila. People generally LOVE the Philippines but not many people are overly complimentary about the countries [...]

That Time I Went To Boracay

Sun, Sea, Sand and Cockerels? There’s a couple of ways to get to Boracay. Flying from Manila to Boracay took approx 1 hour on Cebu airways. I flew into Caticlan, took a bus to the ferry [...]

Siargao: Cloud 9

I drifted to sleep five minutes after take-off, already dreaming of Cloud 9. What seemed like minutes later, I woke up and looked to Rosie on my right. She had an apologetic look on her face, so [...]