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The Travelista Awards 2019: Best Hotels in Pakistan.

Our hotel review team is currently working their way through Pakistan and will report back soon with a comprehensive list of the top hotels for your trip.

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Best Places to Visit in Pakistan.

If you are planning a visit to Pakistan any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Islamabad: Why People Love It

I was born in Lahore, more than half of my life has been in Karachi, with only a short period of time being spent in Islamabad. However, I have one stern belief: Islamabad is heaven on earth [...]

Pakistan the Safe Way

Should you go? Terrorist attacks. Suicide bombings. Taliban madrasses. Unfortunately, all we hear about Pakistan in the Western media are horrific stories of a war torn nation. Although there are [...]


Karachi. The largest and most populous city of Pakistan. Second most populous in the world. It is the capital of Pakistan’s province; Sindh. It is the main seaport and financial center of [...]