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Best Places to Visit in New Zealand.

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Auckland: 5 Free Things To Do

Backpackers are usually known to be “on a budget” while traveling around, especially in New Zealand. On average, your everyday activities in New Zealand, like checking out the latest film at the [...]

Amazing free places to visit in Aukland

Finally Got to Aukland!! As the aircraft touched down in New Zealand at dawn, I could not contain my excitement. This was a dream coming true. To top it all up, I was going to meet one of my best [...]

From Wanaka to Aspiring

We started our trip in our comfortable room at Lake View Motel enjoying the beautiful sunrise over Lake Wanaka.  New Zealand is such a beautiful place to enjoy the sounds of nature.  The peaceful [...]

Favourite Spots in New Plymouth

When I first arrived in New Plymouth I didn´t like it. It was too much of the same and on the first look just like any other bigger city I had visited in New Zealand. But after staying here for [...]

One Year in Queenstown New Zealand

After taking the plunge and moving overseas for a year, here’s a short guide on how I set myself up in my new second home – Queenstown, New Zealand. Wye Creek Hike, Queenstown, NZ 1. Applying for [...]

8 Not To Miss Wineries of New Zealand

Know your chards from your pinots? Like to pair and match wine with food? This guide to the best wineries and vineyards of New Zealand is for you. The first wine tour I took was on Waiheke [...]

New Zealand’s North Island

A journey to the green island It’s December 2016. For the first time after 14 months I’m leaving Australia. On this side of the world it’s mid-summer, hot temperature, tourist [...]

What to do three Days in Auckland

Me and my boyfriend arrived at the 24th of December in Auckland, early in the morning. We did not expect anything, just called our car rental agency and waited for them outside the airport. Due [...]

From New Zealand to Chuchunco City

From New Zealand to Chuchunco City Santiago! Hi guys! Let me introduce myself, you can call me Ina. I’m a Chilean girl of 26 years old and this is my first article and because of that I want to [...]

Milford Sound: Living amongst Giants

A Reflection on Living in Milford Sound   It is fitting that I sit here and type out a reflection of sorts on the one-year anniversary of my arrival to New Zealand. Full of nostalgia I [...]

Natural wonders in the Catlins region

March 3, 2015 Public hot shower I do not remember how many days we haven’t had a hot shower … not even cold! Finally in TE ANAU in public toilets we can negotiate an 8 minute shower [...]

New Zealand: 5 tips to be adventures

Three planes, one day flight, nine different time zones and here I am in front of the big statue of Gimli from «Lord of the Rings». Auckland airport is welcoming me. “Do you have any food [...]

What you should not miss in New Zealand

After coming back from a 3 weeks trip in New Zealand, the first and only thing that you want to do is to tell the whole world how amazing this place is. Whether you are after hiking, sunbathing [...]

Live a year in New Zealand

Are you ready to live overseas? The best part of travelling is that you can quit whenever you want. I arrived in New Zealand some weeks ago, and I can already say how beautiful it is. Everything [...]

New Zealand: Southern Alps

  New Zealand: Southern Alps. Never thought that there was another Alps in the other part – upside down – on the Earth. First time, I knew New Zealand was my sixteenths and from that [...]

Raglan, New Zealand Must Do

NEW ZEALAND’S GEM: RAGLAN Many people I meet abroad say “oh yes I’ve been to New Zealand… I’ve been to Auckland.” My response is always along the lines of [...]

A Guide to Napier, New Zealand

  Napier is well known for being the world’s Art Deco capital and for its winery tours but as a teenager found this sort of thing boring and instead got into skate parks, surf breaks, [...]

New Zealand : Motueka

“Finally, it’s Sunday!! Let’s go outing, dude!” Felt so tired on my kiwi pack house job. Monday to Saturday, at least 8 hours per day, sometimes will go to 12 hours per day. It [...]

New Zealand: The Wild Side of Auckland

Auckland is world-renowned as the City of Sails, and so it should be with around a third of locals owning and parking their vessels in one of its two harbours. But apart from the multitude of [...]

New Zealand: Budget Hacks

Our tips to Backpacking New Zealand on a Budget After thinking long and hard about what place to write about for our first blog post, we decided to write about New Zealand– a luscious, [...]

New Zealand: Kai Iwi Lakes

After spending 2 weeks travelling the length of New Zealand in an old, beat up, Toyota Hiace van, my partner and I stumbled across the natural wonder that is the Kai Iwi Lakes. Located 30 minutes [...]

Wanaka Oh Wanaka

Top of the List: New Zealand’s Wanaka Wanaka and Queenstown should definitely be at the top of your list when you visit New Zealand’s South Island I fell in love with them as soon as [...]

Land of the Long White Cloud

“The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can…” – J. R. R. Tolkien. The Adventure Begins [...]

Rotorua: Exploring Sulfur City

First views of Sulfur City The setting evening sun shone on the perfectly-perpendicular roads, casting a strange, old-world spell on the place. Rotorua, home to New Zealand’s most dynamic thermal [...]

Arrowtown Autumn Festival

  Arrowtown Autumn Festival  Having lived in New Zealand for over 18 months and hearing about the beautiful colours in Arrowtown during autumn, I had to see it. Hearing about the Autumn [...]

Wanaka. A piece of paradise

  Wanaka. A small town in the heart of New Zealand’s south island. Located in the Otago Region, 1 hours drive from Queenstown. It is a piece of paradise in an otherwise dry and arid [...]

New Zealand : the land of wonders

NEW ZEALAND: the land of wonders I don’t know how I came to the decision to go to New Zealand. It came out of nowhere. I had to pick a place where I would study English during the holidays. [...]

Auckland’s hidden gem: Fo Guang Shan

I’ve been postponing writing this for a while; on account of it was exams week last week and I was a bit of a mess. But no fear, it is now officially my two week mid-semester break. So here I am, [...]

Love Affair with the Milford Sound

Rise and Shine Waking up at six in the morning, there was no light coming through the white hardwood shutter of my hostel. The room felt like I was stuffed in a freezer as the windows were left [...]

A Visit to Wellington, New Zealand

“You can’t beat Wellington on a good day”, say those proud locals of New Zealand’s capital. Fortunately, they are absolutely right as the city is situated on the harbor at the very [...]

Waiheke Island

From the moment you arrive at Waiheke, the sense that you have left Auckland and entered in to another world is very apparent. Located 40 minutes by ferry from Downtown Auckland, the island is an [...]

New Zealand: Wairere falls

A day at Wairere falls: When I first stepped off the plane in Auckland, NZ after 30ish hours of traveling I had absolutely no idea what to expect or how beautiful places I would visit. I also had [...]

A Kiwi Experience on the South Island

Let me start by saying that I’m not a huge fan of tour buses, and the Kiwi Experience bus was my first endeavor into that area. As I’m sure many of you can appreciate, having a busload of spotty, [...]

Auckland – beneath the busy city life

When I moved to Auckland a year and half ago I had no idea that there would be so much more to this city then just the busy city life. Just a day in Auckland and I realised that the perception I [...]

Hello From Auckland!

There’s A New Kid In Town “Everybody’s talking ’bout the new kid in townnnn” …Eagles anyone? That’s a great song. It seems as if I’ve adopted a new [...]

Wellington on a Good Day

Wellington, New Zealand. Windy Wellington. Wellywood. The coolest little capital. They say you can’t beat Wellington on a good day, and as far as New Zealand travel goes, they might just be [...]

New Zealand: The Road to Middle-Earth

It’s been 6 months since my husband and I arrived in New Zealand. And up to this moment, still we remain astonished by the incredible beauty of this country. It is a great place to live and [...]

New Zealand: Funky, Friendly Whangarei

Whangarei (pronounced fang-a-ray.) A place I have lived, a place I have loved and a place I have left. If you have ever wanted to live an easy going life or dreamed of taking a relaxing holiday [...]

Discover Wanaka, New Zealand

Situated in Central Otago, Wanaka is a small town, with just over 5,000 permanent residents. With its gorgeous landscape all year round and plenty of activities, it is not surprising that Wanaka [...]

Life on a New Zealand Dairy Farm

What to expect from an NZ farm The sunny side of a life as a farmer The life on a New Zealand dairy farm has two completely different sides – it can be stressful, you have to be able to [...]