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During my everyday life in Tokyo, I happened to meet a lot of travelers who, attracted by the worldwide fame of this buzzing metropolis, fly to Japan and venture to explore the city’s restless [...]

Hidden Waterfalls in Osaka and Mie

I always find the best adventures in places that are not extremely well-known. You know, the places that are mind-blowingly gorgeous, but not crawling with tourists (other than yourself!) so you [...]

Karuizawa: Activities for every season

Karuizawa is one of Japan’s hidden natural treasures. Located in Japan’s Honshu island, in Nagano Prefecture, this little town is best known for winter sports, recreation activities, golf, [...]

3 Days in Tokyo, Japan: A Travel Blog

My boyfriend and I visited Tokyo, Japan last November 2017 for our 10th anniversary (yey!) It was a trip we’ve been wanting for a long time and then finally, we were able to make it and it was [...]

Niseko: a snow lovers dream

Picture your idea of snowy paradise. Where is it? Canada? France? America? I bet Japan wouldn’t be in your visual, right? Let me tell you right now, it should be.   Niseko, located on the [...]

Japan’s Nara Park: Deer-Central

Why go to Nara Park? Nara Park is famous as one of the most picturesque and oldest parks in Japan. It is a sprawling 502 hectares of beautiful sights and is home to many cultural landmarks of the [...]

Cherry Blossom and Japanese Culture

Who has travelled to Japan? It is different compared to the Western world, this is for sure. When I have to explain my friends how Japan is, I always try to make a comparison between India and [...]

What too see your first time in Tokyo

When I decided to visit Japan, I was afraid of getting lost and being overwhelmed by the masses of people. This was especially true concerning Tokyo, the capital city of Japan with a population [...]

Tokyo Food Guide

Tokyo Food Guide If you are a lover of sushi, consider yourself a foodie, or if you’re just looking to try something new, Tokyo is the perfect destination for you. With restaurants of every [...]

Hot Springs Around the World

In the past year, I’ve travelled to the East (hitting Japan) back to the West (In Yellowstone National Park, USA), and somewhere in the middle (Iceland). And although these countries [...]

Japan: More Than Just Mangas and Animes

JaFun from the mountains to the megalopolis   When you hear the word Japan, anyone can immediately associate it with ramen, kimono, sakura, geishas among many other words which we have used [...]

Highlights from Kansai, Japan

Growing up watching tokusatsu, anime, samurai movies, and eating Japanese food, have made me very fond of Japan and their culture.  Last August presented itself as a great opportunity to visit [...]

A Capsule Hotel in Asakusa

My Capsule Hotel Experience Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. How many of us have dreamt of travelling this melting pot of culture and food? Well, please bear with me as I cannot stress how much [...]

8 Must-See Spots in Kyoto

Since my travel to Tokyo last year, I never really let go of the idea that in a few months I will be back to Japan, particularly in Kyoto. On one hand, Tokyo was breath-taking. A huge metropolis [...]

How to eat & drink in Japan

For someone who had no intention of ever trying Japanese food, let alone liking it, Japan’s cuisine really struck me and my stomach by surprise. Oh my gosh the food. Once you eat Japanese [...]

Japan: 6-Day Guide to Tokyo City

Japan, is one of the world’s most interesting countries you can visit, embodying both its national tradition and the modernization of the world at large. Home to skyscrapers and temples, [...]

Kokura Adventure

Inside this once upon a Medieval Town The irony of being known as an ancient castle town when the place itself is now considered as one of the modern well-developed districts around Kitakyushu. [...]

Island Off Okinawa, Japan

As a country that safeguards its unique culture while keeping up with the rest of the world, Japan’s charm lies in its distinct ways of the modern and the traditional. Each of its [...]

Yokohama, the elegant neighbor

When it comes to traveling in Japan, most people will tell you the same: you must see the electric and fashionable Tokyo, the traditional and peaceful Kyoto, the funky and friendly Osaka. This is [...]

welcome to Miyajima in Hiroshima of Japan

→How to go Miyajima?← Visit to Hiroshima of Japan,have to go Miyajima island on once. Total Time :45mins (From Hiroshima Station JR Sanyo line*to Iwakuni way* to Miyajima Station) From Miyajima [...]

Shizuoka: More Then Just Beaches

Shizuoka: When people think of Japan they automatically think of sushi, Geisha, samurai, and anime. If asked to name a famous landmark in Japan most people would say Mt. Fuji right off the bat. [...]


JAPAN: 10 DAYS IN TOKYO Undoubtedly Tokyo should be on every traveller plans. In this city you will find from the latest technology to some of the most important temples in Japan. If you [...]

Osaka: The Deliciousness

I love food, Yes! good food is bliss, whether eating by yourself or with others. Every meal time should be celebrated. It’s a great fortune to have food and to able to eat, it’s a greater [...]

Japan: Tokyo for the anime/manga fan

Since I was a young, young child, I have always dreamed of going to Japan. This mainly came about through my love of everything Japanese- in fact, I was (and still am, actually) often mistaken [...]