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Skyzone Trampoline Park in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Telangana in India. Located in Gandipet, on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Skyzone Trampoline Park is one of the places that every family, every group [...]

Bangalore: A Paradise for Foodies

Bangalore City or better referred to as Bengaluru by the locals, is unique. It is the perfect example of a crossroad between tradition and globalism. While still stooped in the days of early [...]

Bangalore: Shopping and food

  Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru is the capital of the state of Karnataka in India. I have visited this city pretty often, so much so that I have picked a bit of the local language [...]

Explore Leh Ladakh in 15 days!

Leh is a much talked about aspirational vacation destination for many from bikers to trekking enthusiasts to those who merely like to discover the farthest corners of the world. But so vast is [...]

Travel Guide to Mumbai

Mumbai also widely known as Bombay in India, the people living here are famously known as Mumbaikars. With its vibrant atmosphere, beautiful colonial structures scattered all around the city, the [...]

Pushkar : a pearl of Rajasthan

Pushkar In January, my friend and I went to Northern India on a two-week package. We booked this trip with TravelBird and flew with Etihad. I really like this airline company. However, that is [...]

Tips for Cycle Touring in India

Plan your accommodation ahead. Wild camping and sleeping rough is essentially illegal in India for foreigners (even with permission), due to new laws implemented a few years ago after a terrorist [...]

Brahmatal : A Himalayan trek

Sometimes when you pack your bags and set off for that well deserved holiday, would you imagine that it might leave a before and after mark in your life, at times that journey makes you question [...]

Pondicherry : A Weekend Getaway

  KickStart the excitement !   Me and my girlgang from school were on a hunt for places to visit for a weekend getaway. As it was our first trip , we chose Pondicherry, India, to be our [...]

Murud Janjira: A Fort Island

Murud is a small town with large things to offer. My visit was a short and sweet one. A bunch of my friends suddenly decided to pack up and leave for the long weekend. We were all in Mumbai then. [...]

A weekend trip to Shantiniketan

If you need a quick break from the tiresome humdrum of city life, Shantiniketan is the best option for you. Nestled quaintly in the Birbhum district of West Bengal, India, this place (true to its [...]

Top 4 Wedding Destinations in India

Getting married and don’t want to do it the traditional way? Or are you looking for something that will make the most important day of your life all the more special? Then a Destination Wedding [...]

Safari experience at Ranthambore

Planning a safari inevitably leads one to think of Africa, but… think twice! Asia has some wonderful opportunities. If big cats are your thing, think no more and head to India. Bengal tigers are [...]

Nainital: The lake city

About the city Nainital is a small yet renowned hill station situated in the Kumaon region of the outer Himalayan range in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is very often referred to as [...]

Bangalore city: beyond traffic and IT

The city of trees, art, and food Bangalore, the city with the best weather. Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore, the “Garden” city. Bangalore’s traffic, Bangalore noise. Bangalore’s [...]

Goa : From Panjim to Querim

Goa!! In India, I am sure the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is beaches and all-night parties. When everyone was cribbing about how horrible their work life was in big cities like [...]

Hot air balloon in Goa

What to see in Goa India and especially Goa attracts many travelers. Everybody knows Goa as a party place where you can stay near the beach, relax and enjoy life. There’re also a lot of places to [...]

Pawna Lake: Off the beaten track

Weekend getaway from Mumbai Are you looking for ideas for a weekend getaway from the financial capital of India, Mumbai? Somewhere peaceful and unexplored, where you can switch off from the rest [...]

5 Awesome Things To Do In New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital city of India. Founded in 1911 by George V, Emperor of India, the city was designed by the British architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker. Since then, it has [...]

Mumbai : A Food Heaven

Mumbai, known as the city of dreams, is also known for its vibrant food culture. Over the years, it has become a playground of flavors for all the food enthusiasts out there. From authentic [...]

Palolem: The relaxing paradise in Goa

Goa is one of the top destinations that tourists and travelers keep on their travel list. Situated on the west coast of the Indian subcontinent, this tiny dot on the map has been known for its [...]

Its not all about the yoga in Rishikesh

Never too old to travel I’ve often been told I am super lucky to have been living overseas for nearly three years. When I mention that it was not luck or fate, it was about letting go of what [...]

Bhongir : a forgotten ruin

If you are someone with a sense of adventure and a longing for unknown havens, Bhongir is the place for you. 50 km from the chaos of Hyderabad- the capital of Telangana, lies this forgotten(and [...]

Mumbai : India’s City of Dreams

Welcome to Mumbai. As one gets off the plane on a hot summer afternoon, a sudden breeze hits their face. The subsequent thought that hits them as they exit is “Oh my! This wind is going to [...]

Goa : Las Vegas of India

This was the first time I was travelling to GOA, INDIA that too on Christmas eve. As I landed on the Dabolim Airport, I hired a cab to reach my guest house in Porvorim. On the way, I was [...]

5 Things To Enjoy New Delhi.

After a year in India, I can truly say I know how to meditate even when I am working and my boss is asking to have 10 tasks completed in 5 minutes. It taught me patience, self-respect, and [...]

Gokarna : Bliss on the Beach

Situated approximately 500 km from Bangalore City, India, is this small but beautiful town called Gokarna. This place is one of the sacred towns in the state of Karnataka worshipping the Hindu [...]

The non-tourist guide to Delhi

  It’s been over a year since I first landed in Delhi. And here I am, living in India about to marry a Punjabi. But today I don’t want to write about our oh-so-Bollywood-y love [...]

Udaipur – The land of royals

Udaipur, the city where the royals were born, it is one of the most beautiful places in India where you could go to explore the lakes, havelis, and palaces. It lies in the southern part of [...]

Goa: Short getaway with family

A lot has always been said about Goa and travellers and tourist when planning a visit to India, first hear about Goa. It’s a great vacation destination for those in other parts of India as [...]

Andaman : The undisputed Paradise.

In a country that is known for its geographical diversity, Andaman has a lot to contribute to it. Due to its tropical climate, the best time to visit is from November to February. We went from [...]

Dayara Bugyal: A winter trek in India

  Dayara Bugyal: Trekking in the snow Being a girl hailing from the plains, seeing the snow and making snowmen had always been one of my fantasies. Almost every winter I would make plans of [...]


Fort Kochi is a beautiful haven in Cochin, India which is definitely underrated. It is Kerala’s best-kept secret. The reason I’m saying this is because Kerala is famous for its [...]

India Road Trip

Introductory Have you ever considered driving around one of the biggest countries of the world? Like China, Russia, the USA or… India? My boyfriend and I spent one month driving in India, [...]

Travelling pregnant: 3 months in India

1- Stepping out of pre-concepts Traveling in India is already a big adventure to start with. But traveling while pregnant? When I announced to my friends and family our project to spend 3 months [...]

Train Travel in India

After three and a half years in the UK and Europe my husband and I were returning home to New Zealand.  We timed our return so we could attend my niece’s wedding to a Punjabi man, in [...]

Munnar: The hilly paradise of South India

For a country that boasts of the magnificent Himalayan ranges in the Northern region, one does not often look at the peninsular South India when in need of satiating that mountain craving. Bound [...]

India, Sikkim: The Monastery Trail

So I was traveling in India with a friend at that moment and he recently just bought a Royal Enfield motorbike to continue his travels in India, so we decided to travel together this, not so [...]

India: Top tips for loving it

It is just not possible to write a post and tell all that we lived in India wile travelling the “Golden Triangle”. Not in vain is probably the biggest and longest guide always to [...]

A Picture-Perfect Day in Mumbai

My first visit to Mumbai had only involved an extremely rushed visit to the Elephanta Caves. So, when I a second chance to visit the city I decided to make the most of it. But as fate would have [...]

Delhi – The city of seven cities

How many people who are from Delhi or have been there knew this about the city; that Delhi actually once was divided into 7 separate cities? Qila Rai Pithora, Mehrauli, Siri, Tughlakabad, [...]

Welcome to Nagaland’s Hornbill Festival

A slight rough start to traveling is sometimes concerning – but it is better to look at it the other way round. I decided to end this roller-coaster of a year with a trip to the North East part [...]

Incredible India In The Summer

My friends and I made the grave mistake of picturing Delhi as a place that is hot throughout the year That was mistake that we paid for dearly. Due to a mix-up that saw us locked out of the [...]

Varanasi, the holy city of death

Varanasi, the holy city of death Side! Side! Dead body coming!This is the phrase you will for sure hear several times walking down the narrow, dirty streets of the old part of Varanasi, sometimes [...]

The White Desert : Rann of Kutch

Quick Facts About ‘Rann‘ of Gujarat, India : I was tempted to plan a visit just immediately when I came to know about ‘Rann’ (meaning salt marsh in Kutchi [...]

Local Bazaars of Jaipur

Think of Rajasthan and its extravagant beauty immediately flashes in the mind. Rajasthan, a northern state of India is well known for its scenic beauty, scrumptious food, delectable delicacies [...]

India : The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Having lived in India for over half a decade, I wouldn’t forgive myself if i didn’t visit the Himalayas. So over the years, i did quite a fair bit of trekking in the region, and the [...]

Darjeeling- the queen of Hills

DARJEELING- the land of thunder bolt   Darjeeling- the queen of hills once a summer capital to the British India is a small town in the North east part of India located at the foothills of [...]

A getaway guide to Gir

Life is all about experiences, and travelling to different places is one sure way to gain them. One such experience that I was looking forward to, was Sasan Gir. One of India’s oldest sanctuaries [...]

The Edible Mumbai

I love Mumabi for its food. You name it and you get. Fine dine, street food, budget meals, cafes, lunch homes, boardings (a local name for eateries that serve budget meals with a fixed menu) and [...]

Andaman Islands: Pearls in a sea of blue

Andaman Islands: Pearls in a sea of blue Think about clear turquoise water, spectacular rain forests, sun-kissed beaches, gorgeous corals, and prehistoric tribes – where in India can you find all [...]

Land of Mountains – Leh

India : Land of Mountains – Leh, Jammu and Kashmir Location: In the midst of the beautiful Himalayas lies a small town, Leh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. Surrounded by mountains [...]

Pune: The Underdog of Metropolitan Cities

  Not too long ago, I found myself in Pune. It’s a city quite far removed from the lists of ideal tourist destinations. The basic things I knew about it were: that it was the cultural hub of [...]

Food and Sights of Bangalore

A stroll down Commercial Street Relishing slices of red guava sprinkled with chaat masala I bought from a street vendor, I wander down Commercial Street. Situated in a prime area in Bangalore [...]

Incredible Mumbai

    Colorful. Chaotic. Unpredictable. Shy but friendly and helpful at the same time. Full of joy. Simple. Wonderful in its own way.   Welcome to Mumbai.   There is so many [...]

Magical waters of Pangong Tso

Introduction Ladakh is special in many ways and despite its gaining popularity, this place in Jammu & Kashmir remains virgin, peaceful and beautiful. Ladakh is not only home to some of the [...]

Kashmir, where time stand still….

I’m Living my dream I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. A beautiful country in South East Asia which consisted of many small islands. Indonesia is a tropical country which only has 2 seasons in a [...]

Diu : The Magical Island !

Driving your own vehicle on the unknown roads gives you the liberty to greet endless possibilities with open arms which makes you fall in love with the experience instantly. Having done a few [...]

The Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya

The Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya Last year during one of my trips to Meghalaya, I happened to learn about the Living Root Bridges from one of our taxi drivers, not only did the name find my [...]

Weekend Getaway to Little Lhasa

     Little Lhasa is a small town located in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.  It is generally referred to as McLeod Ganj.  It is   known as Little Lhasa because   its major population [...]

Goa: Living with locals

How to get around in Goa Goa is the smallest Indian State.  Living here is  just laid-back, that even on Sundays or holidays, the shops and market  in Margao are close.  At around 1:30pm-4:00pm [...]

Dance away with Mumbai

The grandeur city “The thing about Mumbai is you go five yards and all of human existence is revealed” – Julian Sands   Ask any Indian about Mumbai and you can watch him mumble for words. So [...]

Mumbai: You come, you see, it conquers

The city of Mumbai is an archipelago, consisting on 7 islands, which juts into the Indian Ocean, from the western side of India. It is a popular saying among Mumbaikars, that once you have lived [...]

Pondicherry : The Global City

  Pondicherry is your cure for Goa’s hangover. Fondly referred to as Pondy, Puducherry/Pondicherry is one of the seven Union Territories of India. The quaint town boasts of pristine [...]

Mirzapur: The Town of Ghats

What Mirzapur reminds me of the most is my childhood. More than anything, the raw freshness and the fresh rawness is all I needed as a perfect environment to grow in. In one picture, it is where [...]

Menacing Sundarbans of West Bengal

  My First Solo trip took me to the terrains of West Bengal to witness the wilderness of Royal Bengal Tiger. The sheer excitement of visiting the largest delta in the world gave me [...]

Kolkata – The City of Joy

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is one of the prime tourist’s destinations with rich culture and heritage. It is referred to the ‘city of joy’ which reflects through the styles, moods, [...]

The Great Himalayas!

Eco Tourism in ‘The Great Himalayas!’ The panoramic view of the mother earth always fascinates me. The crisp sound of chirping birds, the freshness of cool flowing waters of the [...]

Gokarna : An Unexplored Paradise

Gokarna: An Unexplored Paradise How To Get To Gokarna: To Reach Gokarna you can either go by road or train or fly to Bangalore or Goa and then get a bus or rent a car to get there.Well,I would [...]

Kashmir : Heaven of India

Kashmir predominantly known as “jannat“, or heaven. The valley – as Kashmir is commonly known – accommodate paradisaical images. Any glimpse you go by once, your eyes will dream to cherish them [...]

INDIA: The Magical Wonders of Agra

India is no doubt one of the most beautiful places you have to travel to. Its full of history, culture and amazing architecture. Hence, its name ‘Incredible India’. Early February [...]

Kashmir: Paradise on earth..!!

If there is Heaven on earth..its here..its here..its here in kashmir..!! “Whether you are on a family trip , adventure trip with friends or a romantic honeymo0on trip Kashmir has a lot to offer [...]

Udaipur: Royalty is in the air !

When one is in Rajasthan and is looking for a perfect destination to unwind, Udaipur, which is surrounded by Aravalli Ranges, seems to be a dream getaway for many. Not only the hills but the [...]

Beyond the beaches of Mahabalipuram

The sun shone brightly in the clear sky. The breeze got warmer with the rise in mercury. The port was busy with the incessant arrivals and departures of archaic ships laden with goods and wealth. [...]

Madras : The Gateway To The South

INTRODUCTION Madras or  Chennai is called as the first city of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is termed as the  Gateway to the South of India. This city is about 350 years old. Chennai is always growing and [...]

Jhandidara: A Quiet Hamlet in Darjeeling

Jhandidara: A Quiet Hamlet in Darjeeling The first encounters with the mountains are always special. Mine was too, and it happened in a little village called Jhandidara tucked in the Himalayas in [...]


GOA- A FUN LOVER’S PARADISE BIG BREAK!: Being an Indian, Goa means “THE BIG BREAK” for me. Its everything a perfect getaway should offers the chance to unwind and laze as a beach bum, to [...]

Kochi: The Queen of the Arabian Sea

Hello, my fellow explorers. I come from the Ernakulam side of Kochi, India. Sadly no, not the side where you can find the remnants of the Portuguese colonization and the European settlement. I [...]

My First Time in Goa

Introduction: It took my companion and me around 14 hours of bus travel to reach Panjim from Hyderabad. After a rest stop at Jadcherla for dinner, passing over the mighty Krishna River that went [...]

India: Alone as a woman?

Why I love India India is unpredictable, chaotic and overwhelming. I found myself as deeply overwhelmed by despair as never before, found myself laughing till the air around me seemed to fade and [...]

Pondicherry: The French Colony of India

Pondicherry: The French Colony of India I always wanted to visit Pondicherry since a long time. But due to hectic schedules at work, I was not able to plan my trip. However, one day I was talking [...]

Bangalore: My favorite city

Bangalore is my home and I love it. Well I’m sure everybody would say that but come on. I always considered Bangalore to be a mini New York. You can often hear conversations in five different [...]

Little Rann of Kutch: Gujarat

Located only two hours from Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city, the Little Rann of Kutch is an often forgotten getaway, overshadowed by it’s big brother, the Greater Rann of Kutch. The [...]

Goa: The Unforgettable Vibe

A little something before we begin: Travelling has healing powers. It’s my recovery time. It is my chance to get away from the mundane everyday schedule of life and unwind, relax and [...]

Delhi: The Mughal Aesthetic and Beyond

When most people travel to India they think of the Taj Mahal as the number one sight to see. But have you ever considered going beyond this wonder of the world and exploring the ancient Mughal [...]

Kumbhalgarh- Something for everyone

Getting excited about Kumbhalgarh The fact that Kumbhalgarh fort has the second longest wall in the world was enough to make me want to take a trip here. But if it isn’t for you, don’t worry; [...]

Off the Beaten Track in India: Pune

Off the Beaten Track in India: Pune 5 months ago I stumbled off of a plane and stepped right into a completely different world – India. Fresh out of high school and looking for adventure, I [...]

Mumbai : An emotion

 Mumbai : City of Humanity At times it happens that you get so attached to something and become so habitual to it that if you are staying away from it for some days then you start missing it. The [...]


Why is KOLKATA, INDIA called the city of Joy? Kolkata is the capital of the state of West Bengal, India. The residents of Kolkata will all widely agree that their city is aptly named the city of [...]

5 offbeat must-see beaches around Mumbai

Mumbai: If you have exhausted your options for sightseeing in this bustling metropolis, or, if you are in dire need of some solitude-seeking, soul-searching serenity, the bucolic coastline of [...]

The Eastern Goddess: Kolkata

It was 8:30 am when I first set foot in Kolkata. A journey of over 18 hours came to a halt at the Howrah Station, where the first breath of air was laden with moisture. Hot and humid are perhaps [...]