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The Travelista Awards 2018: Best Hotels in China.

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Best Places to Visit in China.

If you are planning a visit to China any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Top 5 Hong Kong Sights

Hong Kong may be a small area, but it sure does pack a lot into the space it has! While most people think of the Harbour skyline and the densely packed skyscrapers – which is not an [...]

10 Hours in Macau

Macau – the Las Vegas of Asia; a hub of extraordinary hotels, out-of-this-world performances, and perpetual casino buzz. But it’s not just that. Beyond its resemblance to its Western [...]

Life in Chongqing, China

Cultural Exchange and Travel in Chongqing, China Recently, I took part in a cultural exchange in Chongqing. I was able to live there for six months whilst working in a local kindergarten and [...]

How and Why You Should Move to China

Most of us daydream of it, you know getting up from our desk and quitting our day jobs, hopping on a flight and going somewhere different? And then there are the small group of people that [...]

Top 5 Places to Visit in Belfast

  Belfast is a small city in comparison to others, but what it lacks in size, it definitely makes up for in character. For those who have maybe never been, Belfast is the main city of [...]

Guns and Fun Outside Beijing

Getting Out Of The City There are a million travel articles about the things to do in Beijing. Not many people realise that the best things to do in this city, lie just outside of it. Forget [...]

Shangri-La: Gateway to Tibetan China

Shangri-La, situated in the Northwest of the Chinese province of Yunnan at the edge of the Himalayas, is the gateway to Tibetan China. This is the town (a small village by Chinese standards) [...]

Hidden beauties of Guangdong province

Almost all travelers and tourists coming to China mostly visit Peking, Shanghai and Xi’an. Of course, these three places are called the golden triangle and offer the most popular Chinese tourist [...]

Visiting Beijing: no hustle only fun

  I always say: I love Beijing because it is easy. So let me put that back into context. I am a 23 year master’s degree student currently spending 5 months in Tianjin for my studies. By [...]

A Welcome Travellers Guide to Hong Kong

WELCOME TO  HONG KONG! Have you ever been to Hong Kong? Well I had just been there, and I would like to share few simple guides after my experiences of 5 days in Hong Kong. Its not much, but as a [...]

Your Guide to: Beijing, China

Beijing was the second stop on my adventure that took me by train from China to Helsinki. An enormous city, it was pretty impressive from the offset. Even though I arrived at night, the [...]

Hangzhou after the G20

An day trip to charming Hangzhou Hangzhou is one of the most famous Chinese cities, known for being sort of enchanting and very recently, the meeting point for the G20 summit. From ancient times [...]

China: The Fo Tan Lifestyle

Fujian Province I arrived to China almost two months ago.I stepped off the plane in Shanghai, took another plane to Xiamen and I was standing in beautiful province called Fujian Province.  And [...]

China : The beauty of RED

My 3N4D trip in China!   Hi there, This is my first post on my new travel page! I am so excited to share my travel story and pictures with you guys =) How did my travel begin? I always [...]

How to survive moving to Beijing

If you were ever wondering how is to live as a foreign in the capital of China, Beijing, by reading this article you are on the good way to find it out. First time I visited Beijing was for two [...]