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Best Places to Visit in Australia.

If you are planning a visit to Australia any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Cairns Local Adventure Guide

With its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Going for a swim on the largest coral reef in the world might be the most [...]

Best Things To Do in Bunbury

People always get surprised when I tell them I am from Bunbury. “Oh, so you’re a country girl?” they ask. No, I never thought I was. Apparently, not hailing from a capital city makes you [...]

Off the beaten path of Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a famous and gorgeous island just off the Queensland coast of Australia if you are ever stuck for where to go this should be top of your list. Visiting the world’s largest sand [...]

The Insider's Guide to Brisbane's CBD

While Australia may be the deadly island where every evil creature that ever roamed the earth resides, we have some damn nice cities. Take Brisbane: river cruises, unique festivals, and enough [...]

Living in the suburbs of Melbourne

Why Melbourne?   Melbourne, Australia has been rated as the number 1 most liveable city in the whole wide world by ‘the Economist Intelligence Unit’s’ annual global liveability survey for [...]

A Guide to Townsville

Townsville is the Place to Be! Townsville is a major city in North Queensland but also a hidden gem. It is a great city to stop on your way up or down the East coast of Australia, also [...]

7 (Free) Places to Enjoy in Newcastle

There is more to Australia than Sydney Take Newcastle for example. 2 hours drive up the east coast from Sydney and you’re away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and into a more relaxed [...]

Hamilton Island: A Paradise Down Under

When you hear “Australia”, the first thing you start thinking about is either the snakes people randomly find in their garages or the kangaroos that freely wander around residential areas.  While [...]

Christmas Island: A Jewel on Indian Ocean

Travel to Christmas Island Arrival Eventually, after almost four hours flying from Perth, the pilot announced our approach toward Christmas Island. As the airplane was just about half full, so I [...]

The Ultimate Melbourne City Break

Perhaps you are thinking of visiting Melbourne, or perhaps you have a city break booked in Melbourne and you need some inspiration for your visit? Well, you have come to the right place. I’ve put [...]

Australia: A 5 Week Trip

The largest country in Oceania and sixth largest country by total area in the World, Australia, home to the famous Kangaroo and some of the most dangerous wildlife out there. Its extremely [...]

My Top Ten Must-Do's in Dunsborough

Dunsborough, a place of magical beauty. I was lucky and lived there for about four months and explored every hidden corner. For those of you who are in Western Australia, you have to make a [...]

My WA: Perth suburbs and Fremantle

My great adventure The first of August 2017 my great adventure started. I took a flight from my home country, The Netherlands, all the way to the other side of the world: Australia. Soon I found [...]

Australia East Coast 18 Day Itinerary

With loads to see and do on The East Coast of Queensland, deciding what’s best is akin to choosing what to watch on Netflix – you’re spoilt for choice! I lived in Australia for two years and [...]

Lost in Perth, Western Australia

    Things to do in Perth Perth, the largest city in Western Australia. A place where no rush but to relax, to be distressed and not get hassled. People have been asking the same question [...]

Top Three Reasons to Visit Redcliffe

Located in Australia, north of Brisbane; Redcliffe is a home-grown country town with the heart of a big city. Whether you’re after a peaceful stroll along the dazzling waterfront, a tasty bite to [...]

Five Fun Things To Do In The Swan Valley

Explore This Beautiful Region of Western Australia The Swan Valley is a region of Perth that is rich in heritage, history, and Indigenous and European roots. This lush and fertile part of Western [...]

The Best of Brisbane on a Budget

Brisbane… on a Budget? Brisbane is a well-loved city, which doesn’t feel like a city at all. Think more large country town with friendly people and no subways… That’s more [...]

A perfect road trip in Darwin Australia

After living and traveling around Australia for two years, I can honestly say that my favorite place is a place that many people overlook. I don’t know exactly what it was that made me fall [...]

Great Keppel Island Living

The question’s I’ve been asked the most are ‘Did you get sick of it?’ Or ‘Is it still paradise when living and working there, rather it being a holiday?’ My answer – It is paradise, having the [...]

A weekend in Sydney, Australia

Now I am all for a weekend away, (who isn’t right?) and if you find yourself wanting to immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of New South Wales, where better to go than Sydney? From [...]

A walk along Watson’s Bay

Sightseeing Sydney is never complete without its share of seaside walks. Blessed with a corrugated shoreline that runs for hundreds of kilometers, there is no dearth of coastal walks filled with [...]

Brisbane: A City To Love

“They’re all uptight and drive too fast.” I chuckle inwardly. It’s Saturday night in Fortitude Valley, where Brisbane goes to let its hair down. I am waiting for a gig to start and eavesdropping [...]

Tasmania – Five Day Road Trip

Tasmania is a very unique island, steeped in both ancient and modern history, embedded with dramatic and breathtaking scenery and housed by friendly locals. Off the beaten backpacker track it [...]

Why Australia is the place to go!

This started out as an article about ten reasons why you should go to Australia, and there are numerous of reasons why. Then I thought to myself some of these reasons that I first came up with [...]

Best beaches around Perth

Let’s go to the beach ! Ok… But where ? Perth is a beautiful city in Western Australia, with many tourist places, parks but also beaches if you don’t mind to take the train or [...]

Where the Whales Are – Byron Bay, NSW

I know a place, not far from where I live, where the undulating hills are emerald green with rich grass, where luscious untamed rainforest grows wild and sweet scented, where the sunlit, sandy [...]

Sydney: Welcome to Australia!

I first started with Sydney for two weeks and this brought my very first big disappointment: it’s not always warm in Sydney! After travelling around Thailand and Bali for almost a month, I’ve [...]

See the sights of old Melbourne in a day

The Historic sights in Marvellous Melbourne For a city in a relatively new country Melbourne is stacked full with a great deal of history. The grand looking streets in the centre of Melbourne [...]

Best Beaches in Newcastle, NSW

Water, sand and sunshine. Newcastle is bordered by stunning coastline stacked with picturesque beaches. If your an outdoors kind-of-person Newcastle is the place you want to be! Did you know, [...]

Brisbane: 7 Lovely Places to Visit.

Hello, there! I decided to write about Brissie because I lived there last year and I felt in love with this amazing place! So I would like to recommend you visiting 7 places if you are in this [...]

Canberra: Festivals 2016 part 1

I recently moved to Canberra, Australia 7 months ago, and besides museums and other things I have enjoyed, today I will like to share my experience in the diverse festivals here. This first part [...]

Turtle Season in Australia

It’s around 6pm and mosquitoes are having a feast over our bodies while we are all lined up impatiently to enter Mon Repos Conservation Centre, in Bundaberg, Queensland. It’s mid-December and [...]

Loving and living: Noosa Heads

Who thought you could fall in love with a place that fast? I didn’t. My first three months in Queensland, Australia were my best months so far. How I fell in love with one place, [...]

5 Melbourne Date Ideas With A Difference

Melbourne is a city on the rise, its population has an astoundingly fresh average age of 28; the youngest in Australia. The city lives and breathes youth; Coffee pours from all corners and street [...]

Fremantle: History Meets Hip

Fremantle isn’t just a place to sip coffee or sample locally brewed craft beers. It is also shrouded in a short yet fascinating history of early Australian ‘free-settlers’, British convicts and [...]

My Tasmanian Winter: Hobart

Being the capital of ancient Tasmania, Hobart has a lot to offer, ranging from well-preserved heritage buildings, picturesque sceneries to unique cultures. Nestled around the majestic Mount [...]

Cairns: A perfect winter getaway

ho knew that walking out of the airport with the sun slyly hiding behind the clouds and the warm sweet rain pouring lightly onto us would have been the best spontaneous decision for a trip that [...]

Canberra: The Bush Capital of Australia

Many people wrongly believe the capital city of Australia is Sydney. It’s an understandable mistake. Sydney is often the landing point for international travellers coming to Australia, it draws [...]

Okinawa Cruising via Costa Victoria

Each and everyone of us wants to travel once in awhile to have some break from our corporate lives even in just a short period of time. And who wouldn’t want it if you’ll have it for free? I’ve [...]

The Brisbane Explorer bus tour

The Brisbane Explorer bus is a reasonably priced way to see a bit of inner Brisbane, but consider saving your money if you’re a local. Getting a ticket I’m a Brisbane local of twenty years with [...]

Tim Tam Chillers: A Brit in Sydney

In March and April of this year, I went on an epic trip to Australia and New Zealand. This was my first solo trip and so I decided to go as far away as possible. The first stop on my Oceania tour [...]

Echuca/Moama: A local’s guide

A local’s guide to Echuca/Moama: A quick trip home.  I was living in Bali for almost two and a half months when I realised that I needed to go home. Living in Bali: Don’t get me [...]

Melbourne: Attractions and Activities!

Melbourne – capital of the state of Victoria and winner of several ‘world’s most livable city’ awards, who wouldn’t want to visit? In October 2015, my boyfriend and I decided to up our life in [...]

Melbourne: Attractions and Activities!

Melbourne – capital of the state of Victoria and winner of several ‘world’s most livable city’ awards, who wouldn’t want to visit? In October 2015, my boyfriend and I decided to up our life in [...]

Camping the Great Ocean Road

An easy and affordable 4 day trip from Melbourne Living in Melbourne on a working holiday visa, my partner and I are often looking for trips that we can do from the city. The Great Ocean Road is [...]

Unsettled in Sydney

I had no idea what to expect when I first arrived in Sydney. Or Australia for that matter! A sunny and warm version of my hometown of London? A friendlier version of London? A more-touristy [...]

Brisbane: a tale of two cities

Brisbane is known around the world as Australia’s river city. Anyone who lives in Brisbane will tell you that the river divides our city – both figuratively and literally. The [...]

Brisbane: a tale of two cities

Brisbane is known around the world as Australia’s river city. Anyone who lives in Brisbane will tell you that the river divides our city – both figuratively and literally. The [...]

A Day in the Dandenong Ranges

Traversing the Dandenong Ranges This article provides some general information on visiting: Sassafras Olinda William Rickett’s Sanctuary There is nothing like getting out of the city and [...]

Australia: Noosa Heads National Park

About me and the Intention of my Travel Blog In the past months I’ve been traveling with my small campervan along the south and eastcoast of the Australian mainland as well as Tasmania. On [...]

From New York to Australia

Hello everyone! My name is Amira and I’m a typical 20-something New Yorker who needed some change in her life. After graduating college, I applied to get my masters degree but unfortunately (now [...]

Innes National Park: The Beach Dweller

Imagine you are stranded on a deserted island, soaking up long, peaceful days away from your busy routine. Now, surround yourself with your favourite people, beaches that make your jaw drop and [...]

Dreaming in a city called Sydney

Sydney. It’s what you think of when someone mentions Australia. The Opera House is up there with the most iconic buildings in the world. But for some reason, when I arrived in Australia I [...]

Things to do in Sydney, Australia

Things To Do In Sydney, Australia! Sydney is well known for its iconic beaches and beautiful views, but what really are the best things to do while you’re there? Sydney has several hidden [...]

Port Stephens: A Trip to Nelson Bay

Out of all of the places that I love to go, one of my favourites is Nelson Bay. A short 1-hour drive North-East of Newcastle, it’s surrounded by beautiful beaches and views left, right and [...]

Completing Farm Work in Australia

Completing the dreaded farm work is usually the least favourite thing backpackers in Australia want to do, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, right? I spent about three weeks in [...]

Sydney: A Week With Ultimate Oz

Sydney: A Week With Ultimate Oz Since graduating University travelling has always been on the cards. Something I have always wanted to do. However I wasn’t brave enough to do it all by [...]

Bellingen and the Dorrigo Rainforest

The Writer’s Recent History Laura and I met in Melbourne during our first weeks in Australia. We were a close group of four girls, one of which has headed North, the other we are meeting in [...]

A Londoners Guide To Sydney

London has always held a massive place in my heart and even trips to New York and Paris have never persuaded me that I’d rather live anywhere other than London. Having lived nearby my whole [...]

Forster: A holiday away on the water!

 How I know Forster: Ever since I was a little girl I have been visiting Forster with my family. In fact, it is the holiday location we always go to. Every couple of years we travel together up [...]

Tasmania: The Apple Isle

It takes like six days to go around the island, doing the most common tour which starts on Hobart, the city capital and the second oldest capital city in Australia, after Sydney. Hobart is in the [...]

Your guide to Sydney!

Sydney was somewhere I originally went to find work. I’d just finished travelling around Asia, spent all my money and needed a job! Well, I got well and truly stuck there, for 9 months to [...]

Coogee: Coogee Life

Coogee in a Nutshell During my year in Australia, I have found myself based in Coogee for the next few months and felt it apt to share my thoughts on what this suburb and the surrounding areas [...]

My Venezuela

About Venezuela Everyone in this planet knows Venezuela. Venezuela is the country with the most beautiful women in the world. It’s the country with the biggest oil reserves. It’s one [...]

One blissful week in Tasmania

Tasmania was unlike anywhere I’ve ever been before. It was quite simply beautiful. Not long after setting foot on the heart-shaped island had I fallen in love with it; I was captivated by its [...]

Australia: Phillip Island

Smiths Beach The sun is beating down our backs as we stand at the top of the stairs that descend to the cool blue ocean below. Smiths Beach, my go to when I visit Phillip Island. It is probably [...]

Australia: Melbourne, World

Melbourne, for some reason has never been on top of my list of places to travel, yet it has been the first and the only city to which I’ve been for solely travelling purposes (besides [...]

Sydney: an artistic guide

For the art lovers who want to do more than wander through an empty gallery, here are some must-see art events in Sydney, Australia, tested out by me just for you, with personalised tips to make [...]

Marvellous Melbourne

    Insert catchy intro here! From all the places I’ve been to so far (which are not that many, to be honest), Melbourne (pronounced Melb’n) is definitely my favorite. [...]

Secrets from a Sydneysider

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a city girl. Rugged open landscapes, trekking through bushland and looking for wildlife are more my style. However, Sydney may just be the one [...]

“K’gari alias Fraser Island”

“K’gari” “K’gari” commonly referred as Fraser Island, a world heritage-listed paradisiac getaway. This 120 kilometre sand island is the perfect place to escape the [...]

Burleigh Heads – Gold Coast

Ahhh Burleigh Heads, or Burleigh as the locals call it, how I miss you already. The golden sweep of your beaches, the relaxed vibe of the locale, the taste of a cold sharp cider on the [...]

Adelaide: Australia

Vibrant, electric and moving – all words that Australian travellers don’t frequently associate with Adelaide, the City of Churches, and ever little sister to the Australian “must-sees” Sydney and [...]

A Day in the Life of a Country Town

Here I am, sitting in sunny Bairnsdale on a perfect day. 24 degrees and sunny, nary a cloud in the sky. You tell anyone you’re from Bairnsdale and you just get a blank look. Am I speaking a [...]

Australia: The Hay Plains

The flies are buzzing, the sweat is dripping, air is fresh, skies are huge, it’s hot and the only sound to break the silence is the whistle of the wind. Welcome to the Hay Plains!    The [...]

Queensland: Surfers Paradise

With the knowledge of a big travel sale, savings behind us and our passports in hand, we headed into our local travel agents, flicked through a couple of brochures and were drawn to the promise [...]

Why I love living in Melbourne

It’s safe to say Melbourne’s reputation of being the ‘most liveable city in Australia’ definitely made itself known to me when I first arrived in Australia. I constantly met other [...]

The Anti-Starbucks: Melbourne

The red sun rises and I wake up to a 34ºC morning in Melbourne, Australia. I stretch my arms and am not quite surprised to find that at some point in the night, in a heated delirium, I undressed [...]

What to do in Cairns

Cairns is like marmite, or since I am in Australia it’s like vegemite, you either love it or you hate it!  This city for me however, was amazing and I would have stayed there even longer if [...]

Getting Down and Dirty with Sydney

Getting Down and Dirty with Sydney I thought I’d start off this travel writing shebang with a bit about my hometown: Sydney. I’ve made my way through almost 40 countries in the past 5 years. A [...]

Sydney: the wonders of the Harbour

I walked across the Harbour Bridge, with the soft evening breeze and all the little lights, ferries sailing to their destination and people making their way home. It was one of those normal [...]

Bean hunting in Brisbane

Melbourne is typically regarded as the home of Australian cold press and cappuccino but a revolution is brewing in the suburbs of Brisbane and its surrounds. It may not be the first place that [...]

Lost in Melbourne ; Follow the green man

  How to get lost while traveling? It’s easy to get lost in a city you don’t know. It’s easy to get on a wrong tram that goes into the wrong direction, to get wrong directions from the wrong [...]

Sydney for the non-beach goer

As an exceptionally pale individual, Australian beaches are really not my thing. In fact I feel a touch of sunburn just thinking about them. Sydney has some amazing beaches, but for the [...]

Few free attractions in Sydney

Sydney – the name is just enough to describe its serene beauty. Living in the state capital of New South Wales for the past one and half year, I should admit I fall in love with this [...]

Perths Local Secrets

Perth: The most isolated capital city in the world. Whilst this fact is interesting, Perth boasts a lot more than its unique identifier. In fact, with its spectacular landscapes, white sand [...]

Sightseeing in Sydney

Must-see in Sydney Sydney, Australia is one of the most iconic cities in the world with millions of people flocking in to visit each year and it’s no surprise that they do. With at [...]

Arrival in Australia – Down Under

Arrival in Australia – Down Under Friendly Aussies: Arriving at the Melbourne airport in the night after a 20 hours flight with my boyfriend. To enter Australian ground was the first time [...]

Sydney Culture, Food and People

Hi, everyone! I have been living in Sydney for the past 7-8 months now and would like to share some information with you all. As the title suggests, this post will be about Sydney’s [...]

Sydney: First look at Australia

After a long, very long journey from France, I have finally arrived in Sydney! It is 7am, I am exhausted but so happy to be here. It is the start of my one year Working Holiday Visa in Australia! [...]

Brisbane: Sunny Haze, Purple Days

January. So this is why they call it the sunshine state. While our northern hemisphere counterparts are shovelling snow and struggling to cover every inch of their bodies against the icy wind, [...]

Pottsville, Australia: A Hidden Gem

Based on the East Coast of Australia just 30 minutes north of Byron Bay, Pottsville lies silently positioned on crystal waters. Take a walk to the creek on high tide and experience the wonders of [...]

Cairns: The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Today was the day with the big D, we were finally going to visit the largest living organism on earth. Not only were we going to snorkel the beautiful and world known [...]

Australian Visitors Wildlife Guide

When it comes to jaw-droppingly beautiful nature and diverse wildlife, the wide brown country down under is the place to go! With its beaches, rainforests and outback, Australia is home to a wide [...]

Roundabout Noosa on the Sunshine Coast

Visiting Noosa After living in Noosa for 18 years it still feels like holidays all year round. The Festivals, friendly people, glorious sunshine, beautiful beaches, drifting to sleep to hypnotic [...]

Touch down in Sydney

How I Discovered Travelling Back in May 2014 I finished college in England, after studying Psychology, Maths, Biology and PE for 2 years I knew I had to do something different. I am told I tend [...]

Explore South Bank – Brisbane

  As a seasoned Sydneysider I have always thought of Brisbane as a sleepy over-sized country town, but since the devastating floods of 2010, Queensland’s ‘New World City’ has undergone a [...]

Perth? Where is that and why should I go?

How do you decide where to go?  “Travel” The word itself leads to a lot of thoughts. Where should I go? What is there to see? How do I prepare myself? And the list goes on and on. You are looking [...]

10 ways to live large in Sydney on $20

Sydney is expensive. We’re talking top ten most pricey cities in the world kind of expensive. But it’s also beautiful, exciting and culturally rich. While there’s no denying there are plenty of [...]

Phillip Island: The Best Of

Welcome to Phillip Island! Just off the southeast coast of Victoria, Phillip Island is a popular destination with just about everything including wineries, surf beaches, walking trails and [...]

Noosa Heads – Halse Lodge YHA

30 oktober Niet echt een lekkere dag. Beetje bewolkt, miezerig zonnetje. Geen strandweer, maar te mooi om de hele dag niets te doen en in het hostel te hangen. Dan gaan we naar het National Park. [...]

An Ode to Brunswick, Melbourne

I’d like to introduce to you what’s known fondly as The Brunswick Trap. It’s that conversation at 5pm on a Friday about what you and your mates should do that evening, going through the list of [...]

5 things you must do in Noosa

When I was travelling up the East Coast of Australia I met a lot of other backpackers who had skipped Noosa as a stopping point, going straight from Brisbane to Fraser Island.  It’s not a place [...]

The Wonderful world of tasmania

I don’t exactly know why i chose to go to Tazzie, i think it was something in the name it sounded exotic and exciting. And to be honest i really wanted to see a platypus. Once i got there I [...]

Regional work in Tully, QLD.

Tully is located in Far North Queensland, about 2.5 hours and $30 on the Greyhound from Cairns. When I first arrived in Tully in September, I noticed the humid and hot weather so be warned if you [...]

Melbourne in a Day

The top things to do in Melbourne. If you’re short on time, here’s a guide to help you enjoy a day in Melbourne. Melbourne has been named the most livable city by The Economist for [...]

Experience Cairns, Far North QLD

There is so much to explore and experience in Cairns. I have been a few times this year and my first piece of advice is to prepare for the heat but also embrace it. On my first trip to Cairns [...]