Art in Island: The Land of Illusion and Perception

January 1, 1970

by Anna

It was not common for me to visit museums for they are not very common in my home city, but just recently I had my most “arty” experience in the superb Art in Island Museum. If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience with sophistication and uniqueness, well this place is perfect for you. Art in Island is located in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. It is the 2nd largest 3D Museum in Asia next to the 3D museum in Jeju Island in Korea. What makes it special from other local museums is that we can interact, touch, and be part of the paintings. How is that possible? Well, they use a unique technique of Illusion Art.

What is Illusion Art?

“Illusions are images that are deceptive and misleading. Combining it with art creates the impression of a 3-Dimensional object in a flat surface. It allows spectators to interact with the artist and save these memories by taking pictures. Illusion art is completed with the painting’s shadow and the performance of the audience. By posing in front of it, the audience allows the art to achieve its purpose. They decide what story they want in the picture. They become the directors, producers, performers, and photographers; Thus, completing the illusion. This participation from the spectators is the main attraction of an illusion art with the peoples acting. The framed pictures seem to escape from the walls and create the pretense that they are real.”


-Art in Island


While walking in the hallways of this museum all you can say is “WOW”. I definitely enjoyed almost 3 hours of tour inside this magical place. It was astonishing to see paintings like never before. Bonus, I enjoyed it with my love ones. So let me share this adventure to you guys!



Art in Island is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:30 am to 9:30pm. They are close every Monday but are open during holidays.

Art in Island’s admission fee is free for children who are or less than 3 feet. Admission fee for adults is Php500.

Students, Senior Citizens and PWDs are entitled to a Php100 discount but they should have a valid ID (School ID, Senior Citizen ID and PWD ID) with them to avail the discount.

Take note that they sell tickets until 8:00pm only.




Is it your birthday today? Don’t worry! You can enter for free! It would be a spectacular experience to celebrate your special day in this magical place. You’ll be free of charge on the day of your birthday, a day before, and a day after. Just kindly present your birth certificate OR any valid ID with your birth date on the counter.


They say the more the merrier. If your group is a minimum of 15 members, then you get a 20% off of the Php500 ticket price. What are you waiting for? Take that groufie to the next level!

**They also provide stamp cards which will be explained in the latter part of the blog. This offer is only valid until August 30, 2017.



Before we start our Adventure, here are a few reminders you should remember upon entering and inside the Museum.


Before entering the museum you will be asked to remove your shoes and deposit them in a shoe counter. They will provide you with a number stub that you have to return after your tour to claim your shoes. So make sure to wear a clean pair of socks to avoid going around barefooted or you can also avail slipper socks inside the museum for only Php150. Note that lost stubs will be fined Php100.


If you’re worried about getting hungry inside the museum, don’t worry there are cafes inside the museum that will offer snacks and beverages. They also have a spacious dining area where you can eat your food and rest when your feet are killing you.


Unfortunately, despite our love for our pets, we can’t take them inside the museum. The museum’s priority is keeping the floors clean since most parts of it includes the artworks themselves, so they wouldn’t like our furry pets lurking around and leaving footprints, would they? Also, they don’t have any pet nurseries to cater your pets so better leave them home.


This rule is almost basic in all museums because of light exposures that can damage the paintings in the future. So before entering the museum make sure to hit the flash button off. This simple gesture can prolong life of these paintings for the next generation to see. Also, Tripods are not allowed inside as they may cause scratches on the floors.


Upon entering the museum proper, you will notice small camera icons stuck on the floor. These are photo points. Not only they are perfect for the angles, but also they organize the people who want to take a photo of the painting.



I went to this sensational museum with my family. Just as we arrived outside the museum, we already felt the essence of art since the museum’s building is covered with great 3D paintings. Also, there are available photo locations beside the entrance and in the parking lot for Instagram pictures that you would like to take. We bought our tickets and since it’s my father’s birthday he was entitled of the birthday promo. When they handed us our tickets, they also handed out these stamp cards.

We bought 3 tickets so they also gave 3 stamp cards. It says here we can avail tickets with 30% discount on our 2nd visit, 50% on our 3rd visit and FREE ADMISSION on the 4th. That’s a total of four more incredible time in this museum. Some of the promos are posted at the beginning of this blog. So we went inside and deposited our shoes in the shoe counter they provided us our stubs and put a stamp on my sister’s arms for verification.

Since  the area is big, the museum is divided into different Art Zones. Don’t worry you’ll never get lost because this museum is a one way museum. It means its hallways leading to hallways.


Are you good with water? Because it starts with this zone.  In this zone all you can see are Marine animals and everything will just BLUE you away. As you can see below, my sister and I enjoyed the cold floor lying down and interacting with the fishes and marine animals. For a second, I felt I know how to swim.



After swimming with the sea creatures, the halls will lead you to land and airEverything is in here. From Tropical Forests to Savannah, from lions to birds. If you don’t have the time and the money to go to the Zoo or Africa, don’t worry this is perfect enough. All you have to do is to put on your BIG smile and say cheese or Grrr!

animal zone  


You’ll see creative imitations of some famous paintings around the world in this zone. It was a world class experience for me because I’ve never seen the original pieces, yet this is like seeing it with a twist. Everything was perfect. They highlight some of the most famous paintings such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Edvard Munch’s The scream.

Masterpiece zone Masterpiece Zone


This is the biggest zone of the museum. From its name, it is the center of the whole museum, It is so huge and spacious that I felt my heart skipped a bit upon entering it. I’ve never seen such space before. Inside are a series of huge 3D paintings as tall as five-story buildings. When you’re inside, it feels like your inside a beautiful castle. My personal favorite was the hanging bridge.

Central Zone  Central Zone


After the central hall we proceeded to the upper floor where the artworks are more like landscapes and backgrounds.  It is a perfect spot if you would like to take pictures for your Facebook’s profile picture or backgrounds for Instagram. The artworks are very simple and colorful.

Fantasy Zone  Fantasy Zone

Fantasy also feature some famous landmarks such as The Grand Canal in Venice, The Trevi fountain in Rome, and market stalls of Paris.

Fantasy Zone Fantasy Zone

Artworks such as Jesus Christ and Mother Mary can be seen here.


Hohoho! Merry Christmas! Though its not Christmas yet, let Santa filled your Christmas with love and joy! Believe me, everything you laid your eyes on has Santa in it. For Frozen lovers out there, you’ll also meet Kristoff’s loyal reindeer, Sven, in this zone.

christmas zone christmas zone

Like the first floor, the second floor is full of wonders. You can really use your imagination in some of the works here. Aside from that, you’ll start questioning yourself how these artworks were created. I know I have. The pieces will really play with your perception. Artworks like these are truly remarkable.

art in island art in island

If you feel hungry, cafes are situated near the exits on the second floor, feel free to ask the staff if you have questions. The prices are reasonable and the food is delicious. Best to end the day with a full stomach.

Just a few steps from the exit, I felt like I don’t want to go home anymore. We took our last few photographs and pose like a boss for the last time. We were almost on the exit when a video of Mona Lisa waved us goodbye.That really gave me chills. Good chills. I felt that was the end of my two and a half hour once in a lifetime experience. I looked back and said to myself “I’ll be back!”




In my own experience, I took pictures using my mobile phone which I really regret. So if I were you, I would bring good cameras to have better quality pictures. However, if you only have mobile phones available then it’s never a problem. You can make it work with proper angles and adequate lighting.


How do you make the perfect pose? Use your imagination. Imagine that you’re really in the scene. If you’re under the sea- SWIM. If you’re inside a monster’s mouth- SHOUT. If you’re in a war- FIGHT. Feel the vibe and be part of the art. Don’t be shy! Touch, see, talk, InterACT!


Appreciating one’s art requires a lot of time. Don’t rush into one artwork to another; you don’t have a time limit inside! Take your time as much as possible. Walk slowly, explore everything, take a lot of pictures, and just breathe. Rest if necessary. You’ll reach the end eventually. Note that you can sit and lie anywhere to rest.


If you’re uncertain about something, you can easily ask their staffs. They are very approachable and friendly. Most of them will be willing to assist you from taking pictures to giving directions to the nearest comfort room or café.


I’m not saying that being alone is being sad. But in places like this, it’s best to enjoy it with your love ones like your families or friends. Going here with my family was not a wrong decision. The more the merrier indeed!


If you want to enjoy hassle free and lesser crowd halls, then better go during weekdays and not weekends. I personally recommend this based on my experience. We went there on a Tuesday so the crowd was really small. Because of this we enjoyed almost everything on our own. More me, less photo bombers.


The best way to make an activity exciting is to have fun doing it. If you’re not enjoying what you are doing then you’ll easily feel bored and unconnected with the scheme. So try to relax and connect with the environment. I’m telling you, you’ll never regret it.

So what are you waiting for? Explore and interact with the beauty of art only in ART IN ISLAND 3D MUSEUM.



Location:  175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila

Phone: (02) 421 1356

Email: [email protected]





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