Andaman: Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate yourself!

January 1, 1970

by Anika Manini Shankar

Andaman: Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate yourself!

Known for its history, beaches, and adventure sports, Andaman forms an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the best places to be if you wish to have a relaxing holiday taking a break from your daily routine.

Andaman was always on my bucket list, but yet it was pretty much a random plan, which happened one day scrolling through a few wallpapers and trying to find a refreshing vacation with a digital detoxing, that’s when we came across a scuba diving wallpaper. And that’s how ANDAMAN happened.  A four day trip, with a lot of ‘firsts’. First scuba experience, first cruise experience and first flight with friends.

Andaman is a blend of a relaxing holiday and an adventurous one. Relaxing for its serene beaches and adventurous for its water sports and scuba diving.  Most beaches in Andaman are not commercialized this is one of the reasons to add Andaman on to your travel list. It is a paradise where you can witness the beauty of nature and introduce yourself to a lot of unique experiences.

You could reach Andaman via flight or via Cruise from Chennai or Vishakapatnam. However, we took a flight from Bangalore to Andaman with a connecting flight in Chennai.

Must Visit Places :

1. Cellular Jail :  

The cellular jail is one of the most important places you have to visit in Andaman. It is known as ‘Kala Pani’  which is located in Port Blair. The sound and light show which is organized in the evening induces a true sense of patriotism into every viewer. The show also portrayed the hardships and struggle of the prisoners. By the end of the show, you would certainly realize the importance of the Indian independence era and the sacrifices of our freedom fighters.

2. Corbyn’s Cove Beach : 

Corbyn’s Cove beach is situated in Port Blair. It is about 8 to 9 kilometers away from the city. The clear blue water and the lush of coconut trees towards the left make it one of the attractive beaches. You could also try the motorboat ride and Jetski. There are cloakrooms available for the convenience of the visitors. You can sit back enjoy the view and munch some snacks.

 3. Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar beach is located at the Havelock Island which is about 90kms away from the Port Blair. You can reach Havelock by cruise or ferry which would take about one and half hour during normal weather conditions.

One of Asia s best beach it is called!  The serene view and the clear water just makes your day.The Beach in itself is refreshing and it gives you kind of peace that you’re looking for. It’s the place to be when you really need a break. It gives you the kind of energy you probably missed somewhere. The highlight of this beach is that it is not one of those commercialized beaches, it maintains its serene nature, cleanliness and an essence of natural beauty. Don’t miss to sit back and view the sunset as you ‘ll witness the nature, at its Best.

4. Lighthouse Beach : 

The Lighthouse beach in Port Blair is known for its water activities like Snorkelling, Jet ski, Boat ride, Banana boat rides, water scooter, sail boating, etc. The lighthouse beach is little away from Port Blair. You can reach through some small motor boats which would take you to the lighthouse beach drop you off and pick you back once you are done with your water activities. This beach is exclusively known for its water activities. You could pay and choose individual activities or take a package. They provide you paid lockers where you can keep your belongings, however, Washrooms and change rooms could be a little challenging.

Adventure Sports at Andaman : 

Scuba Diving : 

Havelock Island is known for its coral reef and scuba diving. Havelock Island is about 90kms from Port Blair and can be reached via cruise. Don’t worry if you do not know to swim. Scuba doesn’t really require your swimming skills. All you need is an adventurous spirit and enthusiasm. You would be given necessary equipment and clothing. There would be a 15-20mins of training by the personal instructor where he would teach you how to use the oxygen mask and some hand signs post which you would be taken to the sea with a depth of 20-25 feet for beginners. Each reef has its specialty. The actual scuba dive would take about 45-50 mins.  Scuba gives you a real experience of the coral reef and the different species of fishes just defines the flora and fauna of the island. As you move you can feel those fishes and their movements next to you, this gives you a whole new experience of the underwater world. Scuba would cost around 3500-4500INR

Snorkelling :

Snorkelling is a simple adventure sport for those who think scuba isn’t their option. Snorkelling is an activity to view the underwater life without any complex equipment. You wouldn’t need to go completely underwater, all you need to do is to wear the mask and look through the surface of the water to witness the underwater life.

Banana Boat Ride : 

Banana Boat Ride is a group fun recreational activity. You would be given a life jacket and made to sit one behind the other on the banana-shaped boat connected to the motor boat in the front which would take you between the sea and just flip the boat, you will tend to float on the water amidst the sea which is an amazing experience indeed.

Some useful tips : 

  • Carry comfortable clothes as it is usually hot in the morning. Do carry some extra clothing.
  • Light on food before water activities
  • Some beaches close after sunset so plan accordingly.
  • Oct- Jan is an ideal time to visit
  • People with sea sickness to carry required medication as the cruise/ferry would sometimes give you an uneasy feeling.


Happy Vacation! Get ready to tick scuba, off your bucket list!




Anika Manini Shankar

By Anika Manini Shankar

Named Anika by my parents, born and bought up in Bangalore. Engineer by profession. Passion for Travel and Writing. Foodie and talkitive. That's me!


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