Andaman Awe- Where each beach takes you by surprise

May 17, 2017

by Koumudi Rao

There we were flying over what looked like the end of the Indian landmass,; leaving the definite behind, heading towards those constantly moving waves. Andaman, known for its endless beaches is a place that is meant to be on a bucket list.

While looking at the ocean from the window of the airplane I wonder, why isn’t the sea blue in our crayon set the actual color of the sea?


Radhanagar Beach 

This beach is mainly known worldwide because of its contrast of scenery.There is the vast ocean on one side and tapering tall trees on the other.This view becomes overwhelming during Sunsets. There is a silhouetting effect on you, the trees and the boats near the horizon.


Anju Coco Resto

This restaurant is the best place to feast your palette. They have everything from typical Indian Cuisine to continental Pasta and Sandwiches.A sense of comfort, friendly hosts, and food that is worth the money is exactly what you will get here!

– Havelock Island


Vijaynagar Beach

This beach is one of the hidden gems through the islands. You may be the only ones on the beach which give it an essence of comfort. This beach has endless crystal clear water; water that seems to represent the true color of turquoise blue in all shades.

– Havelock Island

Ross Island

This is the unique island of the lot. There is no stay, no restaurants; just lots of deer, ruins and a terrific sound and light show. The Andamans as a whole might have a lot of history, but Ross specifically has its own turn of events. These turn of events are put together in a perfect Sound And Light Show set in the landscape after which you will either have goosebumps or tears in your eyes.



Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

The Andaman Islands are known for the extensive coral reefs and the easy access to view them.The best Islands for water sports are Havelock and Jolly Buoy.While Jolly Buoy has a clearer view of the corals, the government permit is something you will have to take 2-3 days prior to your visit.


IMG_5164 2

Limestone Caves

There are only a few limestone caves in India, one of which is present in the Baratang area of Andaman.A major bonus of visiting these caves is the path. The caves can only be accessed after crossing the Tribal Protected Area.To go through this area, you will have to fill up forms and be present at the place a little prior. A convoy will then escort you through the protected region. This is a 2-3 hour drive in the middle of a dense forest, with slight glimmers of a few tribals, known as the Jarawa. Another reason to go the caves are the mangroves. The boat ride through the mangroves are divine and all your worries just seem to disappear as they form a caring canopy on top of you.



Chatham Saw Mill

Had too much of the water? Here is a perfect getaway. This is a saw mill that was set up by the British in the 80’s. The best part about this small place is that you can go around it while it is functioning. This is a place where you see the tree getting converted into wooden sticks or to wooden showpieces. It is also the perfect place to discover all the usable trees found on the islands.



There are many beaches, and therefore many places to look at the sunset. Here are some of the best.

Lakshmanpur Beach

This is a U-shaped beach, which means that in the morning you can see the sunrise from the east coast of it and the sunset from its west coast. The beach forms the end of the island, therefore when you stand on the last edge of beach sand, it seems like the world in front of you is endless.   – Neil Island

Cellular Jail

There is no beach, yet the view of the sun setting far away through the windows of the jail is a unique experience. If you are a person that loves history, and can literally feel the history, this place is for you. The sorrow of India’s struggle is exactly what the sunset’s satisfaction covers.

-Port Blair


There are government emporiums on almost every island. These are called SAGARIKA. You have to be careful and not go to the fake shops as there are many. The actual one offers a large variety of items that you would just want to grab because of their reasonable rates!

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

Port Blair might start to seem a little boring after all these interesting Islands, but there is this small museum that provides an insight into the history, science, and culture of The Andaman Islands. It is one of those museums that is not great in size but shows you exactly what is relevant.
     – Port Blair

Small things to keep in mind

  • There are no malls or brands in these Islands. It is recommended to carry what you need.
  • Carry extra clothes everywhere, you never know which secret beach you might come across.
  • Hire 2-Wheelers, it is the easiest and most economic way of getting around.
  • Find out about all the permits and bookings that have to be done in prior to avoid last minute disappointment.
  • Do not rely on Plastic bags as they are not accepted on many islands.
  • If you have a day planned, carry snacks to chew on throughout the day, as a hotel on your path is not guaranteed.
  • The weather is not constant, so be prepared for anything at any time.
  • Do not buy anything that is offered to you. There are a certain number of restrictions on the things you can carry from the Islands.

Stay prepared for the sun, the humidity and water all around you all the time. A 10-12 day well-planned trip would be the closest you could get to covering everything; If it was up to me, I’d spend months there!


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