Andaman and Nicobar: perfect holiday spot.

January 1, 1970

by Saloni Vats

Imagine yourself getting up in the morning on an island where there is shining white sand and the crystal clear blue water is spread all over to the extent your eyes can see. You walk a bit to trust your eyes and get surprised by the humongous range of mangrove forest on your side. No, I am not making you daydream, because this can surely happen to you if you choose Andaman and Nicobar Islands as your next holiday spot. I can guarantee you that if you visit the Andaman Islands once you can never ever think about any other place that can match up to its divine untouched beauty.

I was in Andamans for my honeymoon recently. We were there for whole 10 days and that particular 10 days were the best and most memorable days of my life. My husband and I decided to explore the place on our own without any help of the travel agency which turned out to be a good idea as we got our space to choose the places and transportation according to our budget and convenience.Here I would share about my trip as well as some hacks that can come handy along if you visit Andaman anytime soon.



Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman. It is connected to all parts of India through its airport. Once you reach Port Blair the first thing you should visit is the Cellular Jail. The cellular jail now a national heritage was once a prison for several Indian leaders who fought with British kingdom till their last breath during the freedom struggle. The jail is even more famous for its light and sound show which is of par excellence. The stories of bravery, courage, sacrifice, and valor of these strong individuals will stun you.

Cellular Jail

The other must visit places in Port Blair are the beaches. Carbyn’s Cove beach and Wandoor beach are the best ones. These beaches give you enormous opportunities to enjoy different water sports to satisfy your inner adventure junkie. If you are a shopaholic just like me these places would prove to be heaven for you. There are so many handmade stuff as well as souvenirs that you can buy as gifts for your family and friends. Chidiya Tapu is the go-to place there for a beautiful sunset

Wandoor Beach, Port Blair


Ross Island is one of its kind. As you step into this beautiful landscape you will find ruins of an old building, cathedral, bakeries and what not. The Island was actually the capital of British Empire for some time. Walking in and around the deadly remains would sound boring to you but trust me it is damn intimidating to be present there. If you want to know more about the stories that brewed there then you can stay back for a beautiful depiction of the same through light and sound show which is magnanimous. You would be accompanied by tender deers as a tour guide for your trip here. To reach Ross island you can take a jetty from Port at Port Blair.

Ross Island


North Bay Island is one among the few Islands that offer you opportunities to explore the underwater world. There are many options to choose from it can be Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Sea walk and others. You can choose any of the three according to your comfort and convenience. Trust me the underwater experience will be long-lasting and out of the world feeling for you. I opted for scuba diving and I was thrilled to get into the water and absorb the whole concept of letting yourself free. The colorful corals will entice you and the fishes around you will make you feel as if you are family. You can reach this Island by taking a jetty from Port Blair port itself.

Scuba diving, North Bay Island


Baratang is like a small town in the Andaman Islands and the local people there are the sweetest people you would ever come across too. Baratang is mainly famous for Limestone caves and Mud Volcano. These two are natural wonders and should be among the sure visits of your list. Limestone caves are made up of dead seabed in a wholesome organic manner. Though the journey to reach Baratang is not an easy one but is sure of worth taking. You will have to book a cab or take a tourist bus from Port Blair which will take you amidst dense forests and over a sloppy mountainous range. The thrill doesn’t even stop here since Baratang is also on an Island just like others you will have to cross the water route to reach there. There comes a huge ship looking jetty for a rescue that stuffs all the commuters and vehicles together and the ride man is the best.

Limestone Caves, Baratang


Ross and Smith Island are I feel the most attractive part of my whole trip. These are twin islands that are attached to each other through a sandbar which appears as well as disappears depending upon the sun directions. The island is surrounded by transparent water with the hues of green and blue added to it. To reach there you can take a speedboat from Diglipur port with a special permit to visit the island. I can stare the water sitting here for hours and hours it is that soul calming. The beauty of this place is scenic. You will want to stay back here for the lifetime if you visit it once.

Ross and Smith Island


Havelock Island is a honeymooners place. Why I say so because while honeymooning you would love to wake up to the view of the sea and your partner along with you. The place is moreover known for its laidback and hippie culture. Before reaching there get yourself a resort booked with a beautiful sea view. The time you will spend there with your partner will become memories for a lifetime. The beaches there are ranked among the best beaches in the world. Radhanagar beach is clearly a family holiday spot and the sunset here too is enriching in its own kind.

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island


NEIL ISLAND is truly god gift for the science and nature lovers. The natural bridge situated here will fill you with curiosity to know more about this surprising phenomenon. The area around the Natural bridge is wholly made of dead corals which is a wonder of another level. The aquatic life dwelling in the small pockets of these dead corals is the most interesting part of this island. You will get a chance to see colorful living corals, bigger than life shells, starfish, jellyfish and what not. Once you are done with all the exploring you can head towards a beach and enjoy the setting with relishing maggie bowl. Noodles here are ones in the world.

Natural bridge, Neil Island

Andaman and Nicobar Island should be sure your next holiday destination. The soothing breeze there will let you forget all of your worries and botheration. Let yourself free and absorb all that you can and hold it in yourself once you come back. Bring back a little of Andaman in you and trust me it will never ever go back.




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