Andalusia in Autumn

January 1, 1970

by Belma

When we think about ideal time for travelling, spring and autumn are immediately coming to our mind. Why? Well, the weather is excellent. Temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. Worrying additionally whether you should bring coat that day or thinking how you are freezing can distract you from enjoying the view in front of you. And that, definitely, should not be the case.

For those who are working in many cases summer is only option to go on a holiday. If you have a chance to plan your holiday in advance, make sure to reserve seven days for quick visit to Andalusia in autumn. There are so many places to visit and stay for a while, but if you do not have enough time seven days will be just fine. Temperature in autumn is around 25˚C which is great. At first sight it seemed like there are no that much tourists. Soon, I realized I was wrong once I saw huge lines in front of historical monuments.

Route recommendation

On the map below red marks are key cities that you should without any doubt visit. As far as I could see most of the travel agencies are following the same route.


Route: MálagaRondaSevillaCórdobaGranadaNerjaMálaga

If you are going by plane, my advice is to land in Málaga and start your journey from there. Once you arrive to Andalusia, you can arrange bus to drive you from city to city (in order to not waste time going by yourself). There are numerous bus agencies to check. Company I was travelling with is called “VIAJES EUROAMERICA” and I was satisfied. Train tickets are expensive, so most of the population in Spain prefers bus while travelling.



Distance between cities is approximately two hours each. In this way you are going to be able to drop by and see combination of natural beauties such as Costa del Sol (Sunny Coast); mountains where unreachable Spanish white villages still exist; the largest by its size olive plantations; Júzcar village of the smurfs, in Málaga province, with incredible look and story to tell; Zahara reservoir which looks like natural lake; Rio Grande river whose yellow sand is used solely for bullfight rings and even exported to Latin America for the same purpose; and last but not least famous “Balcony of Europe” in Nerja city;

One thing I noticed and really liked is that there are no billboards with advertisements along the road. In that way it is possible to observe nature in its pure shape. The only type of advertisement that was hardly ever possible to see is giant silhouette of bull which is trade mark for one of the most popular Spanish drink sherry.


Cities of Andalusia are stunning. Each of them has similar style. Mudéjar as an architectural technique influenced by Moorish style dominates on historical monuments.     

Cathedral in every city has a common point which is beautiful green gardens surrounded with tangerine trees. Most of them were mosques built during Moorish period turned into cathedrals in medieval times.


Why Andalusia?

Reasons to visit Andalusia are numerous so it is possible to meet diverse responses as we are all different and do not have the same preferences. One thing all agree is that it is breathtaking and worth visiting again.

List of reasons

  1. It is second largest province in Spain (out of 17);
  2. It was target of many conquerors in history therefore remains still can be visible such as magnificent Alhambra in Granada, La Mesquita in Córdoba, Cathedral in Sevilla;
  3. It is ideal example how different cultures influenced throughout the time which is telling us that we can learn a lot from one another and coexist;
  4. It is part of Spain where tradition still plays important role;


Speaking of tradition, have you heard for some of these: pajojo traditional cheese, paella, churros, Iberian ham, flamenco, matador (toreador) and bullfight? All of them are originating from Andalusia. If you would like to taste or see them, then Andalusia is the best choice for you.


Few advices

  • Andalusia is tourist friendly area which means that in every city, in every corner there are information centers that can provide you help and maps for easier exploration of the city.
  • There are local guides that can take you to the tour of the city for free. Guides are hired by state travel agencies, so only thing you should do is to ask personnel of information center where and in which time you should come.
  • Since tourism in Andalusia is growing, it means that number of tourists is growing too. Before deciding to visit key monuments of Andalusia, you should make online reservation because rules to enter are very strict, there is specific number of people that can enter per day and exceptions are not made.
  • If you see in shops something that you would like to buy, you should buy it at that moment as you might not have time to go back again. Shops are not opened in regular time like we got used to. Usually they are closed between 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • In bazaars such as the one in Granada negotiate about prices. Merchants like to negotiate and you will feel more satisfied to get product for a cheaper price.

Wish you happy and safe travelling!




By Belma

A graduate from international relations which means that I am a person who is in love with history, archaeology, different countries, cultures, language and people. A person who enjoys turning theory into practice. With traveling around the world we are able to see places that we had a chance just to read about. I do not like just to read stories that others wrote, I like to create my own ones since "every journey tells a story". That is my advice to everyone.


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