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January 1, 1970

by Cor

About 2 months ago I’ve been traveling to Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful city and the capital of The Netherlands. A city full of tourists, lots of cafes, museums, bicycles (think there are more bicycles than people), lots of historic canal homes which impress from the first sight, a city which is full of life and just a cool place where you can feel free and happy for being there. I liked it for the beauty of incredible architecture, clean streets (even there are lots of tourists). When you come to a new country, first all you do some research about this country, about what places to visit, where to sleep, eat and what else you can do there if you come as me for three or four days. So here are some of my recommendations I would like to share with you, to help a little with my 3 stay days in the incredible Amsterdam.

Things to do and see in Amsterdam


First of all, from the arrival in the airport, you have to buy a ticket at the station and take a train if you are not gonna stay in center, which is kinda easy for your economy. Of course, depends on your type of travel.

So it’s pretty simple and easy if you come here for fun – you’re welcome- the famous Red Light District. I mean it for your experience. The tourists are full at evening and day but it doesn’t matter, cause the freedom and spirit of this country is everything and because there are lots of cafes where you can stay and enjoy the view and get lost for a while. You won’t be disappointed. But If you want an escape from crowds you can take a train and go to the near countryside (whenever you wish), as for us we’ve been in  Zaanse Schans, Windmills. Believe me, it’s worth it and you won’t regret it. A little countryside with little houses and canals, windmills full of history you’ll feel there like in a fairytale, it’s magnificent. There is also a museum called Wooden Shoe Museum, lots of wooden shoes by types and sizes, from to wear to souvenirs. Other museums you can visit in Amsterdam and one of the famous one is Van Gogh, if you are an art lover, it’s the right place for you. For more fun and joy if you are with friends, I recommend you to visit Heineken Experience with its beginning of history and spirit of old times. Believe me, it’s fun and you won’t get thirsty for a while. By the way, for visiting museums it’s better to order it online, you’re economy your time and standing in lines. Either, to move to another part of the canal take the free boat to move to the other part.

Check out the I Amsterdam City Card it gives you a great opportunity for exploring Amsterdam which includes special offers for places, transports, and museums but only if you are staying in Amsterdam, not the countryside. You can order it online or for more details at the city center information which is right at Amsterdam central.

Where to stay

Well, Amsterdam is not a very cheap city, but if you are with friends you can simply use Airbnb application  ( and order a house or a whole apartment (depends on where you want to stay) in the city centre or in nearby countryside (for example Zaandam where we stay in), also a very beautiful and not so crowded place, I recommend it. We stayed in a house with everything we need and a silent street with supermarkets near. It’s easy for traveling and not so far from the city center and you can take a train right from the station to the city center (approximately 20 your destination).

The best place to eat

One of the interesting places to eat is Foodhallen. A nice place where you can find all kind of foods and drinks you want, music, but it’s full with tourists and locals (at least at evenings) and it’s a little confusing by finding an empty table, but it’s ok.  Also, the cheapest one, of course, is supermarkets and food streets. (Gosh the delicious famous fry potatoes with cheese) where you can find and taste it at every corner of streets.

One more easy thing is with credit cards you can pay for whatever you want by using it of course if you don’t have cash, which I think it’s pretty easy.

What can I say about my experience in this country is that, that you can do whatever you want (of course not out of your mind), but staying there for a while and enjoying the sun near a canal, drinking a good coffee or just reading a good book till sunset, be thankful for the opportunity of being there is the most amazing thing you can ever feel in a place like this.

So, if you plan a trip with friends or alone, Amsterdam obviously has to be on your bucket list and I am sure you would want to visit it more than one time because there are a lot of other parts you can explore and it’s not just for two days, but even for two or three days you can find what you wanted anyway.

There are so many beautiful places in this world which are worse to be seen, so perhaps the best thing you can do for your soul and for better therapy than booking a trip and escape for a while from everything, from your daily routine, thoughts even from yourself. Sometimes all you need is laying somewhere with a bottle of cheap wine and enjoying the very moment of your life. Be always thankful for what you’ve got and never forget where you’re from and who you are.




By Cor

A dreamer, obsessed to see the world, love taking photos on my phone when traveling, love writing when I get inspired.


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