Amsterdam: 6 best places to take pictures

January 1, 1970

by Maja Jaukovic

You are photographer, blogger or you just want to put picture on Facebook or Instagram and get more likes than ever? Follow me through the confused streets and canal network and you will discover 6 most amazing place to take pictures in Amsterdam.

The first time when I saw this city, it was a rainy day. Don`t worry, weather in Netherlands is not predictable and be prepared that always have a critical opinion about that (like the Dutch do). Regardless the weather, beauty of Amsterdam can`t be hidden: traditional Dutch architecture with floating houses and narrow buildings of red and black breaks, 165 canals and 1281 bridges, flowers and bicycles all around you, more than 180 nationalities with their own cuisine (must taste it), window prostitutes under the red light, smell of coffee shops, weird museums and spectacular views…

There is a lot o places where you can take nice photos, but if you want to send special massage to your funs, followers and Facebook friends you must find the best of them:

  1. In front of “I Amsterdam” letters if you want just to say “I am in Amsterdam”

In Amsterdam exist three I Amsterdam slogans: at the back of Rijksmuseum, at the Schiphol airport and the third does not have permanent location. Two meters tall and over 23 meters wide, letters could inspire you to make crazy photos. You can stand at one of them, peep out or seat on the red “a” at the first part of slogan. Remember, best time for visit this attraction is in the morning, because there is no people all around who disturb you and your photographer. It is free of charge, of course.


  1. At “Blue” cafe at the last floor of Kalvertoren shopping centre if you are blogging about drinks

If you want drink coffee with your friends after shopping, I recommend you Blue café at the top of Kalvertoren with amazing 360-degree views of Amsterdam. Futuristic glass tower designed by Pi de Bruijn offers beautiful panorama of central Amsterdam. It is not so expensive. You can take coffee only for 2,5 Euros. Photo of your drink with Amsterdam roofs should be posted on Facebook or Instagram. Check your likes after few minutes and you will see what I am writing about. Opening hours depend of the day, but the best time you can get here is after 12 pm. It is opened till 6:30 pm except Thursday when it works till 9 pm.


  1. At the roof of NEMO Science Center if you are photographer and you are waiting for the perfect sunset

You are looking for the best sunset in Amsterdam? Climb to the roof of NEMO Science Center – the highest city square, take coffee in restaurant and wait for the perfect moment. Look over the city and harbor front. Everything for free! Take the best pictures with beautiful clouds above the city and sell you professional stock photography. Opening hours: from July until September from 10 am until 9 pm (during the winter season till 5:30 pm).


  1. On the swing at the top of A`DAM if you are brave and looking for adventure

Did you hear about the highest swing in Europe? Check the feeling at “Over the Edge” with your friends, because it has four seats. It is secured by restraints and you can swing across the edge of the watchtower at great height. At 100 meters above the ground (taller than London’s Big Ben), enjoy the moment when somebody takes photos of your adventure. Prove that you are brave and show your photo to everyone sharing on your wall! A ride of swing costs only 5 Euros, but before that you must pay entrance ticket for A’DAM roof top 12 Euros. It is opened from 10 am to 10 pm.

  1. When you’re riding a bicycle through Vondelpark if you want to show how you became Amsterdammer

Vondelpark is the largest city park and the most famous in whole Netherlands. Every year park welcomes about 10 000 000 visitors. On King`s Day, celebration of king`s  Willem-Alexander birthday, there is the biggest crowd. The park was open to public in 1865 as a horseback riding. Today it is still very popular place for Amsterdammers as well as by tourists. If you rent-a-bike, do not miss a chance to take photo in Vandelpark when you’re cycling around the lake in the middle of park. Be original and ride with no hands on the handlebar, but carefully if you are not very good driver. And the most important thing – you do not need money for visiting.


  1. During the canal cruise when were passing through Groenburgwal canal and when were looking at South Church (Zuiderkerk), make selfie with your phone if you are ordinary tourist or prepare the best aperture, shutter speed and ISO if you are more than that

Canal cruise is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the city, after visit to Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. If you had skipped canal cruise it is as well as you`ve not been in Amsterdam. Canal ring area from 17th-century (Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Jordaan) were places on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010. Take the audio guide and pay attention when it says that you`re near hotel “De L’Europe Amsterdam”, at the confluence of the canal Singel and Amstel river. After that, boat will turn into the narrow canal Groenburgwal, the perfect romantic place when you can shoot South Church and surrounding. Kiss your partner or just with selfie stick take picture of your own. Canal cruise is cost about 13-16 Euros and it takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.

If you are in Amsterdam at the first time, do not miss a chance to take best photos for your family album and the rest of your life spend with memories of the  trip to Netherlands capital city. When you will turn back home, share memory with throw back hashtag (#tb) on social networks.  And than, you will know that everything I was writing is true. So many times with groups in Amsterdam, conversation with Amsterdammers and walking down the streets teach me that this city have beautiful places you must shoot with your camera.




Maja Jaukovic

By Maja Jaukovic

I select reality through my dreams, I paint photos with smile and, I write, trying to make me better even I cannot change the world... Former tour guide, somebody who works in travel agency and someone who has one love - journey. I met so many cities and found out unusual things from local people, because I am not a tourist, I am traveler


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