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Best Places to Visit in Mexico.

If you are planning a visit to Mexico any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Mexico´s Famous Wine & Cheese Route

If you are looking forward to traveling to Mexico for more than a week, make sure to check this out of your list. Queretaro’s Wine & Cheese Route, it’s most known for couples who look for a [...]

The Ultimate Chilango Eating Guide

Sight-seeing is exciting but also requires a great deal of energy! So what better way to take a break than in a selection of places that will make you feel like a real chilango*, experience some [...]

What to do in Downtown Cancun

I know those images on your head when you listen to the word, Cancun. The white sand, a sea with those shades of blue so characteristic of the Caribbean, those Miami-like resorts, the shopping [...]

Get to know Monterrey, Mexico

Alright, I know, México is a land of traditions and vivid loud parties (takes one to know one) but believe me when I say that there are these quiet calm moments where you can see the other side [...]

What you can do in Guadalajara

  You probably wonder what you can do in Guadalajara in a short time, and I´m here to try to help you with some places that you need to know when you go to one part of the country of Mexico [...]

How to do Pachuca, Mexico, like a local.

Pachuca de Soto Pachuca de Soto, commonly known as Pachuca, is the capital of Hidalgo, a state in central Mexico. With a sprawling population of roughly 250,000, Pachuca has both a big-city feel [...]

Via Ferrata, Ruta Vertigo in Monterrey

What is Via Ferrata? For those who do not know what Via Ferrata is, it is a protected climbing route that includes several features like steel cables, ladders, suspended bridges, etc. All of [...]

Michoacan, Mexico: is it safe to visit?

Mexico Travel Advisory According to, “” certain areas of Mexico are given a range of levels to determine if its safe to travel for Americans. The list is from 1-4; 1 being the [...]

Welcome to paradise, discover Cancun!

Have you ever dream of going to other places?! I have always dreamed of travel the world and I really think that being able to visit a different country, learn a different language, taste new [...]

Top 12 Things To Do In And Around Merida

From Chichen Itza pyramid to the unearthly cenotes to the delicacies of the Yucatecan cuisine, Merida city reveals treasures of ancient worlds. The colliding of two civilizations, the Spanish and [...]

Tips for your visit to Frida Kahlo

If you are planning a trip to Mexico City you cannot miss a visit to one of the most emblematic and beautiful places of the city: The Frida Kahlo’s museum. I am sure you have heard of [...]

Isla Mujeres – A Mexican Paradise

Just a short ferry-ride away out of the busy Cancun you´ll find yourself on Isla Mujeres (Island of Women). This is what I would truly call Paradise. After living here for some months I [...]

Querétaro, México. What to do?

Queretaro is perfect for a weekend getaway. I have to say, at the beginning, I had a little bit of doubt about going to Queretaro because I thought it was a city not as touristic as, let´s say, [...]

Atlixco: Jewel of Puebla State

If you find yourself in Puebla, Mexico with a day or afternoon to spare, consider taking a short trip to the town of Atlixco, one of Puebla state’s 9 Pueblos Magicos. Although the label [...]

Mexico: Oaxaca City and Area

Oaxaca City It is an early Sunday morning when I reach Oaxaca City in Mexico. So early, that I’m not even able to check in at the hostel. Instead, I leave my bags at the reception and start [...]

Mexico City´s travel guide

Introducing the big city. If you are willing to come visit Mexico City, let me tell you something: it is one of the biggest cities in the world! So you have to be prepared because here you will [...]

Cabo San Lucas Travel Tips

What to Know Before Traveling to Cabo If you are searching for travel inspiration for your next vacation, stay away from Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico if you are not looking to experience any of [...]

Tulum, Mexico: A Vision of Paradise

Welcome to Tulum! Beaches, Cenotes and Mayan Ruins in Mexico… Tulum was one of the first places I visited in Mexico and it has stayed with me as one of my favourites. Just down the coast [...]

Cancun on a Budget

 Cancun, Mexico, Quintana Roo. I have currently been living in Cancun for over a year now and still to this day it takes my breathe away from its mesmerising crystal clear waters to its beautiful [...]

Mexico City: the hottest place to be

I’m facing some major changes in my life right now. In fact, just the last week has contained changes on almost every one level: I got two jobs, I got the news that I’ll have to move [...]

“A Pacific Ocean Pearl”

  When I think of happiness, I only remember the beautiful sunsets of Mazatlan. Why Mazatlan? This beautiful port honors its popular reference as the “Pearl of the Pacific”, I [...]

Meeting Mexico for the first time

Mexico City Where does one start, when it is the very beginning of a backpacking journey? I certainly did not know. The only thing I knew that gave me both anxious thrills as well as excitement [...]

3 must visit places in Mexico City

Hello there! I have lived in this big city almost my whole life and I know for sure it can be a little intimidating to foreigners, so I made this list of 3 of the most emblematic places. Either [...]

Baja California has it all

Baja California has it all Forget everything you’ve heard of Baja California and let me tell you why you should include it in your travel plans. For it proximity to the United States is a [...]

Moving to México, A Guide

Who Wants To Move To México? This article is written for anyone thinking about moving to México for travel or work, or maybe just because they love beaches, tacos, and Tequila (who doesn´t!). I [...]

Tulum: a rising paradise in Mexico

¡Hi, there!  One of my favorite places in México is Tulum. I’m used to spend my summer or winter vacations there and is perfect, sun, white sand and turquoise sea. Adventure and rest, fresh [...]

The Copper Canyon: Mexico

The Copper Canyon in Mexico is one of the highlights of northern Mexico. Nevertheless, it is not very well known. It stretches from the province Sinaloa all the way to the Chihuahua province, [...]

Tamiahua: The Mexican Capital of Seafood.

Since I have memory I have always visit Veracruz and I really couldn’t ask for different vacations, I was surrounded by different landscape that even now after many time of travelling there keep [...]

Veracruz: Beauty and color.

Veracruz: The place that has it all. Now that I live far away from my country of origin I am gaining a whole new perspective on how the rest of the world sees Mexico. This has been a really [...]

Veracruz My Love

Visiting Jalcomulco & Veracruz Jalcomulco Do you like adventure? Do you enjoy feeling like a local? Would you like to meet warm real Mexicans? Then Jalcomulco is an awesome destination for [...]

The magic hour – San Miguel de Allende

Weekend in San Miguel de Allende Leaving the city behind It was 2:00pm,  my class had finished and I was ready to discover one of the most beautiful “Magic Towns” that we have in this [...]

Oaxaca: A place full of history and culture.

Oaxaca means “huaje” a common plant of the valley region and “yaca” means “nose”, the sufix c equals tepec “place” and this means “on top of the huajes”.  Thanks to the Spanish [...]

Monterrey: a guide from a local

How do i start talking about my hometown? I really have so much things to talk about my city, but i’m going to give you the perfect guide to know Monterrey. For starters, this city is [...]

Holbox: the Magic Island

HOLBOX: THE MAGIC ISLAND     Join me on this magical personal experience to Holbox. So whenever people feel sad, they either go for comfort high caloric food ( #nomnom), or seeking for [...]

Longing for San Cristobal de las Casas

You can fall in love with a place, you can fall in love with a person, and you can fall in love with a moment. But to fall in love with all of them in a single time and space, in a single [...]

Mexico; A Taste of Playa Del Carmen

“Welcome to Mexico, there are no rules here; so put some smiles on your faces” Eat – Wah Wah Beach Bar, Playa Del Carmen Drink – Frozen Mango Margarita Do – Cenotes [...]

Discovering Cozumel in one day

My boyfriend and I decided to take one week off our engineering jobs and head to Mexico, more specifically, to the Riviera Maya zone. I had already been to this part of Mexico before, about 3 [...]

Town of skulls- Zumpango Del Rio

WHY VISIT ZUMPANGO DEL RIO- THE TOWN OF SKULLS Normally we all like big and flashy cities, but we tend to miss out on the beauty of small towns, where you can simply walk among historic sites and [...]

San Miguel de Allende

A magical town in Guanajuato, México San Miguel de Allende is a colonial town located in the state of Guanajuato, 275 km away from Mexico City. In 2008, it was awarded as World Heritage by the [...]

Mexico: The Fusion of Two Ages

COLONIAL PERIOD ARCHITECTURE Mexico City has always been a landmark when talking about rich places in history and culture. In the very center of it, the majesty and baroque style of the [...]

Mexico: Teotihuacan, the land of gods.

Teotihuacan, the land of gods Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world. It has many things and places that will amaze you. It has lots natural places, ecological reserves, [...]

Mexico : Guanajuato City

La Casa de Sueños It’s the end of April, and soon the dried out river in front of my house will swell, the sound of streaming water drowning out the incessant dog barks. Each secluded to [...]

Living by myself in Guadalajara, Jalisco

One day I woke up and decided to join the crazy life of the so called estudihambres. I wouldn’t reach my goal staying at home, so I decided to choose a new place to live while studying college. [...]

Puerto Vallarta: Small Town Big Soul

  Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – what’s so special about it? Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco is a small town on the West Coast of Mexico. It has a population of about 250,ooo [...]

Guadalajara: The city of Roses.

The City of Roses, full of culture and traditions, folklore, gastronomy and much tequila, that is Guadalajara. A city that when i step on their land made me feel Tapatía. Surroundings decorated [...]

Jalcomulco, a hole in the sand.

Whitewater rafting in México. There is no place I know better than Jalcomulco, in the state of Veracruz in México.  This is the place where I got introduced to whitewater rafting, something I´ve [...]

Guadalajara, Mexico: Unfiltered

Guadalajara, Mexico is a land of contradictions: women are held to incredibly high beauty standards, yet greasy taco stands occupy every street corner, the city is 90% Catholic, but you can’t [...]

Bahía de los Angeles, dive in!

Baja California, Mexico, has a lot to offer: seafood, wine, craft beer, surf, science, desert and beach, all along the peninsula on the Pacific coast of northern Mexico. But not many people know [...]