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The Travelista Awards 2019: Best Hotels in Ecuador.

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Best Places to Visit in Ecuador.

If you are planning a visit to Ecuador any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Ecuador: A Culinary Tour

Ever since I left Ecuador for college, I have been asked this question many times: what do you miss most about your country? Even though it’s a hard question to answer, I always say what I miss [...]

Cheap trips: Quito with low costs

So in 2017 I was working and living in Quito on a minimum wage, and let me tell you, that’s not an easy thing to do. But if I wanted to have fun and tour around a little, I had to learn how to [...]

Ecuador: Experience South America

Ecuador’s incredible diversity If you want to experience South America saving time and money, Ecuador is the place for you. Ecuador is a country located in the mid-center of the Earth, [...]

Day Trips in Quito, Ecuador

If you’re anything like the traveller that I am, a few days in a big city will have you feeling a little restless. After spending 3 days in Quito, Ecuador I began to wonder what was happening in, [...]

5 reasons to visit Quito

Why do you need to visit Quito? There are many answers to explain why Quito was considered one of the Best Trips in 2013, according to the prestigious magazine Traveler (National Geographic), and [...]

Hiking Cotopaxi: Broke Backpacker Edition

Whether you’re in mainland Ecuador for a number of weeks or only for a few days on a stopover to the Galapagos Islands, it is likely that you will look at visiting the Cotopaxi Volcano. Standing [...]

Mashpi Area of Conservation – Ecuador

What about to spend time in nature? eating fresh food? watching the unique birds species in the world? learn about the process of cacao into chocolate? spend time on a farm doing volunteer work? [...]

Life in Quito Ecuador

Loving Quito At the beginning of this year, I traveled to Quito, Ecuador and studied Spanish for three months. Living with a host family and taking classes each day. Life in Quito was definitely [...]

A roadtrip along Ecuador’s coast

Despite its small size relative to its neighbouring countries, Ecuador is incredibly rich and biodiverse. It has three distinct climate regions: the lush rainforest to the west, the magnificent [...]

Galapagos, protected islands

A paradise for nature lovers Galápagos are volcanic Island, off the west coast of Equador. About 40 different islands, but not all of them are living areas, and most of it is wildlife and nature. [...]

Find magic in the Andes of Ecuador

Flying into Quito is a magical experience –the fog, low-hanging in a valley surrounded by Andes mountains, is lit up by the moon and the city’s many lights.  If you’re visiting Ecuador, the magic [...]

Laguna Cuicocha: Ecuador adventure

America, but south Living in South America never ceases to amaze me. Every day I wake up in awe that I get to live in the middle of the world, in Quito, Ecuador. This culture, the people, the [...]

Ecuador: Top 6 Things To Do in Quito

Top 6 Things To Do in Quito   Quito is the capital of Ecuador, located on the equator in South America. Imagine standing on the world’s highest point of the equato! Quito is 2,850 meters [...]

Montañita Ecuador; A Hidden Paradise

Montañita Ecuador; A Hidden Paradise        Montañita is a very small but a beautiful town hiden in the pacific beaches of Ecuador, the only way to go there is to take a bus from Guayaquil, it [...]

Why all you need is Ecuador

I am on a quest. A quest to find the most beautiful, authentic places Mother Earth has to offer us. For the past year I’ve been roaming around Central- & South America, together with my three [...]