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The Travelista Awards 2019: Best Hotels in Cuba.

Our hotel review team is currently working their way through Cuba and will report back soon with a comprehensive list of the top hotels for your trip.

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Best Places to Visit in Cuba.

If you are planning a visit to Cuba any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Havana- The city of colors & rum

Cuba is always the answer if you’re looking to explore a new side of the Caribbean or maybe you would like to go years back in time!  We have all heard about the capital, Havana  or how the Latin [...]

Havana in one day

“La Isla Grande” as they call it, located only a few miles away from Florida, Cuba lives on a time and space of its own! A great trip to Cuba starts for sure from its famous capital: Havana! [...]

All sides of Trinidad Cuba

Salsa town Trinidad is an adorable little city in the Cuban south coast. It’s a lot smaller than Havana but it has similar colourful architecture. The houses are not so high though and that gives [...]

Travelling in Cuba

Cuba is becoming a more and more popular destination for tourists and travellers (turista libre as a local called me, for staying in Casas instead of resorts). While there are a few beach resort [...]