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The Travelista Awards 2019: Best Hotels in Colombia.

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Best Places to Visit in Colombia.

If you are planning a visit to Colombia any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Cartagena: sunset and night life

Cartagena de Indias is without a doubt one of the most visited destinations when it comes to travel to Colombia. It is a perfect mix of history and the development of modern cities, this combined [...]

The route of Salsa in Cali

Cali “La capital de la Salsa” (salsa capital) Also called “La sucursal del cielo” – The sky brand, Cali is the third bigger city in Colombia and its a city located [...]

Cabo de la Vela: La Guajira Colombia

This is not like any other trip … the one that you are going to find scrolling down. 1117 kilometers indicates our old map located on the wall of our bedroom. This map showed us and it is going [...]

Filandia: Hidden Gem of Colombia

Most travelers that are familiar with Colombia have visited or at least heard of Salento, the town most visited by foreigners in Colombia’s coffee region. Unfortunately, Filandia is typically [...]

Picturesque Town of Guatapé, Colombia

Picturesque town of Guatapé, Colombia Have you been wondering where your next destination should be in Colombia? Have you been following Narcos or know of Pablo Escobar, the notorious king of [...]

The intriguing Pacific Coast of Colombia

Ever heard of Buenaventura? I sure didn’t. Nevertheless, I will write this article about my adventure to the intriguing Pacific Coast of Colombia. Why? Because it was fun. And because I [...]

Bogota – the graffiti capital

The city Bogota gets a pretty bad rap. It isn’t known for being the most beautiful or exciting of cities and many tourists quickly hightail it out of here for Medellin or Cartagena. Some [...]

Welcome to Colombia

The week ended very differently from how it started. It was our first ocean border crossing, paddling from Central America across to South America through the San Blas islands. Panama: San Blas [...]


As a traveler, one of the most rewarding things you can do is travel somewhere that is unknown to you. We can all agree that Paris is romantic and Italy has good food, whether we have been there [...]

Medellin: A Thriving Metropolis

Medellin: I know what you’re thinking. The most dangerous city in the world? Right? Wrong. Twenty years ago, yes, Medellin was deemed the most murderous, violent and dangerous city in the [...]

Bogotá: Romantic and Nostalgic

When people hear about Bogotá, the last thing that comes to their mind is romance and culture this city, located in one of the most underrated countries of Latin America: Colombia, has a lot to [...]

3 Reasons Why We Love Medellin

Medellin was once called the most violent city in the world. Mention Medellin to any person who has never visited the city of “eternal spring,” and the first comment that comes out of their mouth [...]

Cartagena – A trip in time

Cartagena, Colombia – A Trip in Time “Alegria, alegria con coco y anìs vengo del barrio de Getsemanì” Ever heard those lines? if not, you should probably plan a trip to [...]

Go to Salento, Colombia

I arrived in Salento after a few weeks in the bustling cities of Colombia thinking, `I just need some space to breathe`. Salento turned out to be the perfect cure for the city blues. Getting in [...]

Colombia: Hiking Los Nevados

Colombia Hiking Los Nevados     An Introduction to Los Nevados Nevado de Ruiz is one of Colombia’s best-kept secrets… from foreigners. Of course the Colombians remember this active [...]

Bogotá: The mystic features of Usaquen

It’s around 3 pm when I settle in the little coffee looking at the center plaza. Lunch has come and gone but you can still see the multitude of people enjoying the warm afternoon around the [...]

Villa de Leyva: one of Colombia

  This village, member of the network of villages patrimony of Colombia, will impress you with its colonial architecture: full of white houses with balconies and cobbled streets, that are [...]