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Best Places to Visit in Canada.

If you are planning a visit to Canada any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

What to do in Ottawa

Less famous than its three big sisters, Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver, the capital of Canada is often forgotten by tourists visiting this huge country. But with its strategic location at the [...]

Five Reasons to Visit Saskatoon

Saskatoon Shines Saskatoon Shines! This is what you’ll see on signs as you drive into the city limits from an expanse of wheat fields in every direction. If you’re thinking of visiting Canada, or [...]

Hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail

The Sunshine Coast Trail (SCT) on mainland British Columbia, Canada is a fantastic, off the beaten track, hut to hut backpacking trail for determined beginners and seasoned hikers. This 180km [...]

Living a Mountain Life in Nelson

Adventure My fiance, Ricky, and I had dreamed of living together in a mountain town so when we arrived in Canada with two year working holiday visas we were stoked for adventure and to see where [...]

Things to do in Quebec City

Quebec City, Canada. The city where I was born and raised is one filled with a wonderful past. By being the only french province out of all the provinces of Canada, Quebec is being more [...]

Exploring Vancouver Canada

Moving from Europe to Canada Introduction When I was young, I enjoyed geography — I was always researched countries, flags, history and was able to find any country on the map almost instantly. [...]

Best Live Acts in Toronto, Canada

The Toronto International BuskerFest Has It All Planning a trip in the future to the great city of Toronto, Ontario? Let me give you a couple insider tips that will make your time in the city [...]

Hiking the Juan de Fuca

Hiking the Juan de Fuca Trail      The Juan de Fuca Trail (JFT) in British Columbia, Canada, is an amazing trail for beginners and experienced hikers alike. It provides 47km of stunning [...]

My ultimate guide to Whistler, Canada

Whistler had been high on my list of places to visit ever since I can remember, so when the opportunity arose to be able to live and work there I jumped at it with my arms and wide open. Whistler [...]

Valencia: where to write a book!

I recently visited Spain. All of his history, his tapas, his wines, his huge cathedrals, his Spanish speaking citizens, his sublime sceneries, his thousand of helado flavors, etc.  All of these [...]

Banff: Summertime in the Canadian Rockies

Banff: Summertime in the Canadian Rockies “Ya Bro, It Was Like 5 Degrees, But I Guess That’s Like Summer In Canadia. Get It, You’re Canadian So You Must Be From Canadia!” Wish I could say that [...]

A City Break in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario  Departure and Arrival Whenever I fly on my own, be it to explore somewhere new completely solo, or to meet friends, or even to join an escorted tour group,  I am guaranteed to [...]

Whistler : Ski Season to Neverland Tale

Sell everything we own, save our pennies and move to the other side of the world.. Some said “you’re crazy” we say, best decision we ever made! From surf bums to snow bunnies,  ski season in [...]

Quebec: 6 must see places

I know Quebec is not the most popular province in Canada. When people usually plan a trip to Canada, they want to see the Rockies, Banff or Toronto. But Quebec has everything travelers love: [...]

The Heart of Down Town Vancouver

  Vancouver, “Beautiful British Columbia”, Canada   Vancouver, British Columbia is a picturesque city right on the ocean, in the midst of the mountains, lakes and rivers… it [...]

Fairmont: The Heart of the Rockies

The Canadian Rocky Mountains are something that everybody should see for themselves at least once in their lifetime. Found nestled within them, is a small town of many hidden treasures, which [...]